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Kester 2331-ZX Soldering Flux, Organic Water Soluble, 5 Gallon | 64-0097-2331


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Kester 2331-ZX Organic Water Soluble Liquid Flux


The Kester 2331-ZX is an innovation in organic acid water-soluble flux chemistry for soldering circuit board assemblies. This unique, neutral pH chemistry flux provides the best ionic cleanliness of any organic water-soluble flux available to the electronics industry.

Kester 64-0097-2331 Features:

  • No offensive odors will be emitted during soldering
  • This flux does not attack properly cured solder masks or FR-4 epoxy-glass laminate
  • Use of this flux minimizes cleaning costs while complying with environmental regulations
  • High activity
  • Minimizes icicling and bridging
  • Chemically compatible with most solder masks and board laminates 
  • pH Neutral Chemistry
  • Classified as ORH1 per J-STD-004

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Additional Information

Manufactured By: Kester
GoKimco Part #: K-6400972331
Manufacture Part Number (MPN): 64-0097-2331
Weight 41.7000
Country of Manufacture United States

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