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  • Top 6 Uses for the Maxxeon Cyclops WorkStar 800 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light

    I distinctly remember a time from my childhood when a blizzard hit our town and persisted for days, keeping everyone locked inside their houses with no electricity for the majority of that time. My family always kept flashlights around the house and considered this “being prepared”,but they quickly learned that cheap lights were exactly that- cheap… and also unreliable. Sometimes a dull glow was all a single light could muster even with newly replaced batteries. It ended up becoming a giant frustration on top of the other pains that relentless snow brings.

    This is just one scenario where the Maxxeon Cyclops WorkStar 800 would have
    been beneficial to have around. This rechargeable LED light boasts 420 lumens in a frame that’s small enough to fit nicely in your hand. It works well in a variety of different settings varying from the household to maintenance and manufacturing environments. Here’s a list of six uses of the Maxxeon Cyclops WorkStar 800 that will give you an idea of just how versatile this light can be:

    1. Plumbing

    If you work in the plumbing industry or even do some plumbing work from time to time around your own house, this light is going to be highly beneficial to you. Being an inspection light that specializes in illuminating close, confined quarters, this light will work especially well for this trade. The Cyclops is also water resistant, holding up over time against any splashes of water that might come its way.

    2. Electronic Repair

    If you’re an electronic repair person, you know that your profession requires you to work from multiple angles. You need a light that is going to help you regardless of what position you’re in. While the Cyclops can fit nicely in your hand if desired, it also comes with a handle that rotates 360 degrees with 12 indented positions. You can use the handle as a stand or hang it from a hook. There’s also a built in magnet that can attach the light to any metal surface. Bottom line is that you’re now hands free and still have a reliable light at your disposal.

    3. Automotive Repair

    In a testimonial about the Cyclops light, a buyer said, “It’s been left on cars for test drives, it’s fallen off of cars several times, I’ve dropped it quite a few times, and ran over once by an F-150. I can’t kill this light. It charges up bright as ever.” Obviously, if you work frequently on automobiles, your equipment is bound to get banged up over time. That won’t slow this light down. It’s perfect with automotive repair and restoration.

    4. On the Farm

    While you may not think of it at first, the Cyclops is a great help for those that live or work in a farm setting. Not near an outlet? No problem. The Cyclops is cordless and rechargeable. This light can run for 2 hours on high or 5 hours on low without being recharged. It’s also sealed to avoid contamination by any dirt or grit it may encounter, and once again, it’s water resistant.

    5. Camping

    The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a camping trip when you realize the lights you brought either broke or don’t work the way you expected them to. The Cyclops is a rugged, durable light. It is designed to be dropped, dragged and mishandled, yet still carry on in all its glory. It’s like “The Little Light That Could”. Go ahead and drop it in with the rest of your camping equipment because this light is sturdy enough to last through countless camping trips.

    6. For the Home

    Don’t wait until a snowstorm or your next power outage to realize that your at-home lights aren’t cutting it. While yes, this light was made with the professional trades in mind, it’s also great to have stored away in case of power outages or other emergency situations. As mentioned before, the battery life of this device will get you through for hours.

    There you have it. Who would have guessed that such a little light would have so many uses. For more information on the Maxxeon Cyclops WorkStar 800, visit the product page here.

  • Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Electronic Enthusiast

    Picture this: It’s only a couple of days before the Holidays. Amidst all of the themed parties, plates of frosted cookies and carolers constantly bombarding your doorstep, you come to a shocking realization. Oh, no! You forgot to get someone a present. You reluctantly head to the overly crowded mall closest to you and fight through traffic and the absence of parking spots to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Now, you’re exhausted and wishing you hadn’t of eaten all of the frosted cookies before embarking on this harrowing journey, as you could really use one after that.

    Now, picture this: Instead of fighting the crowds of last-minute holiday shoppers, you grab your laptop and plop down on your comfortable living room couch. There’s an electronic enthusiast in your life, and you know just how to delight him/her. You head over to GoKimco.com, and you begin reading a blog titled, “Great Holiday Gifts for the Electronic Enthusiast”. Awesome! Just what you’re looking for. You go on to read the ideas…

    1. The Hakko FX888D Bundle

    You can’t go wrong with any kind of bundle that provides variety, let alone this one. This soldering kit includes:

    • Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station
    • No-Clean Flux Pen
    • CHP Cutter
    • Desoldering Braid
    • Tip Polishing Compound
    • SCS Nylon Soldering Tool
    • 63/37 Solder Wire Sample


    The Hakko FX888D is the star of this kit, and if you’re looking for more information about this particular model, we’ve written another piece specifically about it that you can find here.

    1. Daylight Company U35107 Slimline LED Table Lamp

    This is a product that is useful for a variety of different jobs and hobbies. The lamp clamps securely to any table and shines a bright LED light evenly across the entire surface, eliminating glare. There is an integrated on/off switch for easy reach and the lamp can be adjusted to whichever height you need for your latest project. Whether the person you know frequently does electronic work in a dimly-lit garage, sews for a hobby or runs a manicure business, this light is the perfect addition to their work space to elevate their skills to the next level.

    1. Kimco Alkaline Batteries

    Remember the song titled, “The 12 Pains of Christmas” and how the tenth item on the list was “Batteries not included”? Yeah, not having batteries at your disposal when you need them is a real pain anytime of the year, let alone during the Holidays when it seems as though not a single gadget includes them. If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or just a useful gift for an electronics lover that doesn’t break the bank, stock up on Kimco Alkaline Panasonic Batteries. We carry 9V, AA, AAA, C and D batteries that will be sure power their devices.


    4. WI-AWE-912 Wicked Awesome Wipes

    These wipes are crazy good. Oh, did you think we were going to say they’re wicked awesome? Well, they’re that too. They might resemble a simple box of tissues but rest assured, they’re much, much better. Each wipe offers exceptional strength, durability and absorbency. These robust wipes tackle and clean up a variety of liquids including solvents and oil, all while still being soft enough to use on your face and hands. They’re a great gift if the person you’re buying for works or has a hobby in any of the following industries:

    • Manufacturing
    • Automotive
    • Food
    • Printing
    • Marine
    • Laboratories
    • Aerospace


    1. Weller D550PK 120 V Professional Soldering Gun Kit

    We’ll end this list with another bundle idea because you really just can’t go wrong with a variety kit. The soldering gun heats up quickly and produces 260 or 200 watts. The features in this bundle include:

    • Professional heavy-duty gun
    • Pistol grip design, ready to use in 6 seconds
    • Fingertip trigger selects high or low output
    • Two-wire cord
    • Coil of lead-free solder
    • Flux brush
    • Heavy gauge, high efficiency, tin-plated copper tip
    • Blow molded plastic carrying case
    • Twin lights

    So now you’re still sitting on your couch but your virtual shopping cart is full. Doesn’t that feel nice? No last minute trips to the shopping mall for you this season. Suddenly you feel like making another batch of frosted cookies, this time in celebration because you have so much free time on your hands. More carolers at the door? Nope, still no time for that.

  • GoKimco Announces New Website Launch

    MENTOR, OHIO (Nov. 20, 2018) – Kimco Distributing Corp. is inviting all of its visitors to explore the newly launched website. Designed to offer a better user experience, the new site features a faster search time, a modern design and a simplified, organized layout.

    “We’ve been working hard on this redesign, and we’re thrilled for it to be live,” said Keith Cathcart, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Director for GoKimco. “The new site will ensure the best overall experience for our customers, both on desktop and mobile devices.”

    The home page has been redesigned into easy-to-navigate categories with a faster search speed. Visitors to the site can easily find featured products, featured partners, customer reviews and more directly from the home page.

    Products can be searched by type, brand name or hobby. The search bar can also be utilized to look for a keyword or part number.

    Customers can stay informed on recent product launches, sales, industry news and more through the GoKimco blog page. Customers can also find demonstrative and informative videos on certain products through the home page.

    Visitors are encouraged to explore the new site and contact GoKimco if there are any questions or concerns.

    About GoKimco

    Kimco Distributing Corp. specializes in personalized service and has offered the latest technology and products for electronic production, service, repair and testing since 1978.

  • How Does a Heel Grounder Work?

    We’ve all experienced the sudden, uncomfortable jolt of a static shock, followed by the inadvertent yelp or maybe even profanity that comes out of our mouths as we quickly retract our hand from the surface we just touched. It’s not quite as bad as stepping on a Lego, but it’s still pretty bad, and I’m sure if anyone had the opportunity to avoid that sneaky shock for the remainder of their lifetime, they would gladly accept it.

    While there’s no way to avoid static shock 100 percent of the time in everyday life, if you frequently work in ESD areas, a heel grounder could save you and your equipment from harmful electronic transfer.

    GoKimco offers a product called the Desco 17200 Premium Foot Grounder that will protect the wearer from static shock build up. So, how do these simple devices work? When you experience that jolt of electricity, it is due to the built up static charge on your body jumping between you and the surface you’re touching.

    If you’re wearing the Desco 17200 foot grounders and making contact with an ESD floor, the electricity that would have built up static on your shoes and skin is then dissolved into the ground. This product is great for people whose projects require mobility such as soldering, kitting, and quality control, as the steps you take drain the static charges from your body.

    As mentioned briefly above, heel grounders are designed specifically for ESD surfaces and flooring. This is the only way to provide a continuous path for the static build up to escape directly through to the ground. With that being said, while we know that these rubber accessories are just to die for and deserve a spot on the list of latest fashion trends, wearing them out to your local grocery store or mall probably won’t prevent you from getting jolted.

    On the other hand, these adjustable grounders can save you from equipment damage. Over time, static transfer can cause partial or complete failure of sensitive devices. According to Erin Wade of Occupational Health and Safety, Electrostatic Discharge could be responsible for more than 25 percent of circuit failures. That’s a pretty big risk to take when you could easily slap on a pair of Desco heel grounders and cancel the static altogether.

    GoKimco offers this product at an inexpensive price to fit most shoe sizes comfortably for both men and women. You can find more information on the product here.

    Desco 17200 Heel Grounder

  • How a reliable freeze spray can fix circuit board issues

    You’ve spent hours working on your newest project. Blood, sweat and tears all went into the assembly of your prized possession and if something goes wrong, well, you don’t even want to think about that. The truth is, though, a lot can go wrong when assembling a circuit board. After all, it is a giant mass of insulators and copper traces packed in together that takes significant time and skill to plan, design and build properly. You can do a visual inspection to check for any issues, but it’s also important to do a physical inspection of the board, and a reliable freeze spray is great to have on hand.

    The MicroCare MCC-FRZA freeze spray is the best for the job. It is designed for low-temperature, nondestructive thermal testing of electronic components with minimal static generation. It works to instantly chill surfaces to -45 degrees Celsius or lower, which can test circuit traces for stress fractures or loss of continuity. This is a cheaper and faster alternative to the shotgun troubleshooting process of replacing parts in a trial and error MicroCare MCC-FRZAfashion, which we like to call the “hope and pray” option.

    This freeze spray is designed to keep both you and your circuit board safe. The product is non-toxic, nonflammable, ozone-safe and plastic-safe. Since this spray is specifically designed to be used on a circuit board, it won’t cause damage like other generic canned air sprays might. Using a spray not made for circuit boards could actually cause more damage than it prevents, which just doubles your sweat and tear production, and no one wants that.

    Having a reliable freeze spray in your work space could turn complex issues into simple fixes. A freeze spray allows you to locate an issue in your circuit board and eliminate it quickly and effectively. Check out the MicroCare MCC-FRZA freeze spray today and start working on that next project of yours.

  • The best presaturated wipes for circuit board cleaning

    If you’re familiar with the PCB stencil printing process, you know that it takes great care and precision. Stencil printing requires the use of three main materials: a stencil, solder paste and a printer. The solder paste is spread over the printer to establish electrical connections with the PCB. Sometimes a squeegee blade is used to apply the necessary force to spread the paste across the stencil and onto the PCB. In order to keep your printing process running smoothly, you need to clean your stencil, boards and tools regularly. While you can attempt to clean them by using your everyday household products, that might not be the best option.

    A man attempting to clean his boards before printing encountered this very issue. He asked, “What is the best solution for cleaning dust and debris from printed circuit boards? I currently use paper roll wipes, but upon inspection I still find particles on the boards.”

    Mike Jones, Vice President of MicroCare and a specialist in the field of electronics cleaning and stencil printing, encouraged everyone that experiences this type of issue to get rid of the cheap paper wipes and switch to a lint-free presaturated wipe. “Presaturated wipes are desirable because they remove operator errors from the wiping process,” Jones said. “Every wipe is exactly the same, and carries exactly the same amount of solvent, so the cleaning can be very consistent.”

    MicroCare MCC-MLCW

    That is why MicroCare developed the MCC-MLCW MultiTask Surface Cleaner Presaturated Wipes. This product works to remove solder paste, flux residues, finger prints, uncured epoxy residues, light oils and grease from your surfaces before printing. Like Jones recommended, these wipes are lint-free and also won’t rip during use. The packaging has a unique “slam shut” design that ensures a long service life.

    The Techspray 1608-100DSP IPA Presaturated Stencil Wipes are another great option for SMT surfaces. They can be used to remove all types of solder paste and other adhesives from screens, misprinted boards, stencils, tools and equipment. These wipes are comprised of 70%  Techspray 1608-100DSPIPA and 30% ionized water, and are also lint-free. They are safe to use on plastics, have a two-year shelf life, and are non-ozone depleting. Having a dependable cleaning wipe at your disposal is important to achieve the best printing results and ensure maximum production.

    Both of these products can be found right here on the GoKimco website at an affordable price with fast shipping. GoKimco is a proud supplier of many other MicroCare and Techspray products, so be sure to check them out!

  • The five parts of the MicroCare Circuit Board Cleaning Kit

    Who doesn’t love kits? For less money, you receive a variety of products that were specifically picked to work together. The MicroCare MCC-CBCSK Circuit Board Cleaning Station Kit is no different. In today’s blog, we’re going to dissect all five pieces included in this kit, and why they’re all essential pieces to add to your work space if you frequently clean circuit boards.

    1. MCC-ESD Trigger Grip Cleaning System

    This is the heart of this kit and the main focus piece. This system makes circuit board cleaning faster and produces less waste. The amount of cleaning fluid use is reduced by 66%, cleaning the board in seconds and thus producing a safer work environment while cutting cleaning costs. It is reusable and ESD-safe.

    MicroCare Trigger Grip Cleaning Kit

    1. MCC-SPR High Purity Flux Remover Cleaning Fluid

    The MicroCare kit also includes a clear liquid heavy duty flux remover that comes in a 12 oz. aerosol can. This nonflammable and ESD-safe liquid removes grease, acrylic conformal coatings and instant drying flux with low odor and no residues. Its compatibility with the Trigger Grip Cleaning System is why it’s included in the kit and a great flux remover for circuit boards.

    1. MCC-RBNB Natural Bristle, Short Nose Trigger Grip

    The short nose trigger grip with natural bristle is designed with a flow-restrictor to reduce solvent flow and is highly economical. The brush can be removed and replaced with a number of alternative brushes if desired.

    1. MCC-BK3 Bench Mount Kit

    The bench mount kit works to hold the aerosol can and trigger grip neatly at your workbench. It prevents any of the solvents from tipping or falling over, extending the life of the trigger grip and ensuring the aerosol can will empty completely.

    1. MCC-WF44 High-Performance Lint-Free Dry Wipes

    The last product included in this kit is a pack of 50 high purity, lint-free polyester wipes. The wipes are 4” x 4” and each one can typically be used between 10 and 20 times before disposal. You won’t find any glues, bleach or cellulose on these wipes, which means you won’t have to worry about it degrading end-faces. The chemical makeup of the wipes makes “wet-dry” cleaning fast, easy and consistent.

    One piece is good but all five pieces of this kit together are great. Click here to add it to your work space for a discounted price today. GoKimco is a proud seller of many MicroCare products, so be sure to check them out.MicroCare Trigger Grip Cleaning Kit

  • Why is flux important in the soldering process?

    Soldering without flux is similar to brushing your teeth without toothpaste- you can do it but it probably won’t leave you with very pleasant results. Flux plays a crucial role in the soldering process. It spreads onto the soldered metal, keeps the surface clean while the molten solder alloy reaches it, and helps the solder spread over the metal. The application of flux is made easier by using a flux pen, giving you more control of the amount of flux you wish to use.

    This is where the new Kester Select-10 Flux Pen on GoKimco comes in, keeping you smiling all Kester Select-10 Flux Penday long because you enjoy properly melting metals together just like you enjoy your pearly white teeth since you use the best flux- err, toothpaste- every day.

    But first, what is Select-10? This is a zero-halogen, no-clean liquid flux. The makeup of the flux makes it great with challenging applications such as reflowed copper OSP boards or with difficult-to-solder components. It doesn’t spread beyond the spray pattern and it won’t clog the fluxer head. The residues are non-tacky and non-corrosive. This flux has the ability to provide desired hole-fill with preheat temperatures of 135 degrees Celsius with no clogging.

    The Select-10 Flux Pen is an inexpensive addition to your work space that will make a world of difference. Being a no-clean pen, there is no cleanup necessary after its use. The pen provides good solderability under air atmosphere and is compliant to GR-79-CORE, the requirement criteria for its physical design.

    The Select-10 Flux Pen was just added to the GoKimco catalog, so make sure to go check it out! GoKimco is a proud seller of a number of Kester products and we are especially excited about the addition of this one. Kester is a leading global supplier of basic and high-tech attachment materials for the electronic assembly, component and microelectric marketplaces.

  • Why would you need canned air for circuit board assembly?

    Techspray 1671-10sIn 2008, a bowling alley employee was performing her everyday responsibilities.  A paper shredder needed cleaning and a can of compressed air seemed like the perfect tool to get the job done. However, this canned air did not have “nonflammable” in its label. The employee tilted the can and sprayed the liquid onto the shredder. The liquid turned into a gas which then ignited a fire, causing burn marks on her face.   Get more info on the incident from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries posting.

    The incident prompted the US Department of Labor to issue a hazard alert to those that use canned air and to list safety tips to avoid the risk of injury or death. Canned air is not the same as the air you breathe. It consists of compressed gases that if used in a poorly ventilated area, could ignite a fire, as in the case of the bowling alley employee.

    Don’t be alarmed, though. You can eliminate the reality of facing a situation such as this one simply by switching to a non-flammable air can. In fact, this is one of the US Department of Labor’s main safety tips. Now that you know this is the safer option for you, it’s time to choose which one to go with. The Techspray 1671-10S is a great nonflammable option. It’s odorless, leaves zero residues and has a ten-year shelf life. With this product, you can properly clean your electronics and keep them working longer.

    The Techspray air duster can be used to clean a wide number of surfaces and is especially useful for circuit board assembly. It is also safe to use on plastic materials. The air removes microscopic contaminants, lint, dust and metallic oxide deposits before they build up and cause overheating or shortages. Having this nonflammable canned air in your workspace will ensure the safety of you and your projects.

    To give you an idea of the versatility of this product, you can use the Techspray 1671-10S on:

    • Audio/Video Equipment
    • Computers and Other Electronic Equipment
    • Fax Machines
    • Laboratory Instruments
    • Photo Equipment
    • Printed Circuit Boards
    • Printers
    • Surface Mount Devices

    Lastly, since we’re on the topic of safety, here are some tips on how to properly use your Techspray product:

    • Hold the can in an upright position while spraying
    • Never tilt the can more than 40 degrees or shake before or during use
    • Before spraying, press actuator to clear the valve of any liquid product
    • You can use the extension tube to remove dust in tight areas
    • Use short bursts to prevent cooling of can




  • Five Uses for the Metcal BVX-201-KIT1 ESD-Safe Fume Extraction System

    Harmful fumes, gases, and dust are common byproducts of everyday industrial practices such as cutting, marking, heating and burning of materials. If you engage in any of these on a day-to-day basis, it is imperative that you add a fume extraction system to your workspace, and the Metcal BVX-201-KIT1 Two Operator Fume Extraction System could very well be the right fit for you! It’s obvious that the system’s main purpose is to protect the safety of employees while also ensuring compliance with workplace regulations, but what does that entail and what makes this system stand out from the rest? We’ll break down five reasons why this Metcal Fume Extraction System can fit well in your workspace.


    1. Dynamic Fume Extraction

    The Metcal BVX-201 is built to extract harmful fumes. For example, when soldering materials, flux fumes are created from the solder wire and solder paste.  These fumes contain many chemicals that could cause immediate or long-term health issues such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. This Metcal system extracts those fumes, making your workspace cleaner and safer! The main filter has a HEPA efficiency rating of 99.7% and .3 micron, and an activated carbon filter to remove additional gases.

    1. Compliance with Regulations

    The health and safety of you and your employees is by far the most important reason to own an extraction system, but there are also workplace regulations that require you to own one.  According to the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), at least half a million workers in industries that use welding face health and safety risks. Because of these risks, OSHA has created regulations to ensure safer and cleaner work conditions. The addition of this extraction system to your space will assist you in your compliance with these regulations, and help you avoid future workplace complications.

    1. Portability

    The Metcal BVX-201 is designed to be placed directly underneath or next to your bench-top, which will free up more of your workspace. With that being said, the system still boasts high suction speeds, the highest of all portable systems, and comes with two BVX-ARML designed to be used adjacent to the workbenches. The entire system is 9kg, which makes it easy to move from space to space if needed.

    1. Noise Level

    The Metcal BVX-201 is not only strong and portable but also quiet. Featuring a brushless motor, this system has a quiet operation with a noise level under 55 dbA. To use your fume extractor, there is an easy access on/off switch. When a filter needs replacing, an audible alarm will inform you so that you can make sure your system stays running properly and efficiently.


    1. Reduced Cleaning Cost and Time

    Adding this system to your workspace will save you in both cost and time in the long run by keeping you and anyone else in your workspace healthy and safe. It is an investment for sure, but the ramifications of not having a high-quality system could outweigh the initial expenditure. Also, healthy workers = fewer absences from the workspace = more production.


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