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  • Choosing the Right Type of ESD Bags

    03-03-2012-06Transporting and shipping anything electronic can be difficult. There is a lot of static which can be generated during any voyage. With all of the moving objects around, it is possible that a static electricity charge can be produced. Protecting anything electrical is possible even in these kinds of environments when using something like ESD bags.

    These bags offer a static barrier, often called anti-static bags, or with some electronics manufacturers Metal-In Shielding bags, which protects the contents of the bag from being affected by the environment around them. This provides safety no matter how you are shipping your electronics from one destination to another. This helps in making sure that you will not have effectively sent a piece of equipment which will be dead on arrival.

    Getting the Right Size

    One of the things that you will need to make sure of is that you are getting a bag which is big enough for your device. The device should be able to fit perfectly inside of the bag. If it is either wedged in or has too much room to move around, there is a possibility that the device will be damaged. Luckily, these come in all sizes to accommodate different kinds of devices that you might have to send.

    Getting Moisture Control

    Controlling moisture with moisture barrier bags is also highly important in making sure that your device will get there in good condition. You should be adding in gel packs which absorb any moisture which the device might otherwise come into contact with.

    If you are shipping from or to an environment where there is a lot of moisture, you might also want to use a special bag to prevent any moisture from getting into the bag in the first place. This will allow you to be able to get everything that you will need so that you will be able to protect your device form moisture as it ships.

  • Which Aerosols And Cleaners Work Best?

    03-03-2012-08Cleaning electronics can be tricky with all of the damage which can be caused to the device from dust, moisture or chemicals. While simply using a dusting aerosol might work great in some applications, you might need to have cleaners which will prepare surfaces as well as making sure that your hands are clean.

    Choosing the right Chemtronics aerosols and cleaners for example will help you to get what you need to be able to get the job done. Make sure that you are considering the different kinds for you to get exactly what you will need.


    The main kind of aerosol you can buy include those which are little more than compressed air. Simply spray these on electrical devices as well as keyboards to get rid of dust, dirt and additional debris.

    You can also freeze items on electrical boards using certain sprays. These make it possible for you to help in drying an adhesive easier as well as making sure that items will not overheat.


    Cleaners can be used for a variety of different projects. You can use wipes and swabs to clean small devices. You can also use adhesive removers so that you will be able to remove labels as well as other additions to electrical boards.

    Cleaning stencils and other items is possible with the right kinds of cleaning equipment. This will help you to be able to see exactly what you are doing.

    Cleaning the room of all of the dust and debris is also possible with vacuum cleaners. These come in all sizes including those which are small enough to clean your worksite or your work bench. Some attachments will even allow you to be able to clean the small devices you are working on from the debris you might find on it.

    Here is a complete listing of Chemtronics cleaners.

    Solder, Desolder & Rework Equipment

    Desoldering Wick

    ESD & Static Control

    Wipes & Swabs
    Chemicals & Dispensers

    Cleanroom Supplies

    Wipes & Swabs

    Soldering Flux, Paste & Wire

    Solder Mask

    Adhesives & Dispensers

    Conformal Coatings
    Silicones & Sealants

    Chemicals & Cleaners

    Dusters & Freeze Spray
    Flux Removers
    Wipes & Swabs
    Hand Cleaners & Lotions
    Contact Cleaners

    SMT Production Supplies

    Stencil Wipes

  • What goes into a Cleanroom? What types of classifications are there?

    03-03-2012-09Working in a Cleanroom has many advantages to those working on electrical devices. You will not have to worry about things like dust or other particles contaminating your devices especially when investing in cleanroom supplies. By knowing the different classifications, you will be able to get the kind of protection you will need for the work you are doing.

    Classifications are dependent on the number and size of particles in the air. While you might think that the best Cleanroom is the kind with no particles in the air, but this is simply not possible. Simply by having a human element or moving parts of any kind will cause particles to enter the air.


    This kind of room has particles on the order of 0.5 µm. To get this kind of room, you will need to make sure that you are using products including the right benches and workstations, and even the right apparel. Wipes come in handy when trying to maintain this kind of environment. You will also need to use air purifiers so that you will be able to minimize particles in the air as well as making sure that all fumes are removed.

    ISO 14644-1

    This kind of classification requires particles which are 0.1 µm or larger. Using contamination control mats will help in minimizing the effect that contaminants will have on the devices you are working on. Good cleanroom carts and shelving are perfect in this kind of environment.

    ISO 9

    This is a normal room in which most devices will have to operate in. These are not technically classified as cleanrooms, but they should be taken into consideration when creating devices as they will have to be sealed in order to provide safety from these kinds of rooms. The right safety will help in providing more for the people using the devices.

  • Find the Help You Need When Soldering Using Kester 24-6337-0010

    If you are soldering in a production line, you need a product which will help you to have as much reliability as possible. This is something you will find whenever you are using Kester 24-6337-0010. This soldering wire has an activated rosin core to help you to get an instant bond you are looking for which will withstand the pressure it will encounter. When using this along with other soldering products, you will be able to get the results you will need. You can find everything you are looking for through our online catalog at Kimco.

    Whenever you visit our website, you will find the Kester 44 rosin flux. It is a flux-cored solder wire which features an activated rosin formula to make it more useful in a variety of settings. Because it can be used on many different kinds of metals, you will be able to use it the way you intended. The Kester 24-6337-0010 44 activates rosin cored wire Sn63/Pb37 has a 66 core and a .020” diameter. It features a fast-spreading action which makes it more reliable when using it for mass production lines.

    You will be able to find Kester 24-6337-0010 and all of your other soldering needs whenever you are visiting our online store. At Kimco, we provide you with not only the selection you are looking for, but other Kester solder flux and thinner products. We also provide you with the assurance that we will have your items in stock. This will allow you to receive your items even faster. We ship most of our orders on the same day that we receive them so you get your items faster.

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