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  • Make Electrical Repairs Easily with Steinel HG 350 Heat Gun

    When the need arises to make repairs to an electrical device or circuit board you will need to desolder a component. Many people try to do this through using a hair dryer, but they do not get hot enough. A Steinel HG 350 Heat Gun will warm up the solder quickly so you can remove it without any problems. This is just one of the many different heat guns that you will find at the Kimco website.

    The Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool is the perfect tool for those jobs that require a delicate touch and where the work is in close surroundings. The precision of the heat, direction of heat, and intensity of it all make for the perfect small parts tool. The tool itself is compact, lightweight construction for long term use. Many times there is the need to mount the tool over head for quick access. The HG 350 ESD Safe Hot Air Tool includes a built in hanger for just this occurrence. A bright LED light to illuminate work area and temperatures of 750 degrees can be reached without the need of a reducer.

    You can pick up your own Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool at Kimco for a much better cost that you would find at your local toolstore. Not only will you find the heat gun that you need, but you will also find a whole host of accessories. Along with that is great customer service that goes along with a precision in order fulfillment.

  • Precision Repairs A Reality With Steinel HG 2310 Intelligent Heat Gun

    When working with delicate electrical components, circuit boards, or even small pieces that require a little bit of heat, the best tool for the job is the Steinel HG 2310 Heat Gun found at Kimco. A heat gun is necessary in these projects for several different uses. With a quality esd-safe heat gun you can desolder components, heat shrink insulation for secure connections between wires, and even shrink tubes into place for a long time. The Steinel HG 2310 is the perfect tool for this type of work because it is smart.

    One of the features of the Steinel HG 2310 ESD ESD-Safe Electronic Heat Gun is that you can set the temperature increases in 10 degree increments. This means that there is not just one temperature that blasts hot air into an area. This can severely damage some components that are susceptible to too much heat. This model is called an Intellitemp heat gun as it does not simply work on one setting. This tool also includes the LOC (Lockable Override Control™) for limiting output to one specific temperature/airflow combination. A great feature that is also helpful when working around electronics and circuits. This coupled with the four customizable pre-set temperature / airflow programs makes the Steinel HG 2310 a staple in any hobby, craft, or manufacturing center.

    You can purchase your own Steinel ESD-safe electronic heat gun from the Kimco website. We have a large selection of heat guns and accessories to compliment any project you are working on. Check us out and you will see that we are dedicated to serving you with great products, super prices, and extraordinary service.

  • Perform Delicate Soldering Projects with the Steinel HB 1750 Heat Gun

    Whenever you are working with small products that need to be heat shrunk, or soldered, one of the best tools at your side is the heat gun. There are all kinds of heat guns that work for different situations. However, the Steinel HB 1750 High Output Heat Blower is one tool for many different jobs. This heat gun can be used from everything shrinking electrical connectors, vacuum tubes, or desoldering a piece to change it or fix it. You can find these listed at the Kimco website.

    The Steinel HB 1750 is an ergonomically high output lightweight ultra quiet tool. It contains several features that include a key coding system for different temperatures. It also features a powerful turbine blower with air delivery rate up to 23 CFM and a soft grip handle with convenient slide switch. The temperature ranges of the HB 1750 go from a starting point of 300 degrees to a very hot 1200 degrees. This gives you a lot of options as to the different types of projects you can do.

    If you find yourself with a lot of projects that require a heat gun you should then look into Steinel heat guns. They are made of highly durable construction and they are backed by a great guarantee. You can pick up this, and other Steinel electronic heat guns at Kimco. There you will find a large selection of heat blowers to choose from to fit your individual needs. The prices are all at a competitive level and customer services is always available to help.

  • Steinel hobby heat guns are perfect for crafts and hobbies

    One of the mainstay tools of any hobbyist or craft enthusiast is the glue gun. With Steinel hobby heat guns these crafters and hobbyists can not only enjoy their work, but also do it without any glue hassle. One of the reasons that glue guns are used is because of the way that the glue from the gun bonds with the parts. The heat of the gun melts a glue stick which then seeps into the surface of the pieces. When the glue begins to harden it incorporates each part into it and forms a bond stronger than other types of bottle glue.

    One example of a hobby heat gun that Kimco carries is the Steinel TM6000 ThermaMelt 6000 Butane Powered Glue Gun. It is a cordless glue gun that uses removable butane canisters for ease of use and quick refueling. This gun has a heating point of 320 - 464 ° F / 160 - 240° C and cuts the flow of glue off immediately so there is not dripping. This gun, along with others, is available at the Kimco online catalog.

    Hobbies such as modeling, electronics, or crafts that require gluing pieces together will benefit a great deal from the adhesive bond made possible from this type of glue gun. Check out the Kimco online catalog for more information on this, and other products, for your hobbies and crafts. The site is easy to navigate and lists the details of each product so there is no confusion over what you need.

  • Temporary Hold Items with Steinel heat gun glue sticks

    There are many jobs that do not require soldering, or welding within the electronics field, but does require a temporary hold. When this need come up, the Steinel heat gun glue sticks should be the solution. These strong glue sticks give users the ability to temporarily hold items into place while doing other work. These glue sticks are used in the Steinel glue guns which are a staple for many hobbyists and component makers.

    The Kimco catalog carries the Steinel 04080 Clear 10" Glue Sticks that come in 18 piece packs. The glue stick itself is made of clear glue that holds items without any coloring or residue left behind after clean up. With the use of a Steinel heat gun you can heat the glue up again to remove it before permanently mounting the piece. The quality of these glue sticks is solid enough for any process from crafts to assembling complex circuits.

    You can find the Steinel 04080 Clear Glue Sticks at the Kimco online catalog along with any other accessory you may need for heat and glue guns. Everything from the guns themselves to reducers are available for you to browse and choose the right product. Each product is easy to find through the search box, or the navigational buttons on the sidebar. Go today to Kimco and begin your search for glue sticks or electrical cleaning supplies. The prices for each of our products are competitive with other suppliers and our shipping is fast and to your door. You always receive stellar customer service from our customer pros and each order is done with precision and care.

  • Steinel heat guns accessories give your heat gun more power

    There are many different uses for a heat gun within a manufacturing environment or a home hobbyist who likes to work with electronics and circuits. These jobs and processes are made much easier with the help of a few Steinel heat guns accessories. These accessories are made of a durable quality that will last for a long time without any need for replacement. With an accessory like a reducer you have the ability to increase the temperature of your heat gun while also giving it more pinpoint accuracy.

    Being able to put a concentrated level of heat on a small area when doing small scale work such as desoldering, heat shrinking plastic connectors, and other elements of electrical work is of great value to produce good products. The Steinel heat gun accessories at Kimco are available to the different heat guns we carry. For example, the Steinel 07071 14mm Reduction Nozzle is made of highly polished stainless steel for durability and long life. These nozzles are perfect for specialized work with small circuits and soldering.

    You can find a large assortment of Steinel heat gun accessories at the Kimco online catalog. Each part is listed with specs and details so you can know that you are getting the correct part for your heat gun. The site is easy to navigate so you do not become overwhelmed with the many different products, tool, and parts we carry. Check out the catalog today and see the items that are stocked for your convenience. Our prices are competitive and our shipping is fast and reliable.

  • Steinel ESD safe heat guns make desoldering a snap

    One of the essential tools that any electrical components worker is going to need by their side are a Steinel ESD safe heat guns. These heat guns have the ability to quickly desolder components for repairs or fixing mistakes. Anyone working with electrical circuit boards knows well the frustration of trying to remove a soldered piece with a low level heat gun or heat blower. These Steinel ESD safe heat guns from Kimco have variable temperatures so that you can get the right temp needed for the selected process.

    The Kimco online catalog boasts a large selection of these Steinel heat guns and all at fantastic prices. For example, the Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool blasts air that is 750 degree constant temperature. This can even be increased with a reducer. The Steinel HG 2510 ESD IntelliTemp™ ESD-Safe Electronic Heat Gun with LCD Display is another great example of a heat gun that enables heat selection in 10 degree increments. This ESD type of heat gun works well with electrical components as there electrostatic discharge that can cause shorts within wires and fuses.

    These heat guns, and several others that are available at the Kimco online catalog, are great for any industry that needs to work on electrical components or the home hobbyist who wants a good tool for desoldering components for DIY repairs, heat shrinking connectors, or to shrink vacuum tubing. The stock of these heat blowers are constantly monitored by our warehouse professionals so that there is no danger of running out of stock when you need this precision tool. Check out the website today for selection and cost.

  • JnJ cleanroom swabs and wipes are perfect for keeping particles away from parts

    Manufacturing parts and assembling products within a particle and dust free zone is a necessity for many electrical devices. Even a hobbyist who likes to work with circuits, soldering, and creating electrical machines needs a place within their home, garage, or workspace that is free from dust, aerosols, and chemical vapors. A cleanroom that is stocked with JnJ cleanroom swabs and wipes is the only option available.

    A cleanroom is a contaminate free room that is necessary for any work with circuits, circuit boards, and electrical components. To keep them clean wipes and swabs must be used for removing things like soldering dust, flux residue, as a label remover, and cleaning stencils that have been mis-labeled. The JNJ 401 UnderStencil Cleanroom Wipes make for an ideal solution to keeping a cleanroom clean. They can effectively absorb solder paste, flux residue, inks and epoxies, with or without solvent. This is especially important as you try to keep certain components dry and eliminate any chemical vapors or aerosols within this clean environment.

    These cleanroom wipes can be stored within a cabinet in the room or within the packaging until you need them. There is no need to worry about any wearing, shredding or tearing of these wipes even when use in ultra fine pitch stenciling printers. They are very durable and long lasting with very minimal lint. JnJ cleanroom wipes do not collect any dust as they are used. Check out the online catalog for these cleanroom swabs and wipes at a great price and fast shipping.

  • Keep Components Clean with JnJ ESD Anti Static swabs, wipes

    Every cleanroom needs to have the right supplies to keep the contaminants to the specified level, and which is determined for component cleanliness. Harmful contaminates such as residue from soldering, dust particles, chemical vapors and airborne microbes can cause tremendous problems with electrical components or hinder results from scientific research. A supply of JnJ ESD Anti-Static swabs, wipes will help to not only keep these particles to a minimum, but also eliminate the dangers from static.

    Electrical components, especially during the manufacturing and assembly process, need to be in a static free environment. One way to product static electricity is while cleaning parts and pieces once they have gone through soldering and assembly. Wiping these parts down without any type of ESD anti-static treatment will automatically build up static electricity through the friction buildup. The JNJ SW100AFR Semi Aqueous Paste & Flux Remover is a great product to use within your cleanroom to remove any particles that are already on the piece. Using before assembly will ensure a clean contact surface for soldering, while using after assembly will ensure a clean product free of any residue. They are simple to use and come in 100 count containers.

    JNJ SW100BIO Bioact SC-10 Electronics Cleaning smart wipes are also great for cleaning off any type of electronics used for testing within the cleanroom. Kimco carries a full line of electronic wipes to help keep your parts clean and free of any microbes and particles. Check out the online catalog for the different products and competitive prices.

  • Clean Flux and Solder Debris with JnJ Wipes and Swabs

    Anytime that you solder metal there is going to be residue left over from the flux, the solder, and the metal itself. These particles, some of them not even noticeable to the human eye, can cause damage to the circuits or malfunctions with the way that they work. In a production assembly it is essential to keep the electrical parts free from any residues and dust. The good news is that JnJ wipes and swabs can be used to easily remove the flux and solder debris from delicate products without damaging the component themselves.

    Using an electric smart wipe like the JNJ SW100BIO Bioact SC-10 Electronics Cleaning SmartWipes is very easy to do once you have soldered your component. Wait for the solder to cool down before trying to wipe away the flux residue. Once it has cooled down, the take a wipe and the flux away from the piece. If you continue to see some white residue on the piece, then the flux removal needs to be continued.

    Another wipe used for de-flux application is the JNJ SW100IPA/DI Isopropyl Alcohol & DI Water SmartWipes. This wipe has the ability to remove most types of inks, pastes, light oils and contaminants associated with soldering, fluxes, printing and most electronic and industrial cleaning applications. This means that you can keep your parts clean without having to resort to dangerous substances. A quick wipe with the Isopropyl Alcohol and 30% de-ionized water blended cloth and you can continue on your way.

    Pick up these items at The prices are a reflection of our commitment to help keep budgets under control and our shipping speeds are second to none.

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