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  • New Weller WX2021 ESD-Safe High Powered Digital Soldering Station at Kimco

    For years the Weller name has been the authority in soldering and electrical repair. Their products are built to last and are always on the cutting edge of technology. This trend continues with the high powered Weller WX2021 soldering station.

    A soldering station can help even the hobbyist to complete their soldering projects quicker, with less damage to other components, and with better holds. This WX2021 is a state of the art station which combines super technology with precise soldering tools. With the WX2021 you receive a complete system that keeps your costs low, but also delivers intelligent power and greater tool compatibility. This is why we offer these great soldering stations.

    With Kimco you get a complete soldering station with the WX2 station with WXMP-MS soldering iron and WDH51 tool stand, WXMT-MS de-soldering tweezer and WDH60 tool stand. That is practically two different soldering stations for the price of one. Each one of the tools can also be used at the same time if needed. The Weller soldering station can also handle up to 200 watt power, while delivering fantastic control over temperature to each iron. With this station you also gain control through versatile connectivity options - preheaters and fume extraction systems, multi-purpose USB port for parameter configuration and data logging, and completely ESD-Safe to protect sensitive components.

    Check out the Kimco website today for more information on this robust system. You can also take the time to look up other soldering accessories you may need. Our prices are always low and you receive your order with very fast shipping.

  • Complete Large Soldering Projects Easily with Weller WX2020 ESD Safe Soldering Station

    Many soldering projects are those simple tasks that require the use of one steady hand and a good soldering iron. Then there are those complex projects which require more than one hand, and a robust soldering station. The Weller WX2020 ESD-Safe Soldering Station is the key to when you just need more.

    A variation of the heat gun, or soldering iron, is the soldering station. This is where the soldering instrument is attached to a variable power supply. A soldering station can precisely control the temperature of the soldering tip unlike a standard gun or iron where the tip temperature will increase when idle and decrease when applying heat to a joint. For many people a soldering station may seem like overkill, but if you plan to do very precise work, such as surface mount, or spend 8 hours a day behind a soldering iron, then you should consider a this type of Weller tool.

    The WX2020 is a robust, high powered station that comes complete with 2 WXP120 Pencilshave soldering pencils. You can plug both of them in, regulate the temperature of each, and commence to soldering. This kit also includes (2) XTB tips and (2) WDH10 Iron Stands. The LCD display houses a capacitive touch screen that is resistant to both chemicals and high heat.

    When doing any large project, or precise soldering, look to the Weller WX2020 at Kimco. Right now, this unit is on sale and comes with a promotional rebate for a free soldering accessory. Check the Kimco site today for how you can have this great unit within a few days. Our prices are always guaranteed to be low and our shipping is extra fast!

  • Weller WX1012 ESD-Safe High Powered Digital Soldering Station Now At Kimco

    Soldering is defined as "the joining of metals by a fusion of alloys which have relatively low melting points". Most soldering applications are within the electronics industry. This includes soldering components to printed circuit boards to soldering a spliced wire joint when replacing a car stereo. A Weller WX1012 soldering station is a great way to not only complete the project, but to also keep costs down.

    The Weller WX1012 is among a highly innovative line of Weller soldering stations. These stations use state of the art technology to give the user better control over the temperature as well as a clean solder. The WX1012 comes complete with everything needed to get started. With this station you receive a WXP65 Pencil, 200 watts of power, and a large graphic LCD display can be viewed from all angles. The station also includes XNT1 Tip and WDH10 Iron Stand.

    As far as features goes, the WX2012 is loaded. The capacitive glass touch screen is chemical and temperature resistant, there is a turn and click wheel with enter key and finger guide is intuitive to use, there are versatile connectivity options - preheaters and fume extraction systems, a multi-purpose USB port for parameter configuration and data logging, and the package is ESD-Safe to protect sensitive components. A complete soldering station option for anyone who needs to solder anything.

    Kimco carries a full line of Weller soldering stations at affordable rates. Check out our online catalog and choose the right station for your needs. You will find that our customer service is there to serve you and our shipping rates are low and fast. We also carry soldering accessories from tips, nozzles, heat guns, solder, and cleaning supplies.

  • Safely Solder With Weller WX1011 ESD-Safe High Powered Digital Soldering Station

    When it comes to soldering different electrical components safety should be of the utmost highest priority. There are many different ways that electrostatic discharge can happen. Working with ESD-safe tools will help ensure your safety as well as protecting other components from damage. The Weller WX1011 ESD-safe digital soldering station is a state of the art station which is right at home in the garage workshop or large industrial setting.

    The WX1011 is a high powered Soldering Station that comes complete with an WXMP Pencil and carries 200 watts of soldering power. The station itself houses a large graphic LCD display - that contains a capacitive touch screen - can be viewed from all angles. The screen is chemical and temperature resistant. Also included with the Weller soldering station is an RT3 Tip and WHD50 Iron Stand. The turn and click wheel with enter key and finger guide is intuitive to use and provides for multi-language menu navigation. The station also includes versatile connectivity options - preheaters and fume extraction systems, with a multi-purpose USB port for parameter configuration and data logging. It is also completely ESD-Safe to protect sensitive components.

    Many would think that this type of robust soldering station would be too much for any hobbyist. However, for those who like to work on their own electrical repairs, or build electronic components, the Weller WX1011 is a sure fit.

    Check out the Kimco website for more information on this, and other Weller soldering stations and supplies. You will find that our prices are very competitive and our selection of parts and accessories is extensive.

  • Complete Every Soldering Job with Weller WX1010 ESD-Safe High Powered Digital Soldering Station

    Innovation and attention to details is what makes Weller a great brand name when it comes to soldering accessories and tools. The Weller WX1010 soldering station is another leap forward in how they partner with industry to provide better tools to produce better quality products. This is important when doing any type of mass assembly or simply repairing your own items in your garage or basement workshop.

    The Weller WX line of soldering stations are new and contain some of the most state of the art technology that has been seen in soldering tools. The WX1010 includes XTB tip and WDH10 Iron Stand, WXP120 Pencil, has 200 watts and a large graphic LCD display can be viewed from all angles. This LCD screen includes capacitive touch technology so that you can configure the temperature. This device also offers versatile connectivity options - preheaters and fume extraction systems, multi-purpose USB port for parameter configuration and data logging, and is completely ESD-Safe to protect sensitive components.

    The temperature range for the Weller soldering stations varies among each different product, but the WX1010 can reach up to 850 F for those super duty soldering jobs. With the WX1010 anyone can now perform delicate soldering projects on circuits, diodes, and motherboards with ease and confidence.

    The WX1010 is also currently on sale with a promotional rebate from Weller. Check out the extensive lineup of Weller stations at the Kimco website. There you will find several models to choose from all at great prices. We ship out constantly to maintain a fast shipping time and our customer service is top rated.

  • Weller Heat Guns at Kimco

    For anyone who has experience with soldering and working with electrical components knows that quality products help the entire process go much smoother. With Weller heat guns, available at Kimco, you can now do top quality soldering jobs with much more confidence.

    A heat gun is different than other soldering irons as they are constructed with a pistol grip design for better control. They also have a trigger which will give instant heat when depressed. This is different from a solder iron, or a soldering station, where the heat is constantly at the tip. Using a heat gun is also different from the use of an iron. As you hold the gun you are able to complete larger points of solder over a little bit larger area than you would with an iron. Irons are mostly for spot soldering while guns are for larger areas.

    The Weller heat guns all have a distinct pistol like grip, but have different qualities across models. The Weller 8200PK heat gun kit is a great tool for those who are doing soldering projects for fun or involved in simply repairs. The Weller 6966C is a 250-watt heat gun that is ESD-safe and usable in more industrial type settings where there are mass assemblies.

    Whichever you are in the market for, Kimco carries Weller heat guns at affordable prices - the 6966C costing $129 - with very fast shipping. Take a look at the Kimco website for more soldering accessories, irons, and soldering stations. You will find that the prices are equally low and that our customer service deserves it top rating.

  • Complete Delicate Soldering Projects with Weller Tweezer Tips

    There are plenty of instances where a soldering project requires the use of Weller tweezer tips. Kimco carries a great line of these tweezer tips so you can do even the most delicate of projects with ease and confidence.

    Tweezer tips are mostly used in both commercial applications, as well as in a hobby setting, for soldering and desoldering small surface-mount components with two terminals, such as some links, resistors, capacitors, and diodes. As with any other soldering iron, or pencil, they can be either free-standing or controlled from a soldering station. The tweezers have two heated tips mounted on arms whose separation can be manually varied by squeezing gently against spring force, like simple tweezers; the tips are applied to the two ends of the component. The main purpose of the soldering tweezers is to melt solder in the correct place. Tweezers for soldering should not be confused with those that are used for picking up, or holding, small items.

    Weller tweezer tips can be found in either a cartridge or as a replacement part. They all carry the Weller name and the innovative designs and ESD-safe ratings. Each Weller tweezer tip compliments several soldering irons and are thermal shielded for comfort while holding them.

    Kimco carries a great line of Weller products, including several tweezer tips in different sizes. Check out the online catalog today for all your soldering needs from tweezer tips to irons and complete soldering stations. All are at affordable prices and backed by our quick shipping policy.

  • Keep Soldering Irons Clean with Weller Sponges, Tip Cleaners

    When it comes to those soldering projects the most important tool you have - besides the soldering iron - is your sponge or tip cleaner. Weller sponges, tip cleaners are some of the most innovative and most used in the world of industrial and hobby settings.

    Any soldering iron requires that you keep it clean and well maintained. This cleaning applies to both storing the soldering iron as well as the actual use of the iron or pencil. A sponge is a great way to keep your tips clean while you are using your solder iron. While you are soldering, you can wipe the tip across a sponge to wipe off any excess solder, dirt, or oxides for a much cleaner, better adhering solder. This means that you need to keep plenty of sponges on hand as they need to be clean.

    Another way to keep your solder iron clean is with a tip cleaner system. This type of system consists of a steel wool ball that is housed in a holder. You place the tip in side the wool and rub it back and forth. You will also need some paste, or thinner, to help remove the solder debris and oxides. Cleaning the tip in this manner is mostly done when putting away your solder tips for storage.

    Take care of all of your tips cleaning with the Kimco line of Weller sponges, tips cleaners. Check out the Kimco website for more details on tip cleaners and refill sponges. The prices are affordable and delivery time is fast.

  • Weller Iron and Pencil Stands at Kimco

    Hobbyists and electrical enthusiasts rely on their soldering irons, tips, and other accessories for attaching electrical components to circuit boards, motherboards, and even solar panels. Soldering is more than just an activity that is done in large industrial assembly plants. Many people, in their DIY spirit, take on soldering for their hobbies and appliance repairs. For this reason, Kimco is proud to carry a large line of Weller iron and pencil stands at affordable prices.

    A solder iron and pencil stand is an important part of any soldering station. This is the place where you would set the solder iron when not in actual use. It can still be on, and heated to a very high temperature, but it will not be a danger as it is in the holder. The Weller iron and pencil stands are constructed with a durable antistatic finish that will ensure safety against any electrostatic discharge. They also come with a place to hold up to four different tips and can be adjusted to four different angles ranging from 30 degrees to 80.

    Many of the iron and pencil stands at Kimco also have a sponge built in to get rid of any flax buildup. While doing precise soldering this is an important process for a clean, debris free connection. The Kimco catalog boasts several different Weller products, including different choices for solder iron and pencil holders. Check out these products today and choose the one which fits your needs and situation. You will also find several other Weller soldering accessories at great prices.

  • Do Your Soldering the Right Way with Weller Solder Tips at Kimco

    As you work on your electrical component, in your garage or on the assembly line, you owe a lot of credit to the actual soldering to the solder tips. For many people this is the Weller solder tips that they are using. At Kimco we carry a large line of Wellder solder tips for the hobbyist to commercial applications.

    A solder tips can come in several different sizes and configurations. For example, at Kimco we carry the Weller CT6C7 3.17mm screwdriver solder tip, a 6.35mm screwdriver tip in the CT5E8, and Weller ETAA 1.6mm Single Flat Tip plus over 150 others. What makes Weller solder tips different than other types of manufacturers is the solid copper plated with iron all over and the innovation that provides maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip.

    As more and more people set up shop in their basements, garages, and outbuildings - for either setting up their own business, or as a hobby to build their own electrical products and tools - the need for solder tips has increased. Weller solder tips are often the ones that people reach for. At Kimco we have tested several of the Weller solder tips and put our stamp of approval on them.

    As you look through the Kimco online catalog of soldering items, stations, sponges, solder irons, and tips you will notice that Weller continues to receive high marks from consumers. If you are looking for quality solder tips then take a look at what we can offer in terms of extensive line of products and affordable prices.

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