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  • Brady BIA-WT Board Inspection Labels Available at Kimco

    When it comes to the inspection process the more streamlined it can be the better it is on production and the bottom line. If you currently have an assembly process that contains several stations of workers, or sites, then the more streamlined it can be, the better it is for everyone. With the help of Brady BIA-WT Board Inspection Labels, workers can easily flag those parts, or devices, that need repair, or removal from the line.

    At Kimco we believe that these labels are perfect for both the industrial setting and the at home hobbyist, or part time repair shop. They are easy to use, stay affixed in place, and are easily removed without any adhesive residue. They are made out of Repositionable Vinyl Cloth so that they will not be susceptible to any electrostatic discharge. This means that they are safe to work with as well as easy to use.

    What makes these labels to wonderful is that you have the ability to quickly let someone else know exactly where the problem is within a circuit board. It could be a bad connection, a bad component, a bad solder, or some other defect that needs to be fixed before the product can be released for general use. There is no need for lengthy explanations. Just set a label in place and send it back.

    Kimco carries an extensive line of Brady products as they are recognized as an industry leader and authority. You can find the BIA-WT inspection labels, as well as many other Brady products, at the online catalog.

  • Excelta Lazer Line 9200 Series Cutters

    When choosing a hand tool you should consider…

    The Shape of the cutting head will determine the expected life you get from a cutter. A round head cutter will outlast a tapered or tapered relieved head cutter of the same size. The more material behind the cutting edge, the longer the life of the tool.

    The “Type of Cut” refers to the outside angle of the cutting blades. A semi-flush cutter will produce more cuts than a maximum flush cutter, and a maximum flush cutter will produce more cuts than an optimum flush cutter. Be sure to choose the type of cut to suit your cutting needs.

    The Size of the tool should correctly fit the hand of the person using it. Excelta manufactures tools in many head styles and handle lengths.

    The Grip on a hand tool should fit comfortably in your hand. You can choose from our soft foam cushion grips or molded grips, both ergonomically designed and ESD Safe.

    Kimco Distributing is offering 5 Star Cutters on Sale at a special price along with a free tweezer just for trying out these unique cutters. These cutters combine the use of Lazor technilogy with the most advanced CNC machining to produce the finest grade premium cutter available. The cutting blades are induction hardened to 64 - 65 RHC for durability and precision hard-milled for sharpness to produce state of the art tools.

    The 9200E Series all feature a 5" overall length and are ESD-Safe.


  • Clearly Mark Your Components With High Temperature Brady PTL 10-426 Labels

    One of the most important aspects of assembling electrical components is the labeling of each part and each circuit. To do this there must be labels that can handle the temperatures they will be subject to. The Brady PTL 10-426 labels are exactly what you need for quality control and better devices.

    Not many people realize that there is a lot of heat that is generated when an electrical device is being operated. The longer that the circuits are transferring information, or transistors are working, the heat continues to build. In a computer, the fans are used to help dissipate this heat. However, the insides are still quite warm. Regular labels that are used on different components can easily fade away, or discolor, rendering them useless.

    The Brady PTL 10-426 are High Temperature Polyimide labels that can be used in many different applications. They are used for Circuit Board ID, Component ID, and several other similar type of applications. As such, they are subject to high temperatures. Because of the polymide construction they easily transfer the heat so that they do not yellow, fade, or look burnt. You can read the printing on these letters for many years after they have been afixed.

    These high temperature labels are .750" x .250" in dimension and come in a 750 label roll. They are used with the Brady TSL2200 labeling system. You can find both of these products at the online catalog. Both are available at a special price and are shipped same day as purchase. While at the site you can also look at several other Brady products as well as accessories and tools for electrical and industrial use.

  • Easily Label Wires With Brady PYL 17-426 Labels

    When assembling a circuit board, or organizing a mile of cable wire, it is important to keep labels neat, organized, and easy to read. It is also important that they be rated for the extreme temperatures that can be found within electrical devices, coils, steel booms, and other high temperature applications. With the use of Brady PYL 17-246 labels you can now enjoy clear information for years to come without discoloration.

    One of the irritating facets of circuit board, or electrical component labels, is that after they have heated up, and cooled off, much of the printing that tells part number and other important information is worn off, discolored, or otherwise not able to be read. Thermal transfer labels by being able to ward off the temperatures and remain bright and crisp for easy reading of instructions, part numbers and other viable information.

    For use with the Brady TLS2200 labeling system, the PYL 17-246 labels are that essential item that can make assembly of circuits, repair of electrical parts, and organization of cable a breeze. This line of thermal labels can be manually or automatically applied at extreme temperatures, thereby eliminating the requirement to identify goods after cooling.

    Most extensively used for printed circuit board use, these labels resist lead-free direct wave solder, reflow processing and cleaning solutions. They are 1.000" W x 0.500" H (25.40 mm W x 12.70 mm H) and come in rolls of 500 labels.

    Check out the catalog at for more information about these Brady labels. You will find that they are competitively priced and are available for immediately delivery.

  • The Brady TLS2200 Thermal Label Printer Keeps Wires Organized

    Any job that requires installation of miles and miles of cable is in need of extensive labeling and organizing. Not just any label can do with this type of project. Thermal shielded labels are a special brand of labels that are used extensively within the cable and wire industry. The Brady TLS2200 Thermal Labeling System is the easiest, most productive, way of creating labels for identifying, marking, and organizing large cable installations.

    What makes this device so valuable to any installer or assembly worker is that the Brady TLS 2200® Thermal Labeling System is a light weight (2.75 lb/1.25 kg) portable printer. This small printer does not take up much room, but is packed with features to make identifying your structured cabling environment a snap.

    The Brady TLS2200 labeler is a fully contained powerhouse that will fit into any toolbox. It comes fully equipped and feature packed to handle many different project and jobs. Included within the list of features is that it delivers crisp, clear, non-smearing labels, automatically serialize, and can also print two copies of each serialized label - one for each end of the run, includes memory for label storage, banner printing, and PC connectivity, and there are 500 different labels available to fit all your identification needs.

    The Brady TLS2200 can be found at the website for a very low cost. Check it out today and see why this label maker is perfect for your needs no matter if they are large or small. Our fast shipping will have it out to you the day you order it.

  • Keep Consumers Safe with Brady Sl-13 Static Awareness Labels

    Safety in the workplace, and for consumers, is something that no company can take for granted. It doesn't matter if the business is run out of a basement for part time income, or a large corporation with millions in profits, when it comes to electronics you can not be too safe. The Brady SL-13 Awareness Labels can help keep consumers, and repairmen, aware of static electricity and shock and are a vital component to many electrical devices today.

    Electrostatic discharge, or ESD, is a very common occurrence within electrical devices that carry circuit boards, and micro chips. They reason is that they build up a lot of charge within the component itself that can be discharged through contact with tools or other items. Labeling a device with a Brady SL-13 awareness label will let the person handling the device about the possibility of ESD.

    With this warning, repairmen, assemblers, and hobbyists can then use ESD safe tools and handling materials when coming into contact with this type of component. The Brady SL-13 labels conform to Military Standard 129J and EIA (Electronics Industries Association) Standard 471. They are 0.500" x 0.500" (12.70 mm x 12.70 mm) in dimension and come to 54 labels to a card.

    Kimco carries the Brady line of safety products, labels, and printers as they are recognized as an authority and leader within the industry. Check out the website today for the Brady SL-13 awareness labels and other Brady products today. You will see that our prices are lower than our competitors and our shipping is fast.

  • Create Labels Fast with the Brady BMP71 Printer

    There are moments when you must create a label for a component, a wire group, or repair that you are doing. Instead of reaching for that piece of masking tape and marker, the Brady BMP71 Printer is a great way to make those labels fast, easy, and securely.

    This very versatile label maker is not your run of the mill department store variety label maker. It is built from the ground up to be a powerhouse for industrial, commercial, and even laboratory settings. Labeling wires, circuit boards, and storage cabinets with a wide range of different labels is quite convenient, and even necessary, in many areas.

    The Brady BMP71 Portable Label Printer offers more than 400 different label options. This easy-to-use labeler can help you cut material waste, save label making time, and print crisp labels. For the home hobbyist that is working on their creations, assembling parts on freelance, or repairing products as a part time business, this label printer is ideal. This does not mean that it can not withstand the rigors of outdoor line work or indoor commercial settings.

    This incredibly versatile printer can print on more than 30 types of label materials - including PermaSleeve™ wire markers, indoor/outdoor vinyl, polyester die-cut labels, flag labels, self-laminating wire markers, and raised panel labels. This makes those quick labels a breeze. It also boasts a QWERTY style keypad layout, large, graphical, full color display with on screen indicators, and a built-in wizards and other features for easy label creation.

    You can find out more on the Brady BMP71 printer at the website. There you will not only see our large online catalog of electronic and industrial supplies, but also our industry best prices.

  • Create Strong Easily Read Labels With The Brady BMP21 Printer

    When it comes to marking components, circuit boards, chemicals, and other important components there can be no shortcuts taken. The Brady BMP21 Printer is a very durable, versatile label maker that can be used for a variety of different applications in many different industries and enterprises.

    Kimco is proud to be able to make available the Brady BMP21 Printer. This product is an all-in-one labeler for voice/data comm, electrical and general industrial crews. The uses are really endless, but they are best used in industrial settings where durability and weather play a factor. With label materials designed specifically for harsh environments, the BMP21 portable printer can quickly and easily create clear, legible labels that stick for years - despite extreme temperatures and curved or highly textured surfaces.

    This great Brady mobile printer prints on self-laminating vinyl, PermaSleeve™ wire marker sleeves, nylon cloth, polyester and indoor/outdoor vinyl label materials. It also is easily used in a one-handed operation. There is also a large, backlit display for easy indoor and outdoor reading.

    As a means of convenience this very handy mobile printer includes two cutter buttons that will hold the label until you need it. Makes work much easier and safer.

    You can find the Brady BMP21 Printer within our extensive online catalog. The price is competitive and low enough also for those who are a one man operation, hobbyist, or small business. We also maintain very fast shipping to anywhere in the country and, in most cases, ship out the same day the order is placed. Check out today for this great product, and many others.

  • Keep Your Gates Secure With Brady Lockout Valves and Plugs

    When it comes to security of your gates and your valves there is no substitute for high quality products. In a factory, or laboratory setting, there are plenty of areas that must be secure to ensure that problems do not develop through tampering or incompetence. Brady Lockout Valves and Plugs have always been highly regarded as durable, long lasting, and tamper resistant.

    At Kimco we carry a Brady 64057 Adjustable Gate Lockout Valve that is a versatile, economical lockout adjusts to fit 1" to 6 1/2" diameter valve handles, replacing 3 conventional gate valve lockouts. This gate valve lockout device denies access and covers the valve handle to help you turn off, and keep off, a pressured situation. With Prinzing ball valve lockouts and Brady's standard, quarter-turn ball valve lockout devices, a comprehensive series of options are available from the global leader in lockout tagout solutions.

    We also offer a Brady 65675 Large Lockout Plug that helps avoid electrical accidents by applying lockouts to prevent plugs from being inserted into a wall outlet. This can easily be a life saving measure if the area is damp, susceptible to moisture, and there is electrical devices.

    The ability to lock gates, valves is more than just a security measure, it is also a safety measure. As pressure builds up in valves and pipes, there must be a way to relieve this pressure. However, it has to be done in a safe manner. By keeping the valves locked it gives the people who are trained in this situation the ability to monitor who can perform the tasks.

    You can find these Brady lockout valves and plugs at our online catalog.

  • Protect your Products with Brady Locks & Lockout Tags

    Whenever there is the potential for theft - whether it be through outside means or through employees - security must be one that gives sound peace of mind. For any lab, assembly plant, storage container, or repair facility it is essential that any parts, components, circuits, and chemicals are stored in a safe manner with quality locks. For this reason, Brady locks & lockout tags are available through

    These great, effective locks have been proven to keep your expensive parts and components protected from theft. For example, the Brady Safety Padlocks have a unique cylinder that is insulated to protect workers from shocks when key is inserted and is 6-pin precision-machined for more unique key cuts and better tamper resistance. A reserved, paracentric keyway provides optimal security and the special design prohibits the key from being released until the padlock shackle is closed. Locks are compact and lightweight and resist impact, temperature, chemicals and corrosion.

    Along with the padlock are lockout tags that offer completely encapsulated graphics that withstand moisture, grease, chemicals and extreme temperatures. These tags are constructed to withstand up to 80lbs of pull strength and are used to let others know of what is being secured and by whom. carries Brady products as they are built with quality and highly recognized as professional grade. These locks and lockout tags are essential for any company that has expensive components and volatile chemicals. You can find these products on the website along with full descriptions and pricing. Shipping is fast anywhere in the country and our customer service is second to none.

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