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  • Deliver Precise Applications With Loctite 98414 Bottle Hand Dispenser

    When it comes to delicate types of assembly it is essential to have precise applications of threadlock, solvents, cleaners, and other types of lubricants and chemicals. Any displacement of these chemicals can severely interfere with the integrity of some devices. The Loctite 98414 50 ml. Bottle Hand Pump is the perfect solution to the level of precision needed.

    The Loctite 98414 50 ml. Bottle Hand Pump is a portable, precision, bottle-top applicator that threads firmly onto any 50 ml. anaerobic bottle. It makes all your projects safe and easy to do because of the great control the user has over the amount, and the placement, of material.

    This hand pump by Loctite, is designed to dispense at any angle without leaks or product waste. It also includes an ergonomically balanced and resilient bottle stand that greatly reduces the tendency of bottle tipping when you are focusing on another aspect of assembly.

    The Loctite 98414 hand pump also dispenses single shots of Loctite® anaerobic threadlockers and retaining compounds from 0.01 to 0.04 ml with viscosities up to 30,000 cPs. There is no flushing, power or air source needed in order to use this product, but it is not suitable for cyanoacrylate adhesives, primers, or activators. is very proud to be able to carry the Loctite line of adhesives, tools, dispensers, and hand pumps. They are constructed to last and are able to be included within any type of budget. Check the website today and look over these great products. You will also find the same Kimco commitment to low price, high quality products.

  • Make Easy Work of Bonding Jobs with Loctite 98413 UV Flood System

    There are plenty of ways to make sure that the bond, or seal, you placed upon a product or part during assembly stays. The best way, that we have seen through our own testing, is with the Loctite 98413 ZETA® 7411-S UV Flood System.

    This system is the ideal solution for smaller products and pieces that need to be sealed from any foreign particles gaining entrance. This is mostly seen in the electronics industry, but there are still other applications for hobbyists, mechanics, and other engineering fields where the Loctite 98413 is useful.

    The Loctite 98413 ZETA® 7411-S UV Flood System is designed exclusively for use in a wide range of bonding, potting, tacking, and sealing applications. It is a truly powerful system that can find a home in any environment. The 98413 ZETA is a medium intensity, bench top modular light cure system and includes a 4 inch, 400 Watt/inch UV metal halide lamp. This unit can accept multiple part sizes and has a typical curing area is 8 inches x 8 inches.

    This unit through Kimco also includes an operations manual, cotton gloves, UV metal halide lamp, and UV protection glasses.

    This powerful unit is essential for your next project, or for your assembly line. You can find the Loctite 98413 within our online catalog at at a special price that will not break your budget. Give your workers the exact tool they need to to the job right at a cost that will make it worth the investment. We also carry many other products from tools to safety gear all at low prices and fast shipping.

  • Use the Loctite 983439 Pneumatic Dispenser for Better Applications and Less Mess

    As more and more projects call for the use of mixing two different chemicals to create an epoxy type of bond there is the need for a viable way to do this without wasting material or money. The Loctite 983439 400 ml Dual Cartridge Pneumatic Applicator is the way to do this easily and with little cost.

    When the need comes to use a strong bond there is the mixing of two different chemicals that are extremely dangerous to skin, eyes, and mouth. There is also a need for speed when using this type of epoxy adhesive. If you do not get the two chemicals mixed correctly then the bond will not be right. Also, if you do not use the mixture before it hardens you will be forced to make a new mix as this type of adhesive has a very short set time.

    With the Loctite 983439 this worry has been taken care of for you. The dual canister mixing means that the right amount of chemical is being mixed for immediate use. These dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products and provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste.

    Getting your hands on a Loctite 983439 is easy when you go to the website. We are proud to carry an extensive line of Loctite tools, dispensers and adhesives along with the other tools in our catalog. Our prices are always low and we have many different specials throughout the year on different lines and tools. Check out the catalog today and you will be pleased with the selection and price.

  • Complete Your Epoxy Jobs Faster with Loctite 983438 from Kimco

    Many different industries today have the need for a viable solution to mixing two different materials together for a strong adhesive bond. This is mostly found in garages, assembly plants and construction areas that use epoxies and other strong adhesives. The solution to doing this easily is the Loctite 983438 400 ml Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator.

    When mixing two different materials for an epoxy hold it can be a little dangerous as the chemicals are very strong, and it requires an essence of speed as the mixture of the chemicals sets up very fast. If the timing is missed then you can be left with an epoxy you can not use and the need to make another batch. This, of course, can be pretty expensive. In our own testing we have found that the Loctite 983438 manual applicator does this mixing without any mess or problems of setting up too quick.

    With the Loctite 98343 you can dispense the exact amount of adhesive that you need directly to the area where you need it. No mixing of harmful chemicals or having to throw away unused material. These dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products and provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste.

    You can find the Loctite 983438 dispenser at the website. Also, while looking at the site you can find other Loctite products and adhesives to use with your projects. Each of the products we carry is competitively priced and is guaranteed to be shipped out immediately.

  • Deliver The Right Adhesive Through the Loctite 983437 Pneumatic Dual Applicator

    There are plenty of different projects and industries in which there is a need for mixing two different materials in order to secure a strong adhesive bond. Many epoxies are of the nature in which they must be mixed before being strong enough to hold. The Loctite 983437 200 ml Dual Cartridge Pneumatic Applicator is a great way to do this, but in an easy way.

    For industries in which there is a large amount of different projects which require constant application of an adhesive the pneumatic Loctite 983437 is the perfect choice. This pneumatic tool receives just the right amount of material through both of the canisters so you get the right mix everytime.

    The 983437 200 ml Dual Cartridge Pneumatic Manual Applicator is a hand-held, manually operated meter-mix dispenser. You can use this in the garage or commercial building with the same type of ease and results. These dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products and provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste.

    In our own testing we have seen that the mixture is always the correct mix and there is no mess. Each bonding project was completed in much less time and without any problems. is proud to carry the Loctite line of products and especially the pneumatic Loctite 983437.

    Check out the Kimco website for more details and the special sales price for the 983437. You will find it easily through the above link or the search function at the site. Our prices are always low and we offer fast shipping so you can continue working without interruption.

  • Deliver Better Adhesive Bonds With Loctite 983236 Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator

    There are plenty of different applications where the need for an adhesive that requires two different types of material to create the bond. This need can be found within mechanics, building, industry, and commercial assembly. Within these different markets and industries there are also a myriad of different tasks and projects where a dual cartridge applicator is essential. This is why Kimco is proud to carry the Loctite 983236 200ml Dual Cartridge applicator.

    When applying two different types of materials to create an adhesive bond there is a lot of trial and error in order to get it right. This may mean that you waste a lot of time and money in trying to get things right. The Loctite 983236 is the perfect solution to this problem. In our own testing, the the two materials blend together seamlessly making it very easy to use.

    What makes this so easy to use is that the dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products and provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste. The tool itself is very lightweight, but highly durable. The pressure sensitive trigger also allows the user to be able to work at their own speed while delivering just the right amount of adhesive. carries the Loctite 983236, as well as a complete line of other Loctite products, as a low price coupled with fast shipping speeds. If you work within an industry where you need to continually mix two canisters of material for an adhesive bond, check out the site today and see how you can pick up this manual applicator.

  • Loctite 97215 Cartridge to Syringe Adapter Available at Kimco

    Every toolbox that you look at will contain an adapter of some sort to enable the user to use different sizes for different applications. This is no different for any type of industrial or assembly type of environment. The Loctite 97215 adapter is essential to any type of application of adhesives and solvents using the Loctite syringe dispensing system.

    With the Loctite 97215 the user can easily move between different sized cartridges without having to change out the syringe itself. This small plastic adapter is made of hard plastic for durability, but is also lightweight for ease of use. The kit from Kimco comes with 3 syringe filler adapters and 1 tube of silicone grease. It is a complete system that can be easily integrated into the use of the entire Loctite syringe dispensing system.

    The system is a pressure-time-vacuum dispensing system. It consists of a plastic disposable syringe that is filled with Loctite® product, an air regulator and pressure gauge to control the pressure and an electrical timing circuit to control the dispense cycle. The vacuum suck-back feature allows the operator to control product stringing, dripping or drooling between dispense cycles.

    This small adapter is integral for a continued work station that can easily be used within this pressure system for a much better control of work, ease of use, and better use of materials without taking time to change syringes.

    You can find these Loctite 97215 adapters at the website. You will also find that the prices of these time saving measures are also very low and competitive in nature.

  • Get Your Loctite 97208 10ml Syringe Adaptor Through Kimco For Next Project

    When it comes to precision in application of adhesives and solvents there are no better products than the Loctite line. Kimco has begun to carry this great line including the Loctite 97208 Syringe Airline Adaptor for the dispensing system. This is an amazing way to distribute just the right amount of product in the exact right space.

    The systems itself is a pressure-time-vacuum dispensing system. It consists of a plastic disposable syringe that is filled with Loctite® product, an air regulator and pressure gauge to control the pressure and an electrical timing circuit to control the dispense cycle. The vacuum suck-back feature allows the operator to control product stringing, dripping or drooling between dispense cycles.

    When the dispense cycle is initiated by pressing the foot switch, a pulse of air, either timed or manually controlled, is transmitted to the top of the syringe barrel. This pushes a metered amount of product out of the dispense tip attached to the syringe.

    The syringe itself is a replaceable syringe that can also some in different sizes for bigger or more complex projects. Using this type of system helps the user to deliver just the right amount of products, with the right amount of pressure, each and every time.

    Kimco offers a 10ml syringe adaptor for use within this dispensing system. We also carry other sizes as well. Check out the website for more details on this, and other Loctite products. The prices are low and competitive and our shipping speed is second to none. If you are in need of quality Loctite products and adhesives then check out our extensive lineup today.

  • Apply Rapid Drops of Adhesive Without Mess with Loctite 97132 Vari-Drop Applicator from Kimco

    In the industrial world there is a great need for precision application of adhesives, solvents, and other types of liquid applications. Without a precise drop there can be damage and especially waste of product. The Loctite 97132 is a vari-drop applicator that allows the user to repeatedly dispense multiple drops to heavy beads on an item.

    Kimco testers have gone through the Loctite 97132 and have seen fit to recommend it to our customers and readers. It is a rigid construction, but also being lightweight so prolonged use does not tire the user. This applicator is a manually controlled held valve suitable for dispensing low to medium viscosity products.

    Included within the construction of the 97132 is an adjustment screw. This adjusting screw allows repeatable dispense from drops to heavy beads. As the user wants more he can easily do with the trigger on the case. The quantity applied is dependent upon on the stroke set for the trigger, and how long the operator holds down the trigger.

    Easily used, the Loctite 97132 can not only help to speed up production of multiple parts and products, but also save a great deal of operating costs through wasted materials and mistakes to product. Being hand-held also gives the person using the tool a greater range of control.

    The Loctite 97132 is available now at the website. There you can not only find the 97312, but also many other Loctite tools, adhesives, and solvents to complete any sized job or task. The low prices keep you within budget and the fast shipping keeps you productive.

  • Brady Labels & Printers at Kimco For Your Enterprise

    When it comes to labels there are many instances where a business, repair center, storage facility, laboratory, or communications industry would want to use them. At Kimco we carry a great line of Brady Labels & Printers that cover any area where a label will be needed.

    Wiring in a new installation for voice and data communications in a new development, or storing chemicals within a lab, or marketing electrical circuits and components for assembly all require the use of quality labeling. With mobile printers, thermal transparent ribbons, and brightly colored - customizable labels - this labeling can be done with ease and within legal parameters.

    At Kimco we carry a wide range of Brady products that include printers, label makers, ribbons, labels, signs and accessories, aisle marking tape, inspection arrows, tool boxes, and wire labels. Each one of these products is used in many different industries, are made of the highest quality materials, and perform without flaw under even extreme conditions.

    For example, the Brady R4300 Black Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon offers strong environmental resistance against smearing and chemicals. It also features a reliable, sharp-edge print quality to maximize bar code readability. The Brady BMP71 Portable Label Printer can print on more than 30 types of label materials - including PermaSleeve™ wire markers, indoor/outdoor vinyl, polyester die-cut labels, flag labels, self-laminating wire markers, raised panel labels, and more.

    Kimco carries these items and more within our online catalog. Check out our selection of Brady Labels and Printers, as well as the other great Brady products for marketing, storing, and organizing.

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