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  • Keep Your Work Area Protected With ESD Safe Lotion

    Working around electronics and electrical devices can carry a lot of different hazards with it. One of those hazards is that of electrostatic discharge or ESD. ESD includes spectacular electric sparks, but also less dramatic forms which may be neither seen nor heard, yet still be large enough to cause damage to sensitive electronic devices. Because of this it is encouraged by many businesses for their employees to use an ESD safe lotion.

    ESD can cause a range of harmful effects of importance in industry, including methane gas and coal dust explosions, as well as failure of solid state electronics components such as integrated circuits. These can suffer permanent damage when subjected to high voltages. Clean rooms, static free areas, and other measures are taken to minimize the risk of any type of static buildup. With ESD safe lotions you can protect yourself from any static buildup quickly and easily.

    Much like a hand sanitizer, the ESD safe lotions are used on the hands and rubbed into the skin. They will not contaminate printed circuit boards and some can relieve chapping, skin flaking, irritation and skin sensitivity caused by regular use of Latex and Nitrile gloves.

    At Kimco we carry a great line of different lotions and dispensers for both individual workstations and larger facilities. Check them out in our extensive ESD safe online catalog. There you will find quality products and industry low prices. Our shipping is quite fast and our customer service personnel can help you with any problems/questions that you may have.

  • Stay Comfortable and Protected With ESD Matting at Kimco

    In any workspace where there is going to be assembly, or repair, of electrical components, ESD matting should be used. These mats are not only for comfort to stand on, but also for dissipating any electrical static charge that may occur on a worktop or desk.

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. ESD can be caused by a buildup of static electricity by tribocharging, or by electrostatic induction. When this happens it can severely, and permanently, damage sensitive electronic devices solid state electronics components and integrated circuits. Using ESD matting on the floor and the workspace will dissipate the static charge and absorb it so that it is no longer a danger.

    One great example of this is the 3M 8023 3-Layer Static-Dissipative Vinyl Work Station Mat Kit. This ESD matting is grounded through a cord, grounding system and one adjustable wrist strap that the worker wears. This strap is connected to the grounding network to absorb the electrical charge.

    Working with electrical components is becoming an increased hobby for many people today. Whether repairing electronic devices or assembling computers, the home hobbyist should also look into having ESD matting and equipment to protect these sensitive components.

    We at Kimco are proud of our line of both floor and workspace ESD matting. We carry a large line of options to choose from to fit your particular area and needs. Check out our ESD matting options and notice our low prices.

  • Keep Your ESD Equipment Properly Calibrated with ESD Meters and Testers

    Making sure that your workspace, and your ESD equipment is working at peak efficiency is of the utmost importance for any clean room and electrical assembly area. With the use of ESD meters and testers you can easily check, and calibrate, your ESD equipment before using them.

    While working with different electrical components there is the potential to build up an electrical charge through static electricity. Once you touch a metal component then there may be spectacular electric sparks, but also less dramatic forms which may be neither seen nor heard, yet still be large enough to cause damage to sensitive electronic devices. This is most commonly referred to as an electrostatic discharge or ESD. To minimize the potential, and eliminate the ESD, the use of ESD safe products are commonly used. These come in the forms of ESD tools, lotions, clothing, gloves, mats, and other pieces of equipment.

    To keep all these things operational on an ESD level they need to be continually monitored as to their effectiveness. An ESD tester can help you know instantly if your ESD safe device is doing its job or not. One such device, the 3M 724 Continuous Wrist Strap Workstation Monitor, is a great way to constantly view the state of your ESD grounding hardware while you are working.

    You can find many ESD meters and testers at the Kimco website. We have low, low prices and helpful customer service professionals. Also, while at the website, check out the other ESD safe supplies that you can use to keep your workspace free from electric shock.

  • Work in Comfort and Protection With ESD Shoe Grounds From Kimco

    The biggest problem with working in a clean room is having to wear uncomfortable shoes. Most modern shoes are comfortable, but not very good for having an ESD safe environment. These modern shoes conduct static electricity which is then transferred through an electrostatic discharge. The end result is a damaged electrical component that you are working on. With the use of ESD shoe grounds, you do not have to worry about your shoes anymore.

    An ESD can cause irreparable damage to solid state electronics, circuit boards, and other components that rely on electrical impulses. However, this ESD can also set off explosions through methane gases and any build up of coal dust. It is important to wear protective clothing that is ESD safe while working with different computers and electronic devices. With the use of ESD shoe guards you do not have to change the clothing you are wearing, but also maintaining comfortable footwear.

    One example of a product we carry here at Kimco is the 3M 2044 Economy Heel Grounder. It can be strapped around a boot, or shoe, is one size fits all and made of conductive, abrasion resistant synthetic rubber material for long lasting durability. Anyone who works in the field doing repairs, in a clean room doing assembly, or in a basement workshop should have a pair of ESD shoe grounds for static protection.

    The Kimco website is the place to go for a great selection of these products. You will also find many other ESD safe products, accessories, and supplies to choose from for whatever project you are working on.

  • Keep Your Clean Room Workspace Clean with ESD Wipes and Swabs from Kimco

    When working in a clean room it is important to realize that there are many ways that it can become contaminated through simply working in it. Many activities such as assembly, soldering, cutting wires, replacing damaged equipment, and debris from clothing can cause a contamination of the product or vacuum. Using ESD wipes and swabs you can clean the workspace while also creating an ESD safe area.

    Many times electrical work will require the use of solder and hot irons. Soldering the items together on an electrical card or circuit is important to make a good secure connection. However, through the use of the solder there is a lot of dust and flux residue that can get on the workspace. With the use of an ESD wipes and swabs product like JNJ SW100AFR Semi Aqueous Paste & Flux Remover SmartWipes you can easily clean up the space, but also provide electrostatic discharge protection to the area.

    The Coventry 44070ESD ESD-Safe Polyurethane Swabs is a great product to use when you want to make sure that the piece you are working with is clear of any static charge. Simply swab the part and the handles of these swabs will dissipate 99% of a 5,000 volt (5 KV) charge in less than 2.0 seconds.

    You can find these two products, and other great ESD wipes and swabs at the Kimco website. You will find an extensive listing of ESD safe products all at a great low price. We also have fast shipping so that you get the products in your hands quickly so there is no downtime in production.

  • Loctite Silicone and Sealants Now at Kimco

    When it comes to making your work that much easier, Loctite silicone and sealants are exactly what you should be reaching for. This is especially true for anyone who works within assembly and has to put together many different components within a day. These sealants can help make sure quality is kept while production is high.

    In manufacturing, maintenance, and assembly there are many applications for different silicones and sealants. Whether it is as a lubricant, or a sealer for threads the Loctite line of products is not only a good option, but a great way to save money on the budget. The Loctite 21453 Thread Sealant 542 is a trusted liquid sealant recommended for sealing the fine threads of hydraulic and pneumatic connectors. Likewise, the Loctite 30560 Superflex Blue RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant makes reliable "formed-in-place" gaskets that resist shrinking, cracking, and migrating.

    Any industry can benefit from these great products and will especially appreciate the cost. is proud to offer the Loctite name that has been a trusted part of many businesses for many years. The reason for the trust is that Loctite continues to offer high quality products that many mechanics, scientists and trademen swear by.

    You can find a great lineup of Loctite silicone and sealants within our online catalog. You can also find other great Loctite products such as adhesives, dispensers and adapters for a myriad of different applications and projects. Check today and search for your needs. You will find that our prices are very competitive and we have very fast shipping.

  • Save Big With Loctite on Sale at Kimco

    It is the time of sales and Kimco is no different. Because of the launch of our newest line of Loctite products we are offering a tremendous sale on several different adhesives and dispensers. This Loctite on Sale is a way of helping not only businesses with their budget, but any hobbyists and enthusiasts who want access to quality products.

    These Loctite products on sale are not just a random sampling of a few items. We have 20 different great quality items on sale at very deep discounts. For example, the Loctite 97042 50ml dual cartridge pneumatic applicator is marked down $12 for a great savings and the 97131 Vari-Drop Applicator has been cut $9 off its original low price.

    Also included within this sale is the 97001 Hand Pump, and the 97215 cartridge to syringe adapter. Again, these are just a small sampling of what you can find that the website. There you will see all of the different items within the Loctite on sale extravaganza!

    When comparing Kimco with other websites selling products related to industry and electronic tools and safety equipment you can not overlook the fact that Kimco continues to deliver products that are high in quality. The Loctite line is one that is continually trusted within the biggest industries on the plant. The reason for this is quite simple; they continue to provide the best dispensers and adhesives around.

    Check out the selection of Loctite products on sale and you will find that not only is the price low, but you can have the products quickly so you do not have to stop production. Stock up on your supplies with Kimco today and save big.

  • Loctite light cure adhesive Available Through Kimco

    There is something to be said about a quality adhesive. The need for bonding two materials together with a quality bonding agent is a strong need within the electronic assembly industry. With the use of a Loctite light cure adhesive you can be sure that your job is done right. is very proud to be able to offer an extensive lineup of Loctite products. The light cure adhesives are no exception. They high quality adhesives come in a wide range of strengths and sizes for tackling any type of project. Each one is a high viscosity, UV/visible adhesive that forms very flexible joints with minimal stress cracking. They are ideally suited for bonding polycarbonate and other thermoplastics.

    You can search the website and see that there is a great selection of Loctite light cure adhesive available both in 20ml and 25ml syringes. They also come in a variety of bonding strengths to fit your project perfectly. Take some time and look over the Loctite adhesives, as well as the other great Loctite products. You will not only find a large selection, but also competitive pricing. We also have a great customer service center to help you find the exact product you need. Our fast shipping will get your supplies to you fast so there is no worry about having any downtime.

    Being able to offer the Loctite products is a great way to continually offer our customers the best products at the best prices. For example, the Loctite 19727 Light Cure 3201 Acrylic Adhesive, 25 ml Syringe is only $34.95. Another Loctite adhesive product is the

  • Great Selection of Loctite Dispenser Systems at Kimco

    When working with any type of assembly there is the need for solid bonding, sealing, and adhesion that must be applied with precision and little waste. Kimco is proud to introduce the new Loctite Dispenser Systems which allow users to do their assembly projects with little problem and no waste.

    As we have worked with the different items in our own testing of the products we have continued to see over and over again the quality and durability of each system. Everything from the Loctite 97001 Hand Pump to the 97132 Vari-Drop Applicator were well received, worked great, and led to almost no mess left behind.

    While they can be used with different types of applications, these Loctite tools are great for garage work, assembly work, laboratory work, and within industrial settings. Combining two different chemicals for a strong epoxy bond, giving just the right amount of material at a time, or helping the user switch from different sized canisters are all a part of what Loctite dispenser systems can do. carries an extensive line of Loctite dispenser systems as well as the accessories and spare parts to make sure they continually operate on a high level. There are manual applicators, pneumatic dispensers, and syringe dispensers that all have a specific purpose and job function.

    Check out the line of Loctite products at the website today and look through the different tool and adhesives. You are sure to find what you need at a price you can afford.

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