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  • A Brief Overview of the Different Weller Soldering Stations


    Kimco Distributors has over a dozen different Weller soldering stations in stock, giving businesses the opportunity to find a unit that meets their needs and fits within their budgets. Which station a specific company should consider will depend not only on how the unit will be used and the company’s budget, but how often the unit will be used also is a factor. While there are many variations within Kimco Distributing Corp.’s listings, the three soldering stations listed below will give companies an overview of the Weller soldering stations avialble.

    Kimco Dictributing’s Weller WTCPT Soldering Station is a basic, but reliable unit. This entry-level industrial station will last longer than Weller’s hobbyist station. Although it is only 60W, the station heats tips up surprisingly quickly, and the tips can reach 600, 700 or 800°F. As with all of Weller’s commercial stations, a power supply, iron stand, soldering iron and sponge are included. While this basic soldering station might not afford the precision needed in some electronics repair, it can solder basic repairs continually, without risking damage.

    The Weller WES51 ESD-Safe Analog Soldering Station from Kimco Distributors is slightly less expensive than the above unit, because it has fewer temperature options. Like the Weller WTCPT Station, this one made for basic functions. It is the least expensive ESD-safe unit, making this the choice companies that occasionally need to solder in an ESD-safe setting.

    One of the most advanced units Kimco Distributing Corporation carries is the Weller WX1011 ESD-Safe High-Powered Digital Soldering Station. This unit comes with a WXMP-MS Pencil, but there are other options available. At 200 watts, this is an extremely powerful unit that can be used in an ESD-safe environment. The RT3 Tip it comes with is designed for precision work and can be used under a microscope.

    These three units are just a sample of the soldering stations Kimco Distributors carry. Any company that cannot find the perfect station for their situation should contact Kimco Distributors for help finding a solution.

  • Kimco Adds U.S. Postal Service to Shipping Options to better serve YOU!

    Kimco Distributing announces our newest addition, the U.S. Postal Service.
    Kimco has added the US Postal Service to our line of shipping methods. This allows a lower rate for your precious package.
    No residential charges and Saturday delivery at no extra cost.
    We now offer First Class mail, Priority mail, and Express mail services. First Class mail is intended for lightweight letters, flats, and parcels. Customers can expect delivery within 1-3 days depending on your location from Mentor, Ohio. Priority mail is a good source for heavier packages. Customers can expect delivery within 2 to 3 days depending on your location from Mentor, Ohio. If you need next day delivery, try our express mail service.
    Have a post office box? We can ship there too!
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  • Weller Soldering Tip Uses - Why So Many Sizes & Styles of tips

    The large selection of Weller soldering tips that Kimco Distributing Corp. carries gives electronics-repair companies the ability to find the perfect replacement soldering tip. Anyone who has repaired a motherboard or soldered together two electronic components knows how important precision is. The smallest amount of solder in the incorrect spot can ruin an entire part. This is why Kimco Distributors carries over a hundred Weller tips.

    Screwdriver soldering tips like the Weller CT5E8 , which have two flat edges and look like a flat-blade screwdriver, are useful when working on larger electronic components. While they perform well when doing wire-to-surface or wire-to-wire soldering, these do not provide the precision that some of Kimco Distributing’s other tips offer. On the other hand, the right screwdriver soldering tip can make quick work of a larger soldering project.

    Kimco Distributing’s flat tips, which range from tips under 1 mm to a 4.8 mm tip, are similar in size to the screwdriver tips. Flat tips are typically used in the same type of work as screwdriver tips. Also known as chisel tips, they are used for general electrical and wiring work, in addition to electronics repair and manufacturing.

    Weller’s tweezer tips provide the greatest amount of control when soldering. Coming in several different sizes, these allow for the easy manipulation of electronic parts. Many workers find the tweezer soldering tips from Kimco Distributors are especially handy when disassembling parts and removing small chip components. Within each of these categories, Kimco Distributing carries a range of different sizes. From the smallest chip repair to general electronic work, Kimco Distributing has the Weller replace tips people need to get the job done.

  • Save Money by maintaining your Soldering Tips

    How to save money by Caring for Tips

    Kimco carries solder tips that are among the highest quality soldering tips available. Many of these tips have been specifically designed for use in the electronics industry and will perform well for months or years, when cared for properly. Below are three ways companies can extend the lifespan of their soldering tips:

    1) Tip Tinning:

    Tinning is perhaps the most important aspect of soldering tip maintenance. Kimco’s soldering tips are built to resist oxidation, but it is impossible to keep metal from corroding over time; especially when the station is left on and the tip is hot - heat speeds up the oxidation buildup.

    Because of the precision electronic repair requires, soldering tips cannot have any oxidation on them. By constantly keeping a soldering tip coated in a thin layer of solder, workers can prevent the tip from corroding from oxidation. Tip tinning is simple and inexpensive way to save money and solder more cost effectively.

    2) Tip Cleaning:

    Even though corrosion renders a tip useless, these tips should be wiped off periodically with a solder tip cleaning sponge or the preferred method of using a brass sponge like the Hakko 599B-02 Replacement Solder Tip Cleaning Wire or Weller WDC2 Dry Tip Cleaning System. The wet sponge seems to be the most popular way, but one downside is the fact that the wet sponge cools off the tip causing the tip to go through a cooling and heating cycle that decrease the life of the tip. Furthermore, the wet sponges seem to redeposit contaiminents back onto the tips at a higher frequency than the soft metal wool ball sponges. Having said that, the sponges seem to be more effective approach to removing flux residues, rosin, solder and dust accumulate on the tip. A periodic wipe keeps a solder tip clean and free of debris.

    3) Solder Hand Piece Storage

    Kimco strongly recommends using a holder, which protects both the soldering equipment and employees. Holders reduce the risk of dropping a hot iron, which would likely damage the tip, the heating elements and could burn a person. The Weller WDH10 Soldering Iron Holder is an example of a holder, but this holder is only compatible with Weller soldering equipment. Most holders come with a sponge and can be positioned between 30° and 80°. For a specific solder iron holder that works with your soldering station, you can search for holders that Kimco Distributing carries or contact us and we'll send you the information you need.

    Dutifully paying attention to these three items will extend the life of the Weller tips sold by Kimco Distributing Corporation’s, thereby reducing company’s costs. No matter how dutifully workers look after their equipment, though, solder station tips will eventually need to be replaced. Companies should never try to sand or file down tips, as this will reduce the heat transfer abilities of the tip and make it uneven. When a tip cannot be cleaned with the metods stated above, it is time to order a replacement tip. Before you order a new tip, we recommend trying to recondition the tip using a Hakko FT700-05 Tip Polisher .

    Kimco Distributors carries a full line of replacement tips for when old ones need replacement.

    Brand of replacement soldering tips we carry:

    OK International

    We also strives to make our customers more productive and cost effective in their use of the tools we sell. If you have a topic or question concerning any of our tools, ask us. We have over 30 years experience working with these tools, so we might know a trick or two. Furthermore, if we don't know, we'll figure it out and let you know.

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