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  • ASG How does a torque driver work and why do I need this for PCB Assembly

    asg_torque_driversASG torque driver 64110 CL-4000 is designed to create connections that are gauged to the correct tightness. Delicate equipment can be destroyed if too much or too little screw tightness is involved. The AG 64110 CL -4000 torque screw driver and other industrial equipment are designed to carry a certain level of force. If it is pushed beyond this limit it might break. The ASG 64107 CL-2000 makes building anything in a factory or work shop easier and more efficient.

    ASG Torque Driver_64116_2The PCB tool provides an on off push system for the driver and it automatically performs offering a faster assembly and a more efficient twist. These tools can operate with internal or external power sources. Without correct calculations it is easy for a product to leave a facility damaged. With a precision ASG 64107 CL-2000 equipment is safely put together and it is easier on the employee with good tools.

    For over 35 years ASG has been making quality assembly tools. Some people ask the question, why ASG how does a torque driver work and why do I need this for PCB Assembly? On an assembly line there is no time for continuously checking the settings on a screwdriver or wondering if the tightness is just right. Your money is on the line and so is the safety of your customers. The ASG torque driver 64110 CL-4000 assures the tightness and lets the product assembly move quickly along the assembly line.

    Providing the best products possible for people in the manufacturing industry, customers with home projects also enjoy the efficiency of the ASG torque driver. No matter what the assembly project using the best tools makes the difference.

    • Calculated callibration
    • Three torque ranges
    • Prevents over-torquing

    Utilizing the right tool for the right task is absolutely essential for any important project. The ASG 64110 CL-4000 torque screwdriver provides an efficient and effective tool for a wide range of assembly projects, especially for those that require absolute precision. The ASG torque driver is exactly what hobbyists and professionals need for their assembly needs.

  • When Manufacturing or Repairing Printed Circuit Boards Quality Soldering Tips are The Difference

    Metcal_Soldering Tips

    Metcal soldering tips are the soldering tips of choice when working on assembly and repair of printed circuit boards. The broad selection of Metcal tips also makes them a favorite of professional journeyman who solder in the field such as electricians as well as hobbyists.

    Metcal tips are available in a variety of sizes so there is a Metcal soldering tip that is a correct fit for your job. Without the correct size tip, a good solder is not possible.

    In addition to a range of sizes, Metcal soldering tips are available with tip geometry that covers virtually any need. The right size and the right shape help to make joints strong and durable.

    Metcal tips also operate at the lowest possible operating temperature - frequently about as hot as a household iron. The eDirect technology built into Metcal soldering tips allows the user to solder using low temperatures on heavy loads by concentrating the energy (heat) at the load. Low temperature soldering is the preferred methodology as it lessens the dangers to the printed circuit board or any other item you are soldering. Using low temperatures reduces the pile on your scrap heap. Changing the temperature cartridge allows you to raise the temperature you solder at, but the makers of Metcal tips urge this be done only as a last resort.

    Another great feature of the Metcal Soldering Tips is that the tips are designed to connect to the hand piece by just pushing them on until they click. There are no clips or other fasteners so your field of view to the soldering area is unobstructed. Metcal tips come with a rubber mat to use for holding the tip while connecting it. This keeps them from getting scratched - accordingly no metal tools should be used when attaching them. The assembly process is simple, quick, and reliable.

    Metcal soldering tips are terrific tools for hand soldering. They are well engineered and provide:

    • Constant temperature
    • Easy connection to hand tools
    • Size and shapes for every need in making and repairing printed circuit papers

    In addition they are affordably priced and lower scrap losses..

    Contact KIMCO today for more information about Metcal soldering tips; call us at (800) 521-9197.


  • Using Compressed Air to trouble shoot circuit boards : Freeze Sprays

    Chemtronics_ES1052_FreezeSprayAll too often, troubleshooting a problem with a computer or other device that uses printed circuit boards turns into a long, drawn-out process. That's because figuring out exactly which board in the computer, printer, rack unit or whatever electronic device you're working on isn't always a cut and dried process. While shotgunning the problem by swapping boards out at random until the problem goes away may work, if the problem is a heat related issue in a chip, the problem could easily mask itself, letting the technician think the problem is fixed, only to have it crop up again later. Nobody hates having to come back to a service call or a repair more than the technician.

    One way to track down heat related problems, whether it be a circuit that is broken as components expand because of the heat or a chip that overheats and fails is to use freeze spray. Freeze sprays allows the technician to lower the temperature of different circuit boards, hopefully temporarily correcting the problem and allowing the tech to troubleshoot the system without shutting down and swapping boards. As too many techs know, doing that is too often counterproductive.

    However, you can't simply use some type of compressed air to cool boards. While flipping some aerosols and using the propellant as a cooling agent may work, you may actually cause more damage because of moisture and corrosive chemicals contained in the propellant. Freeze sprays like Chemtronics ES1052 Freeze Spray are designed to be safe for both boards and components and are designed to be used in "live" environments to help troubleshoot problems.

    Furthermore, using a freeze spray like Chemtronics ES1051 ESD-Safe Freez-It Freeze Spray are designed to be used in areas where electro-static dispersal is essential for circuit board protection. Anyone who works with computers and other sensitive electronics knows full well the damage static electricity can do and using a type of spray that causes static electricity can cause far more problems than it solves.

    Having the right tool for the job can be as simple as using something to cool down an overheated circuit to eliminate the issue once and for all. With a great freeze spray, a tech can track down the problem, replace the bad circuit board and have the repair completed within minutes instead of the hours it could take to troubleshoot the problem by shotgunning. Not only is freeze spray very effective when it comes to troubleshooting, its a very cost effective alternative to shotgunning a problem as well. If you're a tech or someone who has to troubleshoot printed circuit boards, having freeze spray on hand can save you a lot of time and a lot of money as well.ThinkingEngineer

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