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  • Don't miss out on the Hakko Bundle Promotion


    Hakko is having an incredible bundle promotion, running now until November 29th, 2013.

    When you purchase a qualifying Hakko unit (listed below) you may choose one FREE gift worth up to $343! If you have been on the fence about picking up a new Hakko station, this is your chance to get maximum value if you purchase now.

    To participate in the promotion, choose a qualifying unit or units, then decide which free accessory you would like that corresponds to that unit (there is a drop down on the product page for the first item), then complete your purchase.

    EVERY qualifying promotion order also receives a FREE CHP-170 cutter!

    If you purchase:


    FM203-01 Dual Port Soldering Station

    You may choose one of these:









    FT700-05 Tip Polisher or FM2030-02 Heavy Duty Iron  or (30) CHP-170 Medium Cutters



    If you purchase:


    FR801-11 Hot Air Rework Station



    FR802-11 Hot Air Rework Station

    You may choose one of these:





    FX888D-23BY Soldering Station or FR830-02 Preheater or 394-01 Vacuum Pickup Tool or (2) C1390C Board Holders



    If you purchase:


    TWO (2) FX951-66 Soldering Stations

    You may choose one of these:



    FT700-05 Tip Polisher or (30) CHP-170 Medium Cutters



    If you purchase:


    FA430-16 Fume Extraction System

    You may choose one of these:





    C1571 Arm Duct Kit or  C1572 Arm Duct Kit or 999-205-01B Loc-Line Kit or 999-205-02B Loc-Line Kit

    Remember this promotion is only good while supplies last. You may choose one free item with each purchase!


  • Using Compressed Air Dusters to clean Electronic Circuit Boards

    As anyone who has ever looked inside electronics devices knows, they collect dust and fuzz like nobody's business. Technicians can tell you that first, electronics in use in virtually any environment from the home to the office are constantly exposed to dust (and, in the home environment, pet hair) and that secondly, the electrostatic charge that any electronics device generates attracts dust like a magnet does iron filings. It doesn't matter if the electronics device is a TV, home entertainment system component or computer, if its been in use any length of time, it'll have dust inside.

    The first thing a tech will do is use a product like Chemtronics ES1017 Dusteres1017es1217 to blow out the dust. Believe it or not, clearing the dust out of a system may actually repair a problem as some dust particles can be electrical conductors, making bad circuit connections and causing issues. Also, clearing the dust and debris out of a system with compressed air enables the technician to work in a clean environment which, in the case of computers that haven't seen a lot of maintenance can be very dirty indeed.

    In those cases, using a product like Chemtronics ES1024 Typhoon Blast Duster or Chemtronics ES1020 Ultrajet Duster with a heavier compressed air spray can make a huge difference. Dust not only can cake over chips and other components but can work its way under components and boards as well. With the higher pressure, that dust can be blown out where using a normal compressed air spray will require several tries to do it or won't do the job at all. Some dust "infestations" can actually leave a layer of fuzz on a circuit board that can literally be peeled away in a sheet before any duster can be used and in severe cases like these, having a high pressure duster is imperative.

    In normal situations, especially when a technician is doing maintenance runs, having an inexpensive duster like Chemtronics ES1217 Economy Duster is the best tool he'll have in his kit. Doing maintenance runs in an office environment is one of those necessary evils that may be boring to do, but saves time and money since keeping computers well-maintained is much easier than trying to repair them later and having a good supply of compressed air makes life a lot easier for a technician as well.

    When working on electronics, dust and debris is an unavoidable issue that any technician can tell you is simply part of the job. With compressed air to blow the dust and junk out of the device, not only can the technician get to work on the problem, using compressed air to maintain a system can actually keep problems from happening in the first place.

  • How You Can Get Solder Training

    If your soldering technique fails, your assembly will fail. Unfortunately, it may not fail immediately. Poor solder joints may hold until the PCB is installed and on its way to the consumer. The minuet speck of solder goes unnoticed until it slides under the microprocessor and fries $100 in components. Solder training can save you or your business a considerable amount of money and troubleshooting headaches.

    Large industry solutions

    Large industries can benefit from in-house solder training. A better choice is to have one or more individuals trained as instructors. Several companies, including BEST and Omni, offer IPC Master Certification training for IPC-A-610, J-STD-001 and other requirements. BEST offers a mobile program that will come to your facilities. Courses can be designed to meet your business's soldering needs from BGA Rework, SMT and Advanced SMT.

    Blackfox offers downloadable training programs for in-house training. Kits are purchased separately and include options for NASA cable assembly. Certifications for soldering must be completed through actual classes. Advanced employee preparation will improve the chances for students to receive the required certification.

    EPTAC offers in-house and eTraining programs. The eTraining programs allow participants to have audio/video interaction with an instructor from any location. Students must own a copy of the IPC or J-STD manual prior to the start of the program.

    NASA requirements can be met through IPC J-STD-001ES in addition to other IPC class certifications. A downloadable workbook is available for students working on NASA-STD-8739.3.

    Small business and hobbyists

    The downloadable classes are also an excellent choice for a small business or hobbyists. A wide range of classes are available that will help individuals improve soldering techniques. Many training companies also offer free video courses designed for improving soldering skills for those that do not need to hold a certification. Even when certification is not required, improving your soldering skills will lead to greater efficiency and better results.

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