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  • Setting Up Your Perfect Workbench

    Setting Up Your Perfect Workbench

    configurator_stockThere are many aspects to consider when purchasing the perfect workbench. What are the types of projects that will be conducted on it? How much surface space is needed? Would adjustable heights add to comfort and productivity? How will tools be stored? Can it be used in a variety of applications if needed?

    Then of course, it has to provide value.

    Setting up your perfect workbench should start with these points to consider:

    - You want it to be comfortable.
    - It should provide a safe and ample work surface.
    - It should have convenient storage for tools and parts.
    - It should be durable for years of value.
    - It should offer versatile add-ons.


    We are pleased to offer quality workstations and benches from IAC Industries. This is a company so focused on design and durability of their workbenches, they have even created a “Workbench Configurator” that allows you to build your own custom workbench for your specific application.iac_header_2

    You start with a base work surface and add options that are important to you. You can add size and numbers of storage drawers, instrument shelves, ESD protection, coatings, upper structures, electrical channels and much more. As you "build" your workbench online, each element keeps track of the pricing of the options. When you are done, you can see your perfect workbench, and know the final cost, all with a few clicks on your computer.

    Right now, it is easier and more valuable than ever to buy IAC workbenches. We are currently offering a special on IAC workbenches that is worth taking a look. Setting up your perfect workbench is easier than ever with the workbench and workstation configurators from IAC Industries and Kimco…The Total Package for the Electronics Industry!

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