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  • Dr. Storage Dry Cabinets

    Dr. Storage, founded in 1991, manufactures dry storage cabinets utilized by major technology companies such as Apple, Sony, Panasonic, and IBM. Dry storage cabinets. These cabinets meet  J-STD-033C standards and are necessary for safe manufacturing, service, and storage of sensitive electronic parts. Humidity control is vital to avoid incomplete soldering connections and cracking of epoxies used on printed circuit boards and other delicate electronic components.
    Dr. Storage offers customize-able cabinets in a variety of sizes that can be configured to meet your humidity control needs.
    Features and options include:
    • LED controls with temperature and humidity indicators
    • Storage bins
    • Airtight cabinet body with reinforced glass windows
    • Dehumidifier made of PPS material (no dripping or frosting)
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Tape feeder and tape reel add-ons
    • Customize-able slide drawers with optional dividers

    Until December 31st 2016, is offering free freight on all Dr. Storage dry cabinets. This is a great opportunity to outfit and upgrade your production facility. Give us a call if you need help deciding which options are best for your needs! (800) 521-9197

  • Meet our team: Nate Lelle - Customer Service Wizard and Paintball Champion

    Nate Lelle is the customer service wizard here at Kimco, but you might not know that he is also a nationally ranked paintball player, and member of the renowned Cleveland Imperial semi-pro paintball team. Kimco is proud to sponsor Nate and the Cleveland Imperial team, which has had many top finishes at top level events all over the country. Nate brings the same passion he shares for paintball to his work providing you the best customer service Kimco has to offer.

    Check out Cleveland Imperial here:

  • Nitrile gloves: everything you wanted to know but afraid to ask.

    Gloves are one of the best selling types of "consumables" that we offer at
    And, out of the disposable glove options that we offer, nitrile gloves are the most popular.

    A scientist pouring chemical into a round flask.

    What is nitrile?
    Nitrile is  synthetic rubber known for puncture resistance and durability. Nitrile is a popular alternative to latex rubber, particularly because of latex allergies. Technically speaking, nitrile is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene (yea, sounds made up, eh? Those are real things, we swear).

    Why is nitrile a great material for gloves?
    Nitrile gloves are latex free, have excellent resistance to many chemicals and oils, and are highly puncture resistant. Nitrile gloves are also available in clean room, medical-grade, and ESD-safe options. They are comfortable to wear, and have a long shelf life. Nitrile also accepts you for who you are, as a person, and respects your opinions.

    Why do I need these gloves?
    The short answer: nitrile gloves are great for nearly every application. 
    The long answer, nitrile gloves are often used for:

    • Electronic repair and ESD-safe applications - These gloves are ESD-safe*(check to make sure they all are) and thus suitable for electronics repair and assembly applications.
    • Automotive work - this material's durability and resistance to oils make these gloves perfect for doing work on your car
    • Household work - an affordable way to keep your hands clean while you dust, scrub, and take out the garbage
    • Furniture refinishing - resistant to chemicals such as stains and polyurethanes
    • Tattooing - Licensed tattoo artists often choose nitrile gloves because of their superior puncture resistance
    • Gardening - provides protection from fertilizers and pesticides while keeping your hands clean
    • Food handling - durability is perfect for long shifts of preparing and distributing food
    • Lab work - Lab techs need puncture resistance when handling sharps, which nitrile provides. Also available in clean-room grade options.
    • Fashion statements - Available in blue, purple, and black, these gloves can be matched to nearly any outfit.
    • ...and so many more applications! Great to have around the house, in the garage, and in stock at your workplace

    Will these gloves make my coworkers/neighbors/friends/family jealous of me?

    What is the shelf life of nitrile gloves, and how should they be stored?
    These gloves have an average of a 5 year shelf life (as opposed to latex gloves - only a 3 year shelf life). For best results, we suggest storing gloves in a dark, cool, dry environment. However, if you go through them often, keeping them in a warehouse or garage is fine.

    Nitrile Gloves

    What sizes of nitrile gloves does stock?
    We offer gloves in small, medium, large, XL, and 2XL sizes.

    Should I buy nitrile gloves at, and why?
    YES, you should stock up on nitrile gloves at (buy now!) because of our excellent customer service, quick ship times, and great prices. Not to mention, we are overstocked on gloves at the moment and are offering deeply discounted prices. Save even more by calling us (800-521-9197) to buy a bulk order!

    Mention this article with your next order and get a high five from me next time you see me (Limit one, per person, per order) - Joey Hall

  • Where can you find big savings on Luxo KFM Magnifiers?

    For a limited time, we are offering deep discounts on Luxo's KFM LED Magnifiers.

    • Featuring 75% more light output than regular KFM Magnifiers,
    • Luxo magnifiers are also extremely energy efficient
    • LED lights last an incredibly long time.

    Utilizing the patented Luxo "K-arm", the magnifier head can be positioned anyway you need it, and will stay put when you have it adjusted to your liking.These KFM LED Magnifiers are offered in 3 and 5 diopter lens sizes, and the semi-circle LED units are equipped with auto-shutoff settings.

    Take advantage of these great discounts for a limited time on magnifiers for nearly any application!

    Buy now!

    Luxo Promo

  • is now an official Google Trusted Store. is now an official Google Trusted Store.

    Google certifies online retailers who provide excellent customer service as Google Trusted Stores.

    We are proud to have earned this distinction, and you can see the Google Trusted badge displayed prominently on our site.

    This program offers additional benefits to our customers, including expanded reviews, and even purchase protection.

    Google Purchase Protection is an option for you at checkout that will protect purchases up to $1,000, should any issues arise. You are not required to participate in this program, it is up to you. Read more about Google Purchase Protection  here.

    We strive to provide the best experience for all of our customers, and are proud to be selected by Google as a top online merchant.

    Thank you all for your continued support of

  • Save on hazmat fees by buying in bulk

    Kimco is always looking for ways to save you the most money on the quality products you or your business needs. We know many of you regularly purchase items from us that must ship via hazmat regulations.


    We are required to charge an additional fee for products that ship as hazmat. This fee is added to any shipping fees incurred. However, the hazmat fee is the same for 1 item as it is for a carton (usually 4, 6, or 12 units) of a particular item.


    For example, if you purchase a carton (4 Gallons) of  Kester 1544 Activated Rosin Liquid Flux, you'd pay the same Hazmat fee as you would for one gallon by itself. Therefore, it is much more economical to purchase hazmat products in carton quantity.


    Hazmat Fee Illustration Hazmat Fee Illustration


    To make it easier for you to take advantage of these savings, we have added carton quantities of many popular hazmat products. And if you are browsing a single product and see this button:


    Buy a Carton

    It will take you to the carton quantity version of the product, where you can easily order the best amount to save you money.
    We appreciate your business and want to help you make the most of every dollar spent with us. Please contact us if you need more information about hazmat fees.
  • Unique Hakko products you didn't know you needed.

    Hakko is well known for soldering stations and tips, but their product line is wider and more innovative than you may realize.

    Here are some Hakko products that you may not be aware of.




    Hakko FS100-01 Tip Rejuvenating / Cleaning Chemical Paste

    Hakko FS100-01 Tip Rejuvenating / Cleaning Chemical Paste

    "Tip tinner" paste is vital to maintaining soldering and desoldering tip life. Hakko's FS100-01 is an affordable way to keep your tips in great shape. Make sure to check out the included video on extending tip life with this amazing paste.








    Hakko FT-710 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

     Hakko FT-710 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

    Speaking of tip maintenance, the new Hakko FT-710 tip cleaner unit is the perfect companion to your Hakko tip tinner paste. This unit is easy to use and features metal brushes that scrub your soldering tips with amazing success. Keeping tips clean makes them last substantially longer, which translates into big savings for you over time. Plus, it looks cool!







    Hakko 394-01 Vacuum Pick-up Tool Complete with Batteries

    Hakko 394-01 Vacuum Pick-up Tool Complete with Batteries

    Hakko makes this handy battery operated vacuum unit for picking up small components. Whether you are a seasoned industry vet, or a part-time hobbyist, this little unit will come in handy while performing assemblies and repairs.

    Check back with us frequently for more updates on unique new Hakko products!

  • 3M Static Control is now SCS

    3M Static Control has been acquired by Desco Industries Inc. The 3M Static Control brand will now be known as SCS. Former 3M Static Control products will feature the new SCS logo, but will still retain the same 3M part numbers.

    Rest assured that the same quality and affordable pricing you have come to expect from 3M Static Control products will be maintained during and after this transition to the SCS brand. We at are proud to continue to offer you these high quality static control products.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • 7 Essential Desco Products for Your ESD-safe Workspace



    Desco offers a huge array of products to outfit any ESD-safe workspace. With so many types of products to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are seven product types, offered by Desco, that are essential to any ESD-safe work space.


    1. Jewel Wrist straps

    Wrist straps are used to maintain a ground while a worker is performing an ESD sensitive task. Desco "Jewel" wrist straps and ground cords are high quality and also are available in a variety of styles and colors. Some employers even use Desco Jewel wrist straps as an employee incentive, since they look really cool.



    2. Heel Grounds

    Some work places prefer heel grounds to wrist straps for maintaining grounds while working with sensitive equipment. Desco offers a full range of heel grounds for different shoe types. Some work places prefer the high-visibility models to cut down on workers accidentally walking out of facilities wearing them.



    3. Testers

    It is important to monitor the continued effectiveness of heel grounds and wrist straps. Desco testers and calibration units will help ensure your ESD-safe program is staying safe!



    4. Matting

    Desco's ESD-safe work top matting is useful for protecting work surfaces and components being assembled or serviced. Choose from vinyl, foam, and rubber styles depending on durability concerns and budget.



    5. Ionizers

    Ionizers neutralize static charges in the air, providing a workspace with extra ESD protection.



    6. Apparel

    ESD-safe apparel is a huge component of any work space with static concerns. Desco's ESD-safe garments are durable and comfortable. Consider color coding for size or application.



    7.  Bags

    ESD-safe bags can be used for component storage and shipping. We stock Desco bags that provide anti-static and/or moisture protection, as well as padded bubble bags for shipping.


  • Big savings on Dualmat Anti-Static Matting from ACL Staticide

    ACL Staticide DualmatWe are pleased to offer high quality anti-static matting from ACL Staticide. You already know that worktop matting is a crucial part of any ESD-safe work environment (see our recent matting articles), however, the Dualmat from ACL Staticide goes above and beyond other matting products.

    We are currently offering 10% off select sizes of these durable mats, and, for a limited time, these Dualtmats will include installed snaps and ground cord.

    Here are key features of this quality matting:

    - Dual layers that are chemically cross linked, and will not delaminate
    (a leading cause of loss of ESD-safe properties)

    - Substantial, two ply .080" (2mm) thickness ensures that corners will lie flat

    - Textured surface will withstand solvents and soldering iron deformation

    - Surface resistivity measures 106 – 108 ohms per square

    - Electricals are warrantied for the lifetime of the mat

    - Compliant to ANSI / ESDA S20.20

    - Static decay of .05 seconds

    - Low outgassing; low VOC

    - UV additives provide color stability

    - Available in four colors: light blue, dark gray, royal blue, and green

    - Rolls available in lengths of 40' and widths of 24", 30", 36" and 48"

    - Pre-cut mats include two 10mm female snaps

    Now is the time to pick up this quality matting at a great price. Upgrade your ESD-safe work spaces today and save!

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