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  • Is a Rubber Glove a Rubber Glove? The Science Behind Protection Gloves

    To many people, a rubber glove is nothing more than that: a rubber glove. Those who work in ESD-safe environments, though, know rubber gloves are much more than basic disposable hand coverings designed by engineering-school dropouts. Here is a look at some of the science that goes into the high-tech rubber gloves sold by Kimco Distributing Corp.

    Latex is Long-Gone

    Many rubber gloves are still made from latex, but most high-tech gloves are now composed from a nitrile. Nitriles, which are organic compounds, are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Because everyone can wear nitrile gloves, but not latex ones, nitrile is becoming the material of choice.

    ESD-Safe Rubber Gloves

    Kimco Distributors carries rubber gloves designed for use in disk-drive assembly, computer repair and controlled-enviornment manufacturing. In these environments, even a minor static charge can have devastating effects on equipment and parts. When worn with a grounding strap, Kimco Distributing Corporation’s ESD-safe nitrile gloves help prevent an electric discharge. Because they can be worn in any situation, ESD-safe rubber gloves are especially useful for on-site repair, where the environment cannot be completely controlled.

    Millimeters Matter

    The engineers designing rubber gloves for computer manufacturing must create the thinnest gloves possible. Employees who work with miniscule electronic parts must rely on their sense of touch, which must not be dulled by a rubber glove. Kimco Distributing stocks rubber gloves that are just 6 mm thick. Gloves this thin afford an excellent sense of touch, without risking an electric shock.

    These are just three of the considerations that go into designing rubber gloves. In addition to these factors, Kimco Distributors have gloves with textured finger tips and palms, which provide superior grip, ventilate backs and fingercots. With all of these variations, a rubber glove is not just a rubber glove. A rubber glove is an engineering feat.

  • Keep The Air in Your Clean Room Ionized With Kimco ESD Safe Ionizers

    One of the many problems that clean rooms face in keeping a contaminated environment is in the ionization of the actual air in the room. Offices, workshops, and clean rooms generally have less fresh air circulating and are, therefore, stuffier and have more carbon dioxide, chemicals emitted by carpets and paint, dust and electrical equipment like computers all producing positive ions. Higher concentrations of positive ions make the air unhealthy to breathe. An ESD Safe Ionizer is perfect for areas where electronic circuits, computers, and other sensitive equipment is being stored, assembled or repaired.

    Because most of us spend most of our waking and sleeping hours indoors, it is in our best interest to improve the quality of the air we must breathe. A good way to do this is to reduce the number of positive ions in the air and increase the number of negative ions. The negative ions attract the positive ions and pull them out of the air. They fall to the ground, leaving behind cleaner air. In a clean assembly area this is a must.

    Kimco has a great line of ESD safe ionizers and accessories that will work to replace the positive ions in the air with negative ions for better, cleaner air. Benchtop ionizers are very popular in many areas like assembly plants and home workshops. Because of this Kimco has available a Simco-Ion 5051141 Articulating Arm for minION2 Ionizing Blowers that is perfect for keeping the ionizer off your bench, but also where you need it. There is also free shipping on this model!

    Check out the great prices and selection within the Kimco online catalog. You will find great prices, fast shipping, and extensive knowledge to help you find the perfect accessory for your ESD needs.

  • Why do I need ESD Safe Gloves?

    Every computer assembly and repair facility should provide their workers with ESD-safe gloves, such as the QRP Advanced Glove Technology from Kimco. To the inexperienced person, electrostatic shock appears to be nothing more than a benign prick. People who have worked in the micro-electronic manufacturing and repair industries, however, know the hazards of electrostatic discharges. ESD-safe gloves provide a convenient way of protecting both people and parts from electric shock.

    Protecting People

    QRP BQF09 ESD-safe gloves are not meant to be the only layer of protection against shock. Rather, they are designed to be used in conjunction with other percautionary measures, such a wrist strap and mat, in an electrostatic protective area (EPA). When worn within an EPA enviornment, Kimco's ESD-safe gloves that meet governement standards greatly reduce the risk of shock.

    Protecting Parts

    EPA gloves also protect electronic parts, including motherboards, memory sticks, PCUs and other parts. The ESD-safe gloves Kimco Distributing carries prevent oils on people's fingers from coming into contact with the valuable electronic parts. Even an unnoticable ammount of oil from a person's skin can damage an electronic component, and the gloves from Kimco guard against this.

    Providing Convenience

    There are other means of guarding against electric shock and protecting micro-electronics. However, few are as convenient as Kimco Distributing Corp.'s ESD-safe gloves. Everyone working on laptop repair should be wearing a wrist strap, but people inevitably forget occassionally. A pair of gloves protects people, even when they neglect to put on a wrist strap. Gloves also provide a solution for the situations when it is impractical to wear a wrist strap and remain stationary on a mat. Whether loading trucks with electronics or repairing a laptop at a customer's home, workers can always wear Kimco's ESD-safe gloves.

  • Work Safely With ESD Gloves and Fingercots Available at Kimco

    Anyone who works with electrical components, repairs computers and other electronics, and installs telecommunications or other electrical devices need to have a good supply of ESD gloves and fingercots. However, there are those who work in their own home garage, or basement workshop that continue to ask why these gloves should be worn.

    One reason for wearing ESD gloves and fingercots is to protect the components you are working with. As you work, the wrist band in the gloves grounds your body and prevents it acting as an ESD source. If you are not wearing gloves, anything you hold ( or boards) are grounded through your body. If you wear a non ESD glove then the tools you are using become conductors of static electricity. This can severely damage components and circuits.

    Of course, another reason is to protect yourself from an electrical static discharge. Many times they are simple shocks, but there are times when they can be quite powerful. By wearing a glove like the Desco 68101 ESD-Safe glove can keep smudges, oils, and other contaminants away from the part you are working on or assembling.

    ESD gloves and fingercots should be a staple in any electrical assembly plant or basement workshop. You can find them at the Kimco website. Currently there are over 30 different types and sizes from which to choose from. The prices are always low, with many specials happening throughout the year, and shipping is fast. As you look through the catalog there may be other items that you can add and continue to save money.

  • ESD Floor Cleaners For Work Areas Help Protect While Keeping Floors Looking New

    If you look over your current lab, assembly line, or basement workshop there is one item that is the most valuable to you over and above your expensive tools and parts. It may be overlooked many times, but ESD floor cleaners are absolutely essential to a protective area from which to work.

    Many times a day there are people who are walking over floors going to and from their workspace. They also walk along these same floors to pick up parts, go to lunch, and walk in from the outdoors. Many times there are precautions in place that will keep people from carrying in contaminants from the outside and absorb any electrical static buildup. However, there are still dangers lurking with a dirty floor in any assembly or repair area.

    ESD floor cleaners, like ACL 4020-1 Staticide ESD-Safe Neutralizer Floor Cleaner is a anti-static cleaner that leaves no film, has low foam level, constant detergency, non-streaking and safe to septic and sewage systems. These ESD cleaners will not degrade production environment anti-static properties.

    While keeping the floors clean is important it is not the only function you must be aware of. A regular maintenance schedule of stripping wax buildup on floors is also imperative for any type of clean room. By doing so you not only create a cleaner room, but also get rid of any ground in dirt buildup. carries a wide range of different ESD cleaners, strippers and anti-static waxes that can not only make your room look clean, but protect components in the process. Take a look at the online catalog today and find the products you need.

  • Keep Your Areas Safe With ESD Chemicals And Dispensers

    There are many reasons why you will want to have different types of ESD chemicals and dispensers within easy reach. For anyone who works with electrical components they chemicals can be used in many instances from protecting parts, cleaning workspace, creating ESD safe tools, and protection from injury.

    Any work are, from the industrial setting to the home hobbyist, needs to have a good selection of ESD chemicals and dispensers to perform many different activities. For example, the 3M 8001 ESD-Safe Surface Mat and Surface Cleaner is great for removing dirt, grime and stains from all types of static control surfaces while also keeping the ESD properties in place. The R&R SBC-16-ESD Static Dissipative Spray Bottle has an average surface resistivity of 10^9 to 10^10 Ohms/sq. and will dissipate a static charge of +/- 5000V in less than 2 seconds.

    Working with computers, tablets, and other electrical devices to help with readings and calculations also need to be protected with different ESD safe products. By simply keeping your keyboard clean with a cleaner can help to dissipate static buildup while also keeping your tools and equipment clean.

    Kimco carries a wide selection of ESD chemicals and dispensers which can be used throughout your assembly plant of in different areas of your laboratory. They range from small individual dispensers to larger work space bottles which cover a wider area. Our prices are competitive with any other supply company and we ship out quickly. Take some time to check out the online catalog at Kimco to find the right product for your project or workspace.

  • Keep Your Work Area Protected With ESD Safe Lotion

    Working around electronics and electrical devices can carry a lot of different hazards with it. One of those hazards is that of electrostatic discharge or ESD. ESD includes spectacular electric sparks, but also less dramatic forms which may be neither seen nor heard, yet still be large enough to cause damage to sensitive electronic devices. Because of this it is encouraged by many businesses for their employees to use an ESD safe lotion.

    ESD can cause a range of harmful effects of importance in industry, including methane gas and coal dust explosions, as well as failure of solid state electronics components such as integrated circuits. These can suffer permanent damage when subjected to high voltages. Clean rooms, static free areas, and other measures are taken to minimize the risk of any type of static buildup. With ESD safe lotions you can protect yourself from any static buildup quickly and easily.

    Much like a hand sanitizer, the ESD safe lotions are used on the hands and rubbed into the skin. They will not contaminate printed circuit boards and some can relieve chapping, skin flaking, irritation and skin sensitivity caused by regular use of Latex and Nitrile gloves.

    At Kimco we carry a great line of different lotions and dispensers for both individual workstations and larger facilities. Check them out in our extensive ESD safe online catalog. There you will find quality products and industry low prices. Our shipping is quite fast and our customer service personnel can help you with any problems/questions that you may have.

  • Stay Comfortable and Protected With ESD Matting at Kimco

    In any workspace where there is going to be assembly, or repair, of electrical components, ESD matting should be used. These mats are not only for comfort to stand on, but also for dissipating any electrical static charge that may occur on a worktop or desk.

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. ESD can be caused by a buildup of static electricity by tribocharging, or by electrostatic induction. When this happens it can severely, and permanently, damage sensitive electronic devices solid state electronics components and integrated circuits. Using ESD matting on the floor and the workspace will dissipate the static charge and absorb it so that it is no longer a danger.

    One great example of this is the 3M 8023 3-Layer Static-Dissipative Vinyl Work Station Mat Kit. This ESD matting is grounded through a cord, grounding system and one adjustable wrist strap that the worker wears. This strap is connected to the grounding network to absorb the electrical charge.

    Working with electrical components is becoming an increased hobby for many people today. Whether repairing electronic devices or assembling computers, the home hobbyist should also look into having ESD matting and equipment to protect these sensitive components.

    We at Kimco are proud of our line of both floor and workspace ESD matting. We carry a large line of options to choose from to fit your particular area and needs. Check out our ESD matting options and notice our low prices.

  • Keep Your Clean Room Workspace Clean with ESD Wipes and Swabs from Kimco

    When working in a clean room it is important to realize that there are many ways that it can become contaminated through simply working in it. Many activities such as assembly, soldering, cutting wires, replacing damaged equipment, and debris from clothing can cause a contamination of the product or vacuum. Using ESD wipes and swabs you can clean the workspace while also creating an ESD safe area.

    Many times electrical work will require the use of solder and hot irons. Soldering the items together on an electrical card or circuit is important to make a good secure connection. However, through the use of the solder there is a lot of dust and flux residue that can get on the workspace. With the use of an ESD wipes and swabs product like JNJ SW100AFR Semi Aqueous Paste & Flux Remover SmartWipes you can easily clean up the space, but also provide electrostatic discharge protection to the area.

    The Coventry 44070ESD ESD-Safe Polyurethane Swabs is a great product to use when you want to make sure that the piece you are working with is clear of any static charge. Simply swab the part and the handles of these swabs will dissipate 99% of a 5,000 volt (5 KV) charge in less than 2.0 seconds.

    You can find these two products, and other great ESD wipes and swabs at the Kimco website. You will find an extensive listing of ESD safe products all at a great low price. We also have fast shipping so that you get the products in your hands quickly so there is no downtime in production.

  • Brady Labels & Printers at Kimco For Your Enterprise

    When it comes to labels there are many instances where a business, repair center, storage facility, laboratory, or communications industry would want to use them. At Kimco we carry a great line of Brady Labels & Printers that cover any area where a label will be needed.

    Wiring in a new installation for voice and data communications in a new development, or storing chemicals within a lab, or marketing electrical circuits and components for assembly all require the use of quality labeling. With mobile printers, thermal transparent ribbons, and brightly colored - customizable labels - this labeling can be done with ease and within legal parameters.

    At Kimco we carry a wide range of Brady products that include printers, label makers, ribbons, labels, signs and accessories, aisle marking tape, inspection arrows, tool boxes, and wire labels. Each one of these products is used in many different industries, are made of the highest quality materials, and perform without flaw under even extreme conditions.

    For example, the Brady R4300 Black Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon offers strong environmental resistance against smearing and chemicals. It also features a reliable, sharp-edge print quality to maximize bar code readability. The Brady BMP71 Portable Label Printer can print on more than 30 types of label materials - including PermaSleeveā„¢ wire markers, indoor/outdoor vinyl, polyester die-cut labels, flag labels, self-laminating wire markers, raised panel labels, and more.

    Kimco carries these items and more within our online catalog. Check out our selection of Brady Labels and Printers, as well as the other great Brady products for marketing, storing, and organizing.

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