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  • Does Lead-Free Soldering Require Special Desoldering Tools?


    Hakko FM2040

    Because lead-free soldering is done at a slightly higher temperature (423 – 439 °F, 217 – 226 °C) than lead-based soldering (361 – 374 °F, 183 – 191 °C), specific fluxes and desoldering tools should be used when working with lead-free solder. The fluxes are easy to transition to, though, and many companies have already purchased Hakko’s lead-free desoldering handpiece from Kimco Distributing Corp. For most businesses, the transition will not a significant investment in equipment, even though specific tools are needed.

    The Hakko FM-2024 Desoldering Tool is designed for use with lead-free solder. The N1-series nozzles that are used with the FM-2024 are shorter than standard nozzles, and the N1 nozzles have a wider throat. This reduces clogging and makes it easier to work at the higher temperatures that lead-free solder requires. Businesses that already have an F-series Hakko Station can convert use the Hakko FM2024-21 Conversion Kit that is available from Kimco Distributing, instead of purchasing an entire new station.

    Many fluxes used with lead-based solders will not perform well at lead-free solder’s higher temperature range. More active (and more corrosive) fluxes that are designed for lead-free soldering should be used instead. Kimco Distributing carries a full line of fluxes for both lead-based and lead-free soldering.

    Since lead-free solder is becoming more common and has several advantages over lead-based solder, businesses that are purchasing new soldering equipment should consider tools that are compatible with lead-free soldering. Companies that are considering transferring to lead-free solder and already have tools, though, should be able to make the transition with a minimal investment in tools and equipment.

  • The Hakko FM2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit: Easy to Set Up and Use


    The Hakko FM206 soldering stations are well-built, precise and functional. At Kimco, we are happy to stock this series, because they are built by a leading manufacturer in the industry: Hakko. For some work, however, a soldering station does not have all the features workers need. At Kimco, we also carry several additional tools that are compatible with and complement the FM206 stations. One of the most popular tools is the FM2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit.

    Hakko’s Fm2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit from Kimco is designed to work with the brand’s FM203 and FM206 series. This hand-held tool makes removing solder easy, while not getting in the way of other work. It takes up very little space in a work area and is simple to set up. Because it is easy to use and compact, employees are able to quickly switch between the desoldering iron and another tool without impeding their workflow.

    Along with the actual desoldering iron, Kimco includes everything one needs to connect and use this piece in the box. It comes with a holder, cleaning drill, connecting cord, novel remover and ceramic filter. There are also instructions, which we at Kimco highly recommend opening and reading. This is not a set of Lego’s for your children – those instructions are important!

    Opening the instructions should take a few seconds and reading them might require a few minutes. Aside from these minor delays, setting up the Hakko FM2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit should be quick. With this tool, you or an employee can be desoldering in mere minutes, and it will provide reliable performance for years to come.

  • Speedy Solder Removal with the Pace SX-90 6010-0149P1 IntelliHeat Desoldering Iron

    Removing soldering does not have to be a difficult process whenever you have the right tools. Whether you are trying to correct a mistake or rebuild a part, you could use a reliable tool like the Pace SX-90  to get the job done faster. Simply use the tool to grab onto the soldering and you will be able to instantly and cleanly remove the soldering to start working again on the materials. You can find this tool and others like it when you visit us at Kimco.

    The great benefit of using the Pace SX-90 6010-0149P1 IntelliHeat Desoldering Iron is that it has a great collection chamber which can easily be disposed of. The ability to remove the cast off allows you to increase productivity and decrease the amount of waste and mess on your work station. If you prefer not to toss the chamber, you can use a glass chamber instead. Simply clean the chamber in between uses and you will be able to keep your desoldering iron working like brand new even longer. Kimco also offers a multitude of maintenance tools to increase the longevity of your iron.This is a great iron which is suitable for working in high volume operations.


    The Pace SX-90 is just one of the many great tools you will discover whenever you are visiting us at Kimco. Our easy to navigate catalog will help you to find everything you are looking for to have a better operation and to complete more work. We will be able to ship your order out just as soon as you place it. This is because we keep most of the items in our catalog in stock at all times. We will get to work right away to make sure that you get your new desoldering iron as fast as possible. We look forward to receiving your order.

  • Move and Place Items with the PACE PV-65 7027-0001-P1 Component Handling Wand with Finger Actuated Release

    Moving small items can be extremely difficult without the right tool. Not only will you have difficulty getting into small places, you will have to worry about static electricity. Using a good tool like the Pace PV-65 can help you to put the right components exactly where they belong without having to worry about touching anything in the wrong way. You will be able to find this tool along with everything else you need for your business whenever you visit us at Kimco.

    Here, you will be able to find the PACE PV-65 7027-0001-P1 along with other tools to help you to get the job done. This precise tool helps you to easily pick up small components and put them where they belong quickly, easily and safely. The finger actuated release makes sure that you will not drop components on accident. Maintain a grip until the components is exactly where you want it to be and you will find it is easier to get done fast. Pick-up is just as easy to accomplish as placement is when using this handy device.

    You can order the Pace PV-65 whenever you are visiting our Kimco catalog online. The catalog has been set up to be easy to navigate and simple to find what you are looking for, including Pace soldering tips. Choose this item or others like it to make your work easier to accomplish. We maintain stock on all of our items to make sure you will be able to get the products you are looking for when you need them with stock on Pace desoldering tips and more. You will find quality products at affordable prices as you browse through our catalog. We look forward to filling your order as soon as possible.

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