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  • Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Electronic Enthusiast

    Picture this: It’s only a couple of days before the Holidays. Amidst all of the themed parties, plates of frosted cookies and carolers constantly bombarding your doorstep, you come to a shocking realization. Oh, no! You forgot to get someone a present. You reluctantly head to the overly crowded mall closest to you and fight through traffic and the absence of parking spots to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Now, you’re exhausted and wishing you hadn’t of eaten all of the frosted cookies before embarking on this harrowing journey, as you could really use one after that.

    Now, picture this: Instead of fighting the crowds of last-minute holiday shoppers, you grab your laptop and plop down on your comfortable living room couch. There’s an electronic enthusiast in your life, and you know just how to delight him/her. You head over to GoKimco.com, and you begin reading a blog titled, “Great Holiday Gifts for the Electronic Enthusiast”. Awesome! Just what you’re looking for. You go on to read the ideas…

    1. The Hakko FX888D Bundle

    You can’t go wrong with any kind of bundle that provides variety, let alone this one. This soldering kit includes:

    • Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station
    • No-Clean Flux Pen
    • CHP Cutter
    • Desoldering Braid
    • Tip Polishing Compound
    • SCS Nylon Soldering Tool
    • 63/37 Solder Wire Sample


    The Hakko FX888D is the star of this kit, and if you’re looking for more information about this particular model, we’ve written another piece specifically about it that you can find here.

    1. Daylight Company U35107 Slimline LED Table Lamp

    This is a product that is useful for a variety of different jobs and hobbies. The lamp clamps securely to any table and shines a bright LED light evenly across the entire surface, eliminating glare. There is an integrated on/off switch for easy reach and the lamp can be adjusted to whichever height you need for your latest project. Whether the person you know frequently does electronic work in a dimly-lit garage, sews for a hobby or runs a manicure business, this light is the perfect addition to their work space to elevate their skills to the next level.

    1. Kimco Alkaline Batteries

    Remember the song titled, “The 12 Pains of Christmas” and how the tenth item on the list was “Batteries not included”? Yeah, not having batteries at your disposal when you need them is a real pain anytime of the year, let alone during the Holidays when it seems as though not a single gadget includes them. If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or just a useful gift for an electronics lover that doesn’t break the bank, stock up on Kimco Alkaline Panasonic Batteries. We carry 9V, AA, AAA, C and D batteries that will be sure power their devices.


    4. WI-AWE-912 Wicked Awesome Wipes

    These wipes are crazy good. Oh, did you think we were going to say they’re wicked awesome? Well, they’re that too. They might resemble a simple box of tissues but rest assured, they’re much, much better. Each wipe offers exceptional strength, durability and absorbency. These robust wipes tackle and clean up a variety of liquids including solvents and oil, all while still being soft enough to use on your face and hands. They’re a great gift if the person you’re buying for works or has a hobby in any of the following industries:

    • Manufacturing
    • Automotive
    • Food
    • Printing
    • Marine
    • Laboratories
    • Aerospace


    1. Weller D550PK 120 V Professional Soldering Gun Kit

    We’ll end this list with another bundle idea because you really just can’t go wrong with a variety kit. The soldering gun heats up quickly and produces 260 or 200 watts. The features in this bundle include:

    • Professional heavy-duty gun
    • Pistol grip design, ready to use in 6 seconds
    • Fingertip trigger selects high or low output
    • Two-wire cord
    • Coil of lead-free solder
    • Flux brush
    • Heavy gauge, high efficiency, tin-plated copper tip
    • Blow molded plastic carrying case
    • Twin lights

    So now you’re still sitting on your couch but your virtual shopping cart is full. Doesn’t that feel nice? No last minute trips to the shopping mall for you this season. Suddenly you feel like making another batch of frosted cookies, this time in celebration because you have so much free time on your hands. More carolers at the door? Nope, still no time for that.

  • Big savings on Dualmat Anti-Static Matting from ACL Staticide

    ACL Staticide DualmatWe are pleased to offer high quality anti-static matting from ACL Staticide. You already know that worktop matting is a crucial part of any ESD-safe work environment (see our recent matting articles), however, the Dualmat from ACL Staticide goes above and beyond other matting products.

    We are currently offering 10% off select sizes of these durable mats, and, for a limited time, these Dualtmats will include installed snaps and ground cord.

    Here are key features of this quality matting:

    - Dual layers that are chemically cross linked, and will not delaminate
    (a leading cause of loss of ESD-safe properties)

    - Substantial, two ply .080" (2mm) thickness ensures that corners will lie flat

    - Textured surface will withstand solvents and soldering iron deformation

    - Surface resistivity measures 106 – 108 ohms per square

    - Electricals are warrantied for the lifetime of the mat

    - Compliant to ANSI / ESDA S20.20

    - Static decay of .05 seconds

    - Low outgassing; low VOC

    - UV additives provide color stability

    - Available in four colors: light blue, dark gray, royal blue, and green

    - Rolls available in lengths of 40' and widths of 24", 30", 36" and 48"

    - Pre-cut mats include two 10mm female snaps

    Now is the time to pick up this quality matting at a great price. Upgrade your ESD-safe work spaces today and save!

  • 5 Features of the Hakko FX-100 Performance Soldering Easier

    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationThe Hakko FX-100 offers many excellent features that take performance soldering to the next level. Beyond offering a compact, sleek design, newer features make this model an excellent choice for those that want to make performance soldering easier.


    Feature #1 – Password Setting Options

    Password setting options make it possible for individuals to restrict setting changes on the Hakko FX-100, ensuring that important settings are not lost when multiple users use the machine. Several password settings allow you to restrict access to varying degrees.


    Feature #2 – User-Friendly Display

    Another feature that makes performance soldering easier is the user-friendly display offered by the Hakko FX-100. It boasts a large LCD display, making it easy to see settings. The power activity display is user selectable and allows individuals to program and save two different tip profiles.


    Feature #3 – Easy-to-Use Temperature Presets

    Instead of needing to manually set temperatures, easy-to-use temperature presets come standard on the machine, making it easy to choose the setting needed quickly. Not only does the machine come with presets, but those presets may be changed to suit the user’s specific needs.


    Feature #4 – Durable, Long-lasting Tips

    The tips featured by the Hakko FX-100 are of high quality and they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Tip life is prolonged by double plating and the durable, long-lasting tips offer better performance.


    Feature #5 – Warning for Low Temperatures

    Low temperatures lead to problems when performance soldering, and to avoid those issues, the machine offers a special warning when low temperatures are detected. The LCD screen displays an error message, ensuring that low temperatures are quickly detected.


    Although the Hakko FX-100 is a low cost device, it offers many features that not offer value and ease when performance soldering. Calibration is not required and the machine meets EMI standards, making it an excellent choice for many different types of soldering work.

    photoKimco Distributing is proud to be an authorized Hakko distributor.  If you have any questions concerning Hakko or any of the products we support, please call or email us.

  • Using Compressed Air Dusters to clean Electronic Circuit Boards

    As anyone who has ever looked inside electronics devices knows, they collect dust and fuzz like nobody's business. Technicians can tell you that first, electronics in use in virtually any environment from the home to the office are constantly exposed to dust (and, in the home environment, pet hair) and that secondly, the electrostatic charge that any electronics device generates attracts dust like a magnet does iron filings. It doesn't matter if the electronics device is a TV, home entertainment system component or computer, if its been in use any length of time, it'll have dust inside.

    The first thing a tech will do is use a product like Chemtronics ES1017 Dusteres1017es1217 to blow out the dust. Believe it or not, clearing the dust out of a system may actually repair a problem as some dust particles can be electrical conductors, making bad circuit connections and causing issues. Also, clearing the dust and debris out of a system with compressed air enables the technician to work in a clean environment which, in the case of computers that haven't seen a lot of maintenance can be very dirty indeed.

    In those cases, using a product like Chemtronics ES1024 Typhoon Blast Duster or Chemtronics ES1020 Ultrajet Duster with a heavier compressed air spray can make a huge difference. Dust not only can cake over chips and other components but can work its way under components and boards as well. With the higher pressure, that dust can be blown out where using a normal compressed air spray will require several tries to do it or won't do the job at all. Some dust "infestations" can actually leave a layer of fuzz on a circuit board that can literally be peeled away in a sheet before any duster can be used and in severe cases like these, having a high pressure duster is imperative.

    In normal situations, especially when a technician is doing maintenance runs, having an inexpensive duster like Chemtronics ES1217 Economy Duster is the best tool he'll have in his kit. Doing maintenance runs in an office environment is one of those necessary evils that may be boring to do, but saves time and money since keeping computers well-maintained is much easier than trying to repair them later and having a good supply of compressed air makes life a lot easier for a technician as well.

    When working on electronics, dust and debris is an unavoidable issue that any technician can tell you is simply part of the job. With compressed air to blow the dust and junk out of the device, not only can the technician get to work on the problem, using compressed air to maintain a system can actually keep problems from happening in the first place.

  • When Manufacturing or Repairing Printed Circuit Boards Quality Soldering Tips are The Difference

    Metcal_Soldering Tips

    Metcal soldering tips are the soldering tips of choice when working on assembly and repair of printed circuit boards. The broad selection of Metcal tips also makes them a favorite of professional journeyman who solder in the field such as electricians as well as hobbyists.

    Metcal tips are available in a variety of sizes so there is a Metcal soldering tip that is a correct fit for your job. Without the correct size tip, a good solder is not possible.

    In addition to a range of sizes, Metcal soldering tips are available with tip geometry that covers virtually any need. The right size and the right shape help to make joints strong and durable.

    Metcal tips also operate at the lowest possible operating temperature - frequently about as hot as a household iron. The eDirect technology built into Metcal soldering tips allows the user to solder using low temperatures on heavy loads by concentrating the energy (heat) at the load. Low temperature soldering is the preferred methodology as it lessens the dangers to the printed circuit board or any other item you are soldering. Using low temperatures reduces the pile on your scrap heap. Changing the temperature cartridge allows you to raise the temperature you solder at, but the makers of Metcal tips urge this be done only as a last resort.

    Another great feature of the Metcal Soldering Tips is that the tips are designed to connect to the hand piece by just pushing them on until they click. There are no clips or other fasteners so your field of view to the soldering area is unobstructed. Metcal tips come with a rubber mat to use for holding the tip while connecting it. This keeps them from getting scratched - accordingly no metal tools should be used when attaching them. The assembly process is simple, quick, and reliable.

    Metcal soldering tips are terrific tools for hand soldering. They are well engineered and provide:

    • Constant temperature
    • Easy connection to hand tools
    • Size and shapes for every need in making and repairing printed circuit papers

    In addition they are affordably priced and lower scrap losses..

    Contact KIMCO today for more information about Metcal soldering tips; call us at (800) 521-9197.


  • 10 Benefits of Ergonomic ESD Bevco Chairs

    Although there may be more than one source for ergonomic ESD chairs, Bevco ergonomic ESD chairs stand out rather well from the “crowd.” They are durable, dependable and well-established products whether meant for healthcare, laboratory, cleanroom, industrial or office settings.


    What Are the Most Salient Benefits of These Chairs?

    Some of the superlative characteristics which distinguish these chairs from the competition’s include:

    1. They reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).
    2. They reduce cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs)
    3. They reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSIs)—including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc.
    4. They help boost employee or student productivity by making people feel more comfortable and by helping to reduce fatigue.
    5. They can help reduce potential worker compensation claims because of work-related injuries or strains.
    6. They help your company, school or facility save money by lasting longer than what the competition produces.
    7. They help create happier, more emotionally stable/satisfied employees and students—again, by virtue of being exceptionably comfortable.
    8. They are easy to keep clean with special manufacturing materials that resist stains, grease, water, chemicals and even punctures.
    9. They are safe for healthcare and laboratory conditions because of special, built-in contamination controls; there are also static control protection chairs.
    10. They help protect fragile, sensitive floors by being fitted with special hard plastic casters or soft wheel casters, depending on needs of customers.

    Other Characteristics That Make These Bevco ESD Chairs Unique:

    • These chairs exceed or meet highly-regarded ANSI/BIFMA standards.
    • The vinyl and fabrics used on these chairs exceed or meet California’s tech Bulletin flammability standards.
    • These Bevco ESD chairs exceed or meet NFPA standards.
    • These chairs come with an unbeatable 12-year warranty.
    • These chairs are proudly made right here in the US—by purchasing them, you are supporting the American economy at its most basic foundation.
    • These Bevco ESD chairs have a long-established safety record.
    • These chairs come in different colors and styles to suit every taste and need.


    Bevco ergonomic ESD chairs have all the qualities most people could possibly be looking for, if they have impeccable, demanding taste. While no product is perfect, these chairs come awfully close. You can prove that to yourself just by sitting on one. High quality always stands out—ergonomic Bevco ESD chairs prove that beyond a doubt!

  • Featured Product - Brady Portable Labeling System BMP51 & BMP53


    Brady BMP51 Label Maker


    The Brady BMP51 Labeler and BMP53 Labeler are two handheld labelers that print on blank labels. Because they print on blank labels and are small, labeling virtually anything with them is quick and easy. This is why the Brady BMP51 Portable Industrial Label Printer and the Brady BMP53 Peripheral Label Printer are two of Kimco Distributing’s most popular labelers. Below are some of the features they share, and then a breakdown of the differences between them.

    Features of the Brady BMP51 and BMP53 Labelers

    Both the Brady BMP51 and BMP53 labelers are easy to use and small enough to conveniently be stored in a handy location without taking up too much space. From the same series of Brady printers, they have many features in common. They both:

    • Print labels up to 1.5 in. wide
    • Print on die-cut and continuous materials at 1 in./sec.
    • Print at 300 dpi
    • Are portable
    • Have a built-in cutter that both cuts the label and holds it, until it is needed
    • Can be connected to a PC through a USB connection
    • Are compatible with LabelMark software

    Brady BMP53 Label Printer

    Comparing the Brady BMP51 and BMP53 Labelers

    The first difference people notice when their comparing these two labelers at Kimco Distributing is the price. The Brady BMP53 labeler costs slightly less than the BMP 51. Therefore, if the BMP53 is able to do everything a business needs, then it is the logical choice.

    The BMP51 printer, however, offers three features that the BMP53 lacks.

    • The BMP51 is also compatible with CodeSoft Software, another label-making program
    • The BMP51 is wireless, so labels can be designed and printed from a workstation easily
    • The BMP51 has a large display screen, which lets users see the label before printing it

    Kimco Distributing carries both the BMP51 and BMP53 from Bray, because they are excellent, reliable label printers. Either will print labels. When deciding between the two, the choice generally comes down to convenience. The BMP51 is easier to work with, since it is WiFi-compatible and has a large display screen. The BMP53, however, will also get the job done.

  • When You Need the Most Precise Tweezer - Hakko hot rework tweezers


    Everyone has been there (even us at Kimco), standing in front of the bathroom mirror for half an hour trying to grasp this tiny molecule with these obtuse tweezers. Perhaps you were tweezing eyebrows or trying to remove a stubborn sliver. Regardless of the exact situation, the tweezers were just not precise enough for the job. Meanwhile, of course, someone downstairs is shouting “Honey, we’re going to be late….”

    For those whose tweezing escapades cause severe family strife, the Hakko FM2023-05 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Kit from Kimco Distributing is among the most precise tweezers available. Most of our customers who purchase these tweezers or the Hakko FM2022-05 SMD Parallel Remover have much more delicate tweezing operations in mind, though. (Please, do not use the heating element if you are pulling out a sliver with these tweezers. After all, they are not actually made for this purpose.)

    Both Hakko’s Mini Hot Tweezer Kit and Parallel Remover, which are compatible with the manufacturer’s FM-202, FM-203 and FM -206 soldering stations, are designed to be used in the highly demanding electronics assembly industry. Kimco carries these tools, because they are manufactured to the highest standards, while also being extremely functional. The Parallel Remover’s fixing collar ensures proper tip alignment, while the Tweezer Kit is built to work on components as small as 0201. The Teezer Kit also has a rever-action tweezer function, which can be activated at the flip of a switch. Both are easy to set up and switch between functions.

    These tools from Kimco are certainly not built for getting out slivers. Their ESD-safe design and efficient heat transfer make them ideal for the fine work of electronics assembly and repair. Even if they were suitable for home use, their prices are a bit more than the average home tweezers. As Kimco’s featured product right now, though, they are a bargain for anyone who needs a high-grade tweezer for soldering.

  • Why is there a need to hand solder using nitrogen?


    Nitrogen is playing an increasingly important role in the electronic assembly industry, as businesses seek to cut costs and become more environmentally conscious. The gas has been used for years in the soldering process, but it has never been universally employed. As professionals in the industry become more familiar with the benefits of N2 soldering, though, its use is becoming more prevalent. Companies that turn to nitrogen handsoldering often supply Kimco Distributing with two reasons for their decision. First, N2 soldering offers improved performance over conventional forms of soldering. Second, it also promises environmental benefits.

    Handsoldering with nitrogen often provides better results than using an oxygen-rich environment. Nitrogen prevents oxidation from occurring during the soldering process, thereby protecting the components being soldered. Even minor oxidation causes major problems when one is dealing with miniscule electrical parts. In addition to this main benefit, nitrogen handsoldering also improves dross.

    Nitrogen, itself, is environmentally neutral. It is not manufactured but extracted from the air, thus neither creating or removing greenhouse gasses. When used in soldering, however, the gas is environmentally beneficial. In a purely nitrogen environment, there is no longer a need to clean. The nitrogen is not environmentally beneficial, but it removes the need to use environmentally harmful cleaning materials.

    A handsoldering unit like the Hakko FM2031-02 has all the features technicians need in a soldering tool. It is compatible with the T22 soldering tips, so it can solder a variety of components. It has a high mass and is powerful, making the Hakko FM2031-02 from Kimco Distributing ideal for high heat sink applications and heaving ground planes. Finally, it is also compatible with the Hakko FM203-DP ESD Safe Port. This N2 handsoldering tool is compatible with standard soldering equipment, but has the advantages of nitrogen soldering.

  • Surface Mount Soldering with the Hakko FR801 Hot Air Rework Station

    Surface mount soldering is a fairly simple task, which only requires solder, a stencil, a few tools for handling components and a hot air rework system. While it may be tedious, it is one of the simpler aspects of electronics repair and assembly. Nevertheless, high-quality tools must be used in surface mount soldering. The incorrect solder, cumbersome tweezers or an inconsistent rework system will only decrease productivity and increase aggravation. When businesses come to Kimco Distributors in need of a reliable hot air rework system, we often suggest the Hakko FR801 Hot Air Rework Station.

    This Hakko hot air rework station from Kimco Distributors takes only a moment to heat up and provides a consistently hot airflow. The temperature of the hot air stream is easy to adjust, but it will not vary unless altered by a user. If a technician ever is unsure of the current settings, the variable airflow meter is easy to read with just a glance. The unit also comes with an automatic cool-down, which engages as soon as someone presses stop. Its compact design makes this unit easy to include on a workbench without cluttering a technician’s space.

    Many of Kimco Distributors’ customers have been very pleased with the consistent performance of their Hakko FR801 Hot Air Rework Stations. Some have even purchased multiple units, either after trying out one initially or as their business grew. Currently, Kimco Distributors is offering a free hot air rework station to clients who purchase five units. This is a simple way of saying thank you to our most loyal customers in the surface mount soldering industry.

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