• Review of Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station

    “Wow, this beauty is beyond expectations...” 

    You could swear this line was used to describe an Oscar-worthy film or a Santorini sunset, but you might be surprised to find these words pulled from the review of a Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station. From hobbyist to professional, it doesn’t really matter what level you’re starting off at when purchasing this product. The updated version of the popular FX-888 boasts all of the old features buyers loved with the addition of new features including a digital calibration that simplifies the setup and operation of the product. The unit heats up in seconds, rising to an adjustable temperature range between 120 and 899 degrees Fahrenheit (50-480 degrees Celsius). To make your soldering experience even easier, you can preset up to five temperatures. The lightweight handset is easy to maneuver and includes a T18-D16 Tip. The entire unit is a compact 4.75 lbs., built to take up less of your bench space, and is ESD safe.

    Hakko T18-D16 Soldering Tip

    In a recent piece by Marco Schwartz, an electrical engineer who writes blog posts on various products, he described the Hakko FX-888D as one of the top soldering irons for beginners and hobbyists due to its easy-to-use settings and features. Schwartz gave the product a 4.5 out of 5 stars, commenting on the useful cleaning station that holds and keeps the tip clean at all times. He loved the password function of the FX-888D which enables the user to lock the settings if desired to prevent them from becoming altered. Schwartz went on to say, “All of the features mentioned above are well documented in a manual that comes with the Hakko FX888D-23BY soldering station. Therefore, you are able to understand how to fine-tune the settings and use the soldering station for best results.”

    Regardless of what you intend to use your soldering station for, the FX-888D is worth the step up from the cheaper options you can find on the internet. Testimonials from those who have bought and loved the product include:

    • “I finally decided to stop buying the $15 cheap ones and buy something that will last and do a great job. No regrets.” -Austin K.
    • “It is one of the best investments I have ever made. After years of using those flimsy, cheap soldering irons you can buy at discount department stores and other big box stores, it is a pleasure to use a precision soldering station like the FX888D.” -Vintess
    • “Great first soldering station. I would never use a cheap unit again.” -Eficker
    • “This Hakko just gives you more for your money.” -R. Davila

    If you wish to add a high quality and reasonably priced soldering station to your workspace today, look no further than right here on goKimco.com, a proud seller of Hakko products.

    Check out this demonstration of the Hakko FX888D:

  • Top 10 Great Gift Ideas for Electronic Hobbyists

    Looking for the perfect gift for the hobbyist on your list? Want to buy gifts that will be a great addition to any workshop? We're here to help. Here are the top ten gift ideas from GoKimco.com

    Aven 1394010. Aven 13940 7-Piece Precision Chromium Vanadium Steel Screwdriver Set with Case
    This set of micro screwdrivers comes in a handy case and includes assorted Phillips®; Slotted; and Torx® tip styles with a size Range: #00 - #1. This durable set of drivers is great for electronics repair, perfect for working on computers and other small devices.




    Eclipse-Pros-Kit-MT-18609. Eclipse Pro's Kit MT-1860 Professional Digital Multimeter with USB Connector
    Everyone who likes to tinker with electronics needs a multimeter to measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, and more. The MT-1860 is a professional grade digital multimeter with an easy to read LCD screen. It also features USB connectivity to interface with PCs.




    Aven-18476USA8. Aven 18476USA 5-Piece Precision Stainless Steel Tweezer Set
    These stainless steel precision tweezers are excellent for anyone who works with small electronics, model parts, etc. Five different tip configurations are included, all housed in a nice wooden box.




    Hakko-HJ50007. Hakko HJ5000 Dual Temperature Heat Gun
    Heat guns are a handy tool that many hobbyists might not think to purchase, making it a great gift idea. Heat guns can be used to seal heat shrink tubing, curing epoxy, defrosting ice-frozen plumbing, stripping paint, etc. The Hakko HJ5000 has dual settings of Low - 600°F (316°C); High - 950°F (510°C)




    Daylight-UN10206. Daylight UN1020 3-Diopter Naturalight Magnifier
    This table mount magnifier is perfect for small electronics repair, painting models, or any other application that involves small details. The Daylight™ UN1020 magnifying lamp has a slim head design with a 3 diopter lens to improve the viewing area. Fitted with a 22w full spectrum Naturalight™ tube. Also, for a limited time, all Daylight products SHIP FREE at GoKimco.com



    Branson-B2005. Branson B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner
    The B200 is a small, Ultrasonic Cleaner, perfect for cleaning jewelry, small tools, coins, instrument parts and more! The unit is easy to use and very effective, making your tools and jewelry microscopically clean.





    Maxxeon-MXN003204. Maxxeon MXN00320 WorkStar 320 Professional LED Inspection Pen light
    An LED flashlight is a great gift for anyone, and these Maxxeon pen lights are top of the line. Durable and extremely bright, these flashlights feature internal gaskets, making them water resistant.




    Daylight-UN11903. Daylight UN1190 Professional High Power Task Lamp XL
    The Daylight UN1190 is a professional grade desk or table mounted task lamp with a brightness of 3400 Lux at 12" using only 21W of power. This unit would be a great addition to a tool bench, drawing table, or desk. Perfect for illuminating repairs and home projects. Also, for a limited time, all Daylight products SHIP FREE at GoKimco.com




    panavise2. Panavise 381 and Panavise 209 vises
    Every workbench needs a Panavise! Depending on your budget and needs, choose between the larger Panavise 381 and the mini Panavise 209. The larger 381 features a metal build, rotating head, and nylon padded jaws that open up to 2-1/4". The smaller Panavise 209 Jr. is made of thermal composite plastic, and has jaws that open to 2.875". Both of these units attach to any flat non-porous surface via the vacuum base.



    Hakko fx-888d1. Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Bundle
    The Hakko FX-888D is an ESD-Safe soldering station with a digital adjustable temperature control. This unit is easy to use, with selectable preset temperatures and digital calibration. The FX-888D is suitable for all experience levels, and is a useful addition to any home workshop. In addition to the FX-888D unit, the bundle includes: No-Clean Flux Pen, CHP Cutter, Micro-Clean Cut, 16AWG, #CHP-170, Desoldering Braid, Tip Polishing Compound, SCS Nylon Soldering Tool, #SCS-SP3010 63/37 Solder Wire Sample, making this bundle a great value.

  • Unique Hakko products you didn't know you needed.

    Hakko is well known for soldering stations and tips, but their product line is wider and more innovative than you may realize.

    Here are some Hakko products that you may not be aware of.




    Hakko FS100-01 Tip Rejuvenating / Cleaning Chemical Paste

    Hakko FS100-01 Tip Rejuvenating / Cleaning Chemical Paste

    "Tip tinner" paste is vital to maintaining soldering and desoldering tip life. Hakko's FS100-01 is an affordable way to keep your tips in great shape. Make sure to check out the included video on extending tip life with this amazing paste.








    Hakko FT-710 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

     Hakko FT-710 Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

    Speaking of tip maintenance, the new Hakko FT-710 tip cleaner unit is the perfect companion to your Hakko tip tinner paste. This unit is easy to use and features metal brushes that scrub your soldering tips with amazing success. Keeping tips clean makes them last substantially longer, which translates into big savings for you over time. Plus, it looks cool!







    Hakko 394-01 Vacuum Pick-up Tool Complete with Batteries

    Hakko 394-01 Vacuum Pick-up Tool Complete with Batteries

    Hakko makes this handy battery operated vacuum unit for picking up small components. Whether you are a seasoned industry vet, or a part-time hobbyist, this little unit will come in handy while performing assemblies and repairs.

    Check back with us frequently for more updates on unique new Hakko products!

  • Hakko FX-100 and T31 Tips Uses Latest Technology for Easy and Safe Operation

    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationHakko continues to show its competence for making soldering an easy and safe operation with the introduction of the Hakko FX-100. The unit is for use with T-31 Tips.

    Hakko FX-100 Features

    The Hakko FX–100 is an inductively heated (IH) solder iron. IH irons heat quickly thanks to a rapidly changing magnetic field. The soldering iron tip, a conductor, is in the magnetic field and cultivates an electric current. This current heats the T-31 tip more quickly than other irons heat their tips.

    This technology has the unit heat-up quicker than soldering irons that heat by using resistive heated elements that get energy from the power supply.

    Another feature that makes the Hakko FX 100 so easy to use is that it needs no calibration.

    The soldering station is one of the easiest to use thanks to the simple way a user programs it for using different tip shapes or solder alloys.

    Other features include:

    • A power activity display that provides non-interruptible dynamic feedback on thermal load at the tip of the soldering iron;
    • Large Backlit display;
    • Safety auto power off feature;
    • Password protectection prevents unauthorized people from making system changes;
    • Minimal workbench footprint;
    • Ergonomic handbook that is lightweight with burn resistant cord to allow for outstanding user agility;
    • Tip sleep feature that preserves the life of the T-31 tips and cuts oxidation when the iron is idle; and
    • Meets or exceeds requirements under all applicable standards.

    Features of T-31 Tips

    The T-31 Series tips come as cartridges and the tips receive more power from the IH power source. As with all Hakko tips, the T-31 series of tips are long-lived. These tips come in a wide assortment of shapes from which to choose. The technology Hakko employs in the T-31 tips use iron plating similar to the renowned long-life Hakko T15 tip series.

    For more information about the Hakko FX-100 and T-31 tips, email Kimco Distributing at sales@gokimco or call us at (800) 521-9197.

  • Streamlining processes with enhanced features of the Hakko FX-100


    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationMaking your job easier is a breeze when you have the right tools. In an industry where having a soldering tool that performs to the highest standard matters, the new Hakko FX-100 and T31 soldering tips complete the job. One of the newest members to the Hakko product family, this new technology stands out through the use of IE (induction heat) which allows the heat to reach the soldering tip efficiently and effectively.

    What does induction heat do?

    This helps the iron by working through a magnetic field that quickly changes through an electrical current to assist rapid heating of the tip, which comes in a variety of sizes. Although the Hakko-FX 100 is a soldering iron, the design and lightness of the device looks and works more like a handpiece.

    This new technology has additional enhancements:

     - Top-notch heat supply
     - No calibration needed
     - Power Assist function and backlit display
     - Password lockout
     - Programmable heating profiles
     - Great thermal recovery and responsiveness
     - Automatic detection of drops in temperature
     - Burn resistant cord

    The pre-set heat settings are helpful, and being able to program personalized heating profiles will same time and setup when having to change tip shapes or alloys. Another important safety feature is the tip sleep function. This will allow the reduction of heat while the device is not in use.

    The Hakko FX-100 is a great advancement in soldering iron systems, proven with each use. Streamline your processes through a new step in technological innovation that can make a huge difference in the way work is distributed and handled. The Hakko FX-100 can speed up wait times and provide a safer solution for soldering projects.

    For more information on the Hakko FX-100, T31 tips and increasing productivity, visit the site.

  • 5 Features of the Hakko FX-100 Performance Soldering Easier

    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationThe Hakko FX-100 offers many excellent features that take performance soldering to the next level. Beyond offering a compact, sleek design, newer features make this model an excellent choice for those that want to make performance soldering easier.


    Feature #1 – Password Setting Options

    Password setting options make it possible for individuals to restrict setting changes on the Hakko FX-100, ensuring that important settings are not lost when multiple users use the machine. Several password settings allow you to restrict access to varying degrees.


    Feature #2 – User-Friendly Display

    Another feature that makes performance soldering easier is the user-friendly display offered by the Hakko FX-100. It boasts a large LCD display, making it easy to see settings. The power activity display is user selectable and allows individuals to program and save two different tip profiles.


    Feature #3 – Easy-to-Use Temperature Presets

    Instead of needing to manually set temperatures, easy-to-use temperature presets come standard on the machine, making it easy to choose the setting needed quickly. Not only does the machine come with presets, but those presets may be changed to suit the user’s specific needs.


    Feature #4 – Durable, Long-lasting Tips

    The tips featured by the Hakko FX-100 are of high quality and they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Tip life is prolonged by double plating and the durable, long-lasting tips offer better performance.


    Feature #5 – Warning for Low Temperatures

    Low temperatures lead to problems when performance soldering, and to avoid those issues, the machine offers a special warning when low temperatures are detected. The LCD screen displays an error message, ensuring that low temperatures are quickly detected.


    Although the Hakko FX-100 is a low cost device, it offers many features that not offer value and ease when performance soldering. Calibration is not required and the machine meets EMI standards, making it an excellent choice for many different types of soldering work.

    photoKimco Distributing is proud to be an authorized Hakko distributor.  If you have any questions concerning Hakko or any of the products we support, please call or email us.

  • Holiday Gift Ideas at Kimco

    The holiday shopping season is upon us. To help you pick out the best gifts for the hobbyist on your list, we've made a list of great ideas for every budget. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the gifts we have selected in three different price ranges. Get your shopping done NOW!

    Under $50:

    PanaVise 301
    Panavise 301 Standard Vise Kit with Head and Base
    - Kimco Price: $49.99

    Every workshop needs a PanaVise, and the 301 is a perfect choice. Like having an extra set of hands, the 301 standard vise will hold household repair projects, printed circuit boards, automotive parts and more. Its jaws open to 2.25” and has a heat tolerance of up to 200°F. This unit is compatible with other PanaVise accessories and the base can be screw-mounted to a workbench or shop counter.


    Dremel 7300
    Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8v Cordless Rotary Tool Kit
    -Kimco Price: $32.82

    The Dremel MiniMite is a versatile tool for a variety of light-duty projects, including drilling, sanding, shaping and detailing. This portable tool can be used nearly anywhere, making it a perfect addition to any household. This MiniMite kit comes with a variety of accessories and is compatible with Dremel bits with up to a ⅛” shank.

    Suggested add-on:
    Dremel 531 ½” Stainless Steel Brush


    Eclipse Pro's Kit Driver
    Eclipse Pro's Kit PT-1136A LI-ion Cordless ScrewDriver, 3.6V with Light
    -Kimco Price: $17.18

    A handy cordless screwdriver that won’t break the bank, the Eclipse Pro’s Kit PT-1136A has a directional head that can be adjusted into three different configurations, making it perfect for hard to reach spaces. The built in LED light makes using the driver in low light situations a snap, and included in the kit are a variety of driver bits.


    Under $100:

    Hakko FX888D ESD-Safe Digital Soldering Station
    Kimco Price: Price: $91.35

    The Hakko FX888D is a popular hobbyist soldering station that features an easy to use digital display. The FX888D packs a big punch for a small price, and it looks really cool too! This station is perfect for use on RC cars and airplanes, computer parts, circuit boards, and other electronics.

    Suggested add-on:
    Additional Wire Sponge


    Steinel ThermaMelt
    Steinel TM6000 ThermaMelt 6000 Butane Powered Glue Gun
    Kimco Price: $53.04

    This is one serious glue gun. Powered by butane, this gun heats up within three minutes. It is suitable for a variety of hobby and crafting applications and uses replaceable LEC fuel cells.

    Suggested add-on:
    Additional fuel cells


    Daylight U33700
    Daylight U33700 White Twist Portable Task Light
    Kimco Price: $59.99

    As the name implies, this task light folds up to be easily portable. The rotating head features a “flicker-free” ballast and a 13W energy saving tube (200W equiv). This is a quality lamp for any hobbyist.


    Under $200:

    Dremel 4000 Kit
    Dremel 4000-6/50 High Performance Variable Speed Rotary Kit with 50 pieces
    Kimco Price: $185.28

    The finest and most versatile of all of Dremel’s rotary tools, the hobbyist in your life will be thrilled with the Dremel 4000-6/50. Featuring a high-performance motor, this tool is suitable for thousands of different hobby, repair, and crafting applications. Sharpen garden tools, sand painted surfaces, cut tile, metal, wood, plastic and more using the 50 included Dremel accessories.

    Suggested add-on:
    Additional cut-off wheels


    Aven Mighty Vue Magnifier
    Aven 26505-ESD Mighty Vue ESD-Safe Magnifer with Clamp, 3 diopter, 30" Arm
    Kimco Price: $157.08

    This illuminated magnifier features a crystal clear 7 x 5.2in., 1.75x (3 diopter) lens and is the perfect addition to any workbench. The spring-balanced arm has a 30in reach, and the head is equipped with two 9 watt fluorescent bulbs.


    Visit our gift page for more great holiday gift ideas.

  • Soldering: Tips, Tricks, Techniques & Tools To Make Life Easier - Part 1:Tools


    As with any job, having the right tools, including the know-how to use them and to take advantage of things you may not consider to be tools for the job certainly makes life easier. Also, learning the tips, tricks and techniques to not only do the job right but to do it in ways that are faster and easier is well worth the effort you'll make to figure them out. With soldering, there are tools you'll need, tools you'll want and tips and tricks that not only make life easier but will help you do your job faster.

    In this first article, we'll go over the tools you'll want to have on hand:

    - First, you'll want a very good temperature controlled soldering iron. For instance, a Hakko ESD-Safe Dual port station with at least one iron is a good choice. If you fix electronics for a living, this will be your bread and butter so don't skimp.

    - Another tool you'll want to have is a desoldering pump. Desoldering wick is fine but can be tricky to use. A desoldering pump makes life much easier when it comes to parts removal and cleaning up messes.

    - You'll also want to have crimpers, cutters, wire strippers, screwdrivers (both flat and Phillips as well as Torx), pliers, knives for opening cases, removing main boards, etc.

    - One set of tools you'll definitely appreciate is a set of flat heat resistant plastic or ceramic flat blades, These are good when you need to apply a little bit of torque when desoldering components such as blown resistors or capacitors. Slim, thin blades like these are also great for leveraging chips such as 74LS series which can be stubborn to remove.

    - If you work on a lot of high tech gear, one indispensable item will be ESD pads, mats such as a 3M Static Dissipative workstation mat and wrist straps. ESD stands for Electro-Static Discharge which is the electro-static buildup on your body and on surfaces. A low voltage electronic device such as a microprocessor can be easily damaged by ESD and having a strap on your wrist to ground or grounded pads will help prevent this. It may be a bit of a hassle but having one can save a $300 processor from getting smoked.

    - Another tool that's great to have is what's known as a set of "helping hands". This is a board holding vice with an adjustable set of arms on the ends on a heavy base that's designed to hold up a board so you can have your hands free to control the solder and your iron.

    There are several other things you'll want to have such as a sponge pad station or brass wire sponge to keep your iron's tip clean, plenty of solder such as Kester Rosin-Core or Kester Lead-Free, desoldering wick, solder flux and cleaners such as degreasers and flux removal chemicals. This gives you a quick overview of some tools you'll need and some you'll definitely want when it comes to working on electronics on a daily basis, or if you just work on electronics as a hobby.


  • Does Lead-Free Soldering Require Special Desoldering Tools?


    Hakko FM2040

    Because lead-free soldering is done at a slightly higher temperature (423 – 439 °F, 217 – 226 °C) than lead-based soldering (361 – 374 °F, 183 – 191 °C), specific fluxes and desoldering tools should be used when working with lead-free solder. The fluxes are easy to transition to, though, and many companies have already purchased Hakko’s lead-free desoldering handpiece from Kimco Distributing Corp. For most businesses, the transition will not a significant investment in equipment, even though specific tools are needed.

    The Hakko FM-2024 Desoldering Tool is designed for use with lead-free solder. The N1-series nozzles that are used with the FM-2024 are shorter than standard nozzles, and the N1 nozzles have a wider throat. This reduces clogging and makes it easier to work at the higher temperatures that lead-free solder requires. Businesses that already have an F-series Hakko Station can convert use the Hakko FM2024-21 Conversion Kit that is available from Kimco Distributing, instead of purchasing an entire new station.

    Many fluxes used with lead-based solders will not perform well at lead-free solder’s higher temperature range. More active (and more corrosive) fluxes that are designed for lead-free soldering should be used instead. Kimco Distributing carries a full line of fluxes for both lead-based and lead-free soldering.

    Since lead-free solder is becoming more common and has several advantages over lead-based solder, businesses that are purchasing new soldering equipment should consider tools that are compatible with lead-free soldering. Companies that are considering transferring to lead-free solder and already have tools, though, should be able to make the transition with a minimal investment in tools and equipment.

  • Finding the Right Hakko Soldering Tip (Part 1): Tip Size


    At Kimco Distributing, we carry a full line of Hakko soldering tips, because finding the right tip is the most crucial step in the soldering process. There are many factors that influence how a tip should be used, such as its size, heating capacity, shape and series. In this post, the first of a series on all these factors, we will look at how the size of a tip influences the soldering process.

    The Benefits of a Properly Sized Soldering Tip

    A properly sized Hakko tip from Kimco Distributing has several benefits. These all stem from the idea that a correctly sized tip will be the most efficient at transferring heat to the component being soldered. Because heat is efficiently transferred, wetting is easier. Easier wetting lets workers set the soldering iron to a lower temperature, which in turn reduces oxidation. Reducing oxidation, then, prolongs the life of the tip and decreases replacement costs. In summary, the primary benefits of using the correct size Hakko tip are:

    • Decreased oxidation
    • Longer tip service life
    • Reduced replacement tip expenses

    The Importance of Size

    The size of a sldering tip must be appropriate for the job at hand, for it greatly affects the soldering process:

    • A tip that is too small will not transfer enough heat, and it will be too cold.
    • A tip that is too big will transfer too much heat and possible cause bridging. Thus it will be too hot.
    • A tip that is just right will efficiently transfer heat to the component.

    Because soldering tips must be job-specific, we Kimco Distributing have a full line of Hakko replacement tips. The size is the first factor companies should consider when looking for a tip, but it is only one. We will explore other factors in the following posts of this series.

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