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  • Top 10 Great Gift Ideas for Electronic Hobbyists

    Looking for the perfect gift for the hobbyist on your list? Want to buy gifts that will be a great addition to any workshop? We're here to help. Here are the top ten gift ideas from GoKimco.com

    Aven 1394010. Aven 13940 7-Piece Precision Chromium Vanadium Steel Screwdriver Set with Case
    This set of micro screwdrivers comes in a handy case and includes assorted Phillips®; Slotted; and Torx® tip styles with a size Range: #00 - #1. This durable set of drivers is great for electronics repair, perfect for working on computers and other small devices.




    Eclipse-Pros-Kit-MT-18609. Eclipse Pro's Kit MT-1860 Professional Digital Multimeter with USB Connector
    Everyone who likes to tinker with electronics needs a multimeter to measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, and more. The MT-1860 is a professional grade digital multimeter with an easy to read LCD screen. It also features USB connectivity to interface with PCs.




    Aven-18476USA8. Aven 18476USA 5-Piece Precision Stainless Steel Tweezer Set
    These stainless steel precision tweezers are excellent for anyone who works with small electronics, model parts, etc. Five different tip configurations are included, all housed in a nice wooden box.




    Hakko-HJ50007. Hakko HJ5000 Dual Temperature Heat Gun
    Heat guns are a handy tool that many hobbyists might not think to purchase, making it a great gift idea. Heat guns can be used to seal heat shrink tubing, curing epoxy, defrosting ice-frozen plumbing, stripping paint, etc. The Hakko HJ5000 has dual settings of Low - 600°F (316°C); High - 950°F (510°C)




    Daylight-UN10206. Daylight UN1020 3-Diopter Naturalight Magnifier
    This table mount magnifier is perfect for small electronics repair, painting models, or any other application that involves small details. The Daylight™ UN1020 magnifying lamp has a slim head design with a 3 diopter lens to improve the viewing area. Fitted with a 22w full spectrum Naturalight™ tube. Also, for a limited time, all Daylight products SHIP FREE at GoKimco.com



    Branson-B2005. Branson B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner
    The B200 is a small, Ultrasonic Cleaner, perfect for cleaning jewelry, small tools, coins, instrument parts and more! The unit is easy to use and very effective, making your tools and jewelry microscopically clean.





    Maxxeon-MXN003204. Maxxeon MXN00320 WorkStar 320 Professional LED Inspection Pen light
    An LED flashlight is a great gift for anyone, and these Maxxeon pen lights are top of the line. Durable and extremely bright, these flashlights feature internal gaskets, making them water resistant.




    Daylight-UN11903. Daylight UN1190 Professional High Power Task Lamp XL
    The Daylight UN1190 is a professional grade desk or table mounted task lamp with a brightness of 3400 Lux at 12" using only 21W of power. This unit would be a great addition to a tool bench, drawing table, or desk. Perfect for illuminating repairs and home projects. Also, for a limited time, all Daylight products SHIP FREE at GoKimco.com




    panavise2. Panavise 381 and Panavise 209 vises
    Every workbench needs a Panavise! Depending on your budget and needs, choose between the larger Panavise 381 and the mini Panavise 209. The larger 381 features a metal build, rotating head, and nylon padded jaws that open up to 2-1/4". The smaller Panavise 209 Jr. is made of thermal composite plastic, and has jaws that open to 2.875". Both of these units attach to any flat non-porous surface via the vacuum base.



    Hakko fx-888d1. Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Bundle
    The Hakko FX-888D is an ESD-Safe soldering station with a digital adjustable temperature control. This unit is easy to use, with selectable preset temperatures and digital calibration. The FX-888D is suitable for all experience levels, and is a useful addition to any home workshop. In addition to the FX-888D unit, the bundle includes: No-Clean Flux Pen, CHP Cutter, Micro-Clean Cut, 16AWG, #CHP-170, Desoldering Braid, Tip Polishing Compound, SCS Nylon Soldering Tool, #SCS-SP3010 63/37 Solder Wire Sample, making this bundle a great value.

  • Even more holiday gift ideas from GoKimco.com

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    Do not wait any longer to get gifts for the hobbyist on your list, time is flying by!

    Under $50:

    Panavise 210
    Panavise 201 PV Jr Mini Vise Head and Base
    - Kimco Price: $26.99

    The Panavise 201 features a single knob control system and is perfect for arts and crafts, jewelry and model making, electronics, and other small projects! Any hobbyist or crafter would be delighted to find one of these under the tree.


    Aven Helping Hands
    Aven 26000 Helping Hands with Magnifier
    -Kimco Price: $7.90

    Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. The Aven 2600 features two small clamps that can be used to hold components for soldering, flies for tying, or other crafty projects, and also includes a small magnifier.


    Under $100:

    Panavise 350
    Panavise 350 Multi-Purpose Vise Work Center
    - Kimco Price: Price: $89.99

    For those needing a more substantial vise, there is the Panavise 350. The weighted base may be bolted down to a work bench, and features a handy parts tray. The jaws open to a full 9", and can hold large, heavy parts. This is a top of the line vise!


    Eclipse Soldering Station
    Eclipse Pro's Kit SS-206E ESD-Safe Analog Soldering Station
    - Kimco Price: $59.63

    This affordable station is perfect for simple soldering needs, or as a first station for someone learning to solder. It features a temperature range of  200- 480°C (392-896°F).


    Under $200:

    Akro-Mils Bin Rack
    Akro-Mils 30016 2-Sided Bin Rail Hanging System
    - Kimco Price: $181.27

    This bin rail hanging rack from Akro-Mils is perfect for organizing a messy workshop. It is compatible with most Akro-Mils hanging bins and is easy to assemble. Different sized bins hang on the powder coated rails to make a customize-able organization system.


    Master Appliance Heat Gun Kit
    Master Appliance HG-751BK 750-1000°F Heat Gun Kit
    - Kimco Price: $184.16

    Heat guns are very versatile, check out the many uses for them in Master Appliance's excellent blog post. The hobbyist, crafter, or tinkerer on your list will find many more uses for this high quality heat gun kit from Master Appliance. It features several accessory attachments and a storage case.


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  • More Holiday Gift Ideas at Kimco!

    Last week, we presented several gift ideas for the hobbyist on your list. This week we follow up with some more suggestions, again in three price ranges. Get your holiday shopping done now, don't wait any longer!

    Under $50:

    Weller WLC100
    Weller WLC100 40 watt Hobbyist Solder Station
    - Kimco Price: $44.99

    The WLC100 is a nice, affordable, entry level soldering station perfect for casual hobbyists or students. It features adjustable power from 5 to 40 watts, a built in iron stand, and tip cleaning pad. A soldering station is a great addition to anyone's tool bench.

    Suggested add-on:
    Extra ST3 Tip


    X-Acto 13pc. Knife Kit
    Xacto X5082 13pc. Knife Set in Wood Case
    -Kimco Price: $19.97

    Every self respecting hobbyist and crafter needs a good set of Xactos! This kit features many different blades and handles to tackle nearly any project, all packed in a handsome wooden case.


    Aven 20 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set
    Aven 13714 20-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set w/ Interchangeable Blades
    -Kimco Price: $22.79

    This precision screwdriver set from Aven is great for working on electronics, servicing computers, and repairing small items like eye glasses. Many interchangeable blades are included in slotted, Philips, Hex, and Nutdriver configurations.


    Under $100:

    Hakko Omnivise
    Hakko C1390 PCB Omnivise
    Kimco Price: Price: $59.57

    This unique product from Hakko holds a printed circuit board firmly in place and level so heat and solder may be applied. However, it can be used to hold many other items. It features height adjustment for maximum versatility.



    Eclipse Pro Drill Driver
    Eclipse Pro's Kit PT-1441A Cordless Drill Driver
    Kimco Price: $51.51

    The Eclipse Pro's Kit 14.4V Drill Driver is a powerful cordless drill for a great price. It features many different torque settings, forward and reverse control, and a 3/8in keyless chuck. Every household needs a good cordless drill!


    Steinel Heat Gun
    Steinel SV803K Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit
    Kimco Price: $69.42

    A heat gun is a handy thing to own, and has many uses: shrink wrapping, thawing frozen pipes, desoldering, plastic welding, dent removal, even roasting coffee! This Steinel heat gun features 3 airflow settings, a soft grip handle, and includes two add-on nozzles for various applications. Surprise the tool geek in your life (that thinks they have everything)  with a tool that is likely missing from their quiver!


    Under $200:

    Luxo LFM Magnifier
    Luxo 18345LG LFM LED 3 Diopter Edge Clamp 45" Arm Magnifier
    Kimco Price: $145.70

    This Luxo magnifier is perfect for hobbyists who work on small projects. It clamps to nearly any work space and has a 9.5W LED light source. Luxo is known for quality magnifiers, and this unit is no exception, featuring a die-cast aluminum housing and crystal clear glass lens.


    Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Branson B200 Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Kimco Price: $119.95

    Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean a multitude of small parts, optical pieces and even jewelry. The Branson B200 is a small 15 oz. utrasonic unit suitable for home use. Just add the correct cleaning solution for your application (listed below) and you are ready to clean.

    Suggested add-on:
    Branson General Purpose Solution
    Branson Jewelry Cleaner Solution


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  • Weller Heat Guns at Kimco

    For anyone who has experience with soldering and working with electrical components knows that quality products help the entire process go much smoother. With Weller heat guns, available at Kimco, you can now do top quality soldering jobs with much more confidence.

    A heat gun is different than other soldering irons as they are constructed with a pistol grip design for better control. They also have a trigger which will give instant heat when depressed. This is different from a solder iron, or a soldering station, where the heat is constantly at the tip. Using a heat gun is also different from the use of an iron. As you hold the gun you are able to complete larger points of solder over a little bit larger area than you would with an iron. Irons are mostly for spot soldering while guns are for larger areas.

    The Weller heat guns all have a distinct pistol like grip, but have different qualities across models. The Weller 8200PK heat gun kit is a great tool for those who are doing soldering projects for fun or involved in simply repairs. The Weller 6966C is a 250-watt heat gun that is ESD-safe and usable in more industrial type settings where there are mass assemblies.

    Whichever you are in the market for, Kimco carries Weller heat guns at affordable prices - the 6966C costing $129 - with very fast shipping. Take a look at the Kimco website for more soldering accessories, irons, and soldering stations. You will find that the prices are equally low and that our customer service deserves it top rating.

  • Make Electrical Repairs Easily with Steinel HG 350 Heat Gun

    When the need arises to make repairs to an electrical device or circuit board you will need to desolder a component. Many people try to do this through using a hair dryer, but they do not get hot enough. A Steinel HG 350 Heat Gun will warm up the solder quickly so you can remove it without any problems. This is just one of the many different heat guns that you will find at the Kimco website.

    The Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool is the perfect tool for those jobs that require a delicate touch and where the work is in close surroundings. The precision of the heat, direction of heat, and intensity of it all make for the perfect small parts tool. The tool itself is compact, lightweight construction for long term use. Many times there is the need to mount the tool over head for quick access. The HG 350 ESD Safe Hot Air Tool includes a built in hanger for just this occurrence. A bright LED light to illuminate work area and temperatures of 750 degrees can be reached without the need of a reducer.

    You can pick up your own Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool at Kimco for a much better cost that you would find at your local toolstore. Not only will you find the heat gun that you need, but you will also find a whole host of accessories. Along with that is great customer service that goes along with a precision in order fulfillment.

  • Precision Repairs A Reality With Steinel HG 2310 Intelligent Heat Gun

    When working with delicate electrical components, circuit boards, or even small pieces that require a little bit of heat, the best tool for the job is the Steinel HG 2310 Heat Gun found at Kimco. A heat gun is necessary in these projects for several different uses. With a quality esd-safe heat gun you can desolder components, heat shrink insulation for secure connections between wires, and even shrink tubes into place for a long time. The Steinel HG 2310 is the perfect tool for this type of work because it is smart.

    One of the features of the Steinel HG 2310 ESD ESD-Safe Electronic Heat Gun is that you can set the temperature increases in 10 degree increments. This means that there is not just one temperature that blasts hot air into an area. This can severely damage some components that are susceptible to too much heat. This model is called an Intellitemp heat gun as it does not simply work on one setting. This tool also includes the LOC (Lockable Override Control™) for limiting output to one specific temperature/airflow combination. A great feature that is also helpful when working around electronics and circuits. This coupled with the four customizable pre-set temperature / airflow programs makes the Steinel HG 2310 a staple in any hobby, craft, or manufacturing center.

    You can purchase your own Steinel ESD-safe electronic heat gun from the Kimco website. We have a large selection of heat guns and accessories to compliment any project you are working on. Check us out and you will see that we are dedicated to serving you with great products, super prices, and extraordinary service.

  • Perform Delicate Soldering Projects with the Steinel HB 1750 Heat Gun

    Whenever you are working with small products that need to be heat shrunk, or soldered, one of the best tools at your side is the heat gun. There are all kinds of heat guns that work for different situations. However, the Steinel HB 1750 High Output Heat Blower is one tool for many different jobs. This heat gun can be used from everything shrinking electrical connectors, vacuum tubes, or desoldering a piece to change it or fix it. You can find these listed at the Kimco website.

    The Steinel HB 1750 is an ergonomically high output lightweight ultra quiet tool. It contains several features that include a key coding system for different temperatures. It also features a powerful turbine blower with air delivery rate up to 23 CFM and a soft grip handle with convenient slide switch. The temperature ranges of the HB 1750 go from a starting point of 300 degrees to a very hot 1200 degrees. This gives you a lot of options as to the different types of projects you can do.

    If you find yourself with a lot of projects that require a heat gun you should then look into Steinel heat guns. They are made of highly durable construction and they are backed by a great guarantee. You can pick up this, and other Steinel electronic heat guns at Kimco. There you will find a large selection of heat blowers to choose from to fit your individual needs. The prices are all at a competitive level and customer services is always available to help.

  • Temporary Hold Items with Steinel heat gun glue sticks

    There are many jobs that do not require soldering, or welding within the electronics field, but does require a temporary hold. When this need come up, the Steinel heat gun glue sticks should be the solution. These strong glue sticks give users the ability to temporarily hold items into place while doing other work. These glue sticks are used in the Steinel glue guns which are a staple for many hobbyists and component makers.

    The Kimco catalog carries the Steinel 04080 Clear 10" Glue Sticks that come in 18 piece packs. The glue stick itself is made of clear glue that holds items without any coloring or residue left behind after clean up. With the use of a Steinel heat gun you can heat the glue up again to remove it before permanently mounting the piece. The quality of these glue sticks is solid enough for any process from crafts to assembling complex circuits.

    You can find the Steinel 04080 Clear Glue Sticks at the Kimco online catalog along with any other accessory you may need for heat and glue guns. Everything from the guns themselves to reducers are available for you to browse and choose the right product. Each product is easy to find through the search box, or the navigational buttons on the sidebar. Go today to Kimco and begin your search for glue sticks or electrical cleaning supplies. The prices for each of our products are competitive with other suppliers and our shipping is fast and to your door. You always receive stellar customer service from our customer pros and each order is done with precision and care.

  • Steinel heat guns accessories give your heat gun more power

    There are many different uses for a heat gun within a manufacturing environment or a home hobbyist who likes to work with electronics and circuits. These jobs and processes are made much easier with the help of a few Steinel heat guns accessories. These accessories are made of a durable quality that will last for a long time without any need for replacement. With an accessory like a reducer you have the ability to increase the temperature of your heat gun while also giving it more pinpoint accuracy.

    Being able to put a concentrated level of heat on a small area when doing small scale work such as desoldering, heat shrinking plastic connectors, and other elements of electrical work is of great value to produce good products. The Steinel heat gun accessories at Kimco are available to the different heat guns we carry. For example, the Steinel 07071 14mm Reduction Nozzle is made of highly polished stainless steel for durability and long life. These nozzles are perfect for specialized work with small circuits and soldering.

    You can find a large assortment of Steinel heat gun accessories at the Kimco online catalog. Each part is listed with specs and details so you can know that you are getting the correct part for your heat gun. The site is easy to navigate so you do not become overwhelmed with the many different products, tool, and parts we carry. Check out the catalog today and see the items that are stocked for your convenience. Our prices are competitive and our shipping is fast and reliable.

  • Steinel ESD safe heat guns make desoldering a snap

    One of the essential tools that any electrical components worker is going to need by their side are a Steinel ESD safe heat guns. These heat guns have the ability to quickly desolder components for repairs or fixing mistakes. Anyone working with electrical circuit boards knows well the frustration of trying to remove a soldered piece with a low level heat gun or heat blower. These Steinel ESD safe heat guns from Kimco have variable temperatures so that you can get the right temp needed for the selected process.

    The Kimco online catalog boasts a large selection of these Steinel heat guns and all at fantastic prices. For example, the Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool blasts air that is 750 degree constant temperature. This can even be increased with a reducer. The Steinel HG 2510 ESD IntelliTemp™ ESD-Safe Electronic Heat Gun with LCD Display is another great example of a heat gun that enables heat selection in 10 degree increments. This ESD type of heat gun works well with electrical components as there electrostatic discharge that can cause shorts within wires and fuses.

    These heat guns, and several others that are available at the Kimco online catalog, are great for any industry that needs to work on electrical components or the home hobbyist who wants a good tool for desoldering components for DIY repairs, heat shrinking connectors, or to shrink vacuum tubing. The stock of these heat blowers are constantly monitored by our warehouse professionals so that there is no danger of running out of stock when you need this precision tool. Check out the website today for selection and cost.

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