Hot Air Rework Station

  • Hakko FM2029-01 Hot Air Pencil Offers Reliable, Precise Performance


    Hakko Hot Air Pencil FM2029

    The Hakko FM2029-01 Single Hot Air Pencil is designed to be used with the FM-206 3-Port Rework System, which is also available from Kimco Distributing Inc. The Hakko FM-206 Rework System comes in multiple packages, but they do not include a hot air pencil. The FM 2029 hot air pencil is an optional upgrade, which gives technicians precise control when soldering.

    This hot air iron from Kimco Distributing is designed for situations where pinpoint accuracy is imperative. Its narrow nozzle gives workers the ability to soldering in precisely the correct location, without damaging fragile components in the surrounding area.

    This Hakko hot air pencil comes with everything one needs to use it, aside from the actual 3-port rework system. Included in the box is the handpiece, itself, along with a holder, a connecting cable and a heat-resistant pad. The unit is easy to set up, plug in and begin using. (We still recommend reading the instructions, though!) As with any Hakko product sold by Kimco Distributing, the hot air pencil offers reliable performance and has a compact design. It does will not take up much space on a workbench and will last for years.

    Those interested in the Hakko hot air pencil might also want to peruse the full line of accessories Kimco Distributors has for the Hakko FM-206 Rework System. In addition to the pencil, there are hand-soldering tools and N2 soldering units available. These accessories, along with the system's own features, are why Hakko's tools are recognized as some of the best in the industry.

  • Surface Mount Soldering with the Hakko FR801 Hot Air Rework Station

    Surface mount soldering is a fairly simple task, which only requires solder, a stencil, a few tools for handling components and a hot air rework system. While it may be tedious, it is one of the simpler aspects of electronics repair and assembly. Nevertheless, high-quality tools must be used in surface mount soldering. The incorrect solder, cumbersome tweezers or an inconsistent rework system will only decrease productivity and increase aggravation. When businesses come to Kimco Distributors in need of a reliable hot air rework system, we often suggest the Hakko FR801 Hot Air Rework Station.

    This Hakko hot air rework station from Kimco Distributors takes only a moment to heat up and provides a consistently hot airflow. The temperature of the hot air stream is easy to adjust, but it will not vary unless altered by a user. If a technician ever is unsure of the current settings, the variable airflow meter is easy to read with just a glance. The unit also comes with an automatic cool-down, which engages as soon as someone presses stop. Its compact design makes this unit easy to include on a workbench without cluttering a technician’s space.

    Many of Kimco Distributors’ customers have been very pleased with the consistent performance of their Hakko FR801 Hot Air Rework Stations. Some have even purchased multiple units, either after trying out one initially or as their business grew. Currently, Kimco Distributors is offering a free hot air rework station to clients who purchase five units. This is a simple way of saying thank you to our most loyal customers in the surface mount soldering industry.

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