• A New Offering at Kimco: K-Stat ESD Shielding Bags

    When purchasing static shielding bags, companies might be tempted to simply order the same brand they always have been. After all, these ESD safe bags work, so why should the company try out a new brand? At Kimco, we are introducing a new brand of bags, which we think is worthy of looking at. We, after all, thought these K-Stat ESD control bags could add something to our already large selection of static shielding bags.

    KStat’s bags are built to the highest standards in the industry; otherwise, we at Kimco Distributing would not carry them. These metal-in bags have a four-layer construction. The outer-most layer is composed of a static dissipative coating, with polyester as the next layer. An aluminum shield and static dissipative polyethylene complete the construction. These bags:

    Have dissipative surfaces of Rtt <10^11 ohms per ANSI/ESD STM11.11 Safely protect and ground, when in contact with a grounded surface, ESD-sensitive parts Physically protect components by sustaining punctures up to 10 lbs. Are available in a variety of sizes In addition to the technical components, K-Stat’s ESD control bags provide two other important benefits. They are inexpensive and arrive quickly. Kimco Distributing Corp. has plenty of these bags in stock, so companies do not have to wait while they are on backorder.

    They also ship the same day they are ordered, as long as we do not have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to send the order. For night owls who place orders after business hours, we promise to promptly ship orders the next business day. Kimco has partnered both with the U.S. Postal Office and UPS to provide a range of shipping options, which vary from several days to next-day delivery.

    With all of the products available on our website, we rarely add a completely new line. We felt, however, that K-Stat’s ESD shielding bags have a lot to offer companies, so we decided to include them in our inventory.

  • Static Shielding Bags: Providing Protection in All Situations



    Static shielding bags create ESD-safe environments for valuable electronic parts. In addition to carrying static control bags manufactured by Desco and 3M, Kimco Distributing Corporation is pleased to announce a new line of affordable ESD control bags. K-Stat is Kimco Distributors’ new line of bags. With these new K-Stat shielding bags, Kimco Distributors hope to offer businesses that work with electronics an affordable alternative to the brand-name bags, without sacrificing quality.

    Although their sizes and openings differ, all static shielding bags carried by Kimco Distributing Corp. have are manufactured in a similar way. They typically have three or four layers. The outermost layer is a static dissipative coating, which covers a polyester layer. Some people count these two layers as one, thus the discrepancy in three or four layers. The next inner layer is a metal shield, often made of aluminum. The final layer on the inside is another static dissipative layer, but this one is made of a polyethylene.

    Having said the ESD control bags carried by Kimco Distributors are all similar, there are three differences worth noting. First, some bags have an open top, while others have a zip-lock that allows you to easily close the bag. Second, some bags are “metal-in,” which means the metal is on the inside, while others are “metal-out,” which means the metal layer is on the outside. Finally, static control bags vary in transparency.

    These layers work together to eliminate static charges in a variety of situations. Companies use ESD control bags to store valuable parts. These bags are also used to protect components during transport. In any situation where an ESD-safe environment cannot be created, these bags from Desco, 3M or Kimco Distributing provide protection. In ESD-safe environments, they provide another level of insurance.

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