• Product Feature: Loctite EQ CL32 LED Spot System

    One of the most recent products added to the GoKimco website is the Loctite EQ CL32 LED Spot 405nm. With new light intensities of up to 3 w/cm2, this system is three times greater than its predecessor and revolutionizes portable LED curing methods for all industries that need to achieve immediate operating strength on a variety of materials.

    Loctite EQ CL32

    This lightweight LED light source is small enough to be used in crowded and hard-to-reach areas while minimizing operator fatigue, yet powerful enough to take care of all the curing needs your industry might require. Depending on your project and preferences, you can either power the system through a wall outlet if you wish to use it as a mount or you can take advantage of its 3-hour battery life if you wish to use it as a handheld unit.

    Besides being small and powerful, the Loctite EQ CL32 also boasts a number of other benefits. For starters, its instant on/off makes the system easy and quick to use. Its long focus length allows the user to direct precisely into small joints or crowded areas with fast curing speeds. It also consumes little power and releases no IR emissions, which reduces the chance for thermal damage and warp.

    How does this light work? Click here for a visual explanation on how to use the LED spot system, but for now, we’ll go over the basics. For common applications, just apply a light cure instant adhesive to the parts that you wish to be mated, potted or sealed. GoKimco also offers a number of light cure adhesives, all of which are formulated for rapid light cure.

    You can still adjust parts once the adhesive is applied without breaking the initial bond since the adhesive will not become activated until the light source is used. This allows you to ensure that your parts are in the desired place before using the using the Loctite EQ CL32 to adhere them together. Then use the instant on button and either the 365nm or 405nm LED heads to complete the curing process.

    It’s that simple! The Loctite EQ CL32 is perfect for prototyping, scale up, or full production environments so you won’t want to miss out on this newly featured product.

  • Top 6 Uses for the Maxxeon Cyclops WorkStar 800 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light

    I distinctly remember a time from my childhood when a blizzard hit our town and persisted for days, keeping everyone locked inside their houses with no electricity for the majority of that time. My family always kept flashlights around the house and considered this “being prepared”,but they quickly learned that cheap lights were exactly that- cheap… and also unreliable. Sometimes a dull glow was all a single light could muster even with newly replaced batteries. It ended up becoming a giant frustration on top of the other pains that relentless snow brings.

    This is just one scenario where the Maxxeon Cyclops WorkStar 800 would have
    been beneficial to have around. This rechargeable LED light boasts 420 lumens in a frame that’s small enough to fit nicely in your hand. It works well in a variety of different settings varying from the household to maintenance and manufacturing environments. Here’s a list of six uses of the Maxxeon Cyclops WorkStar 800 that will give you an idea of just how versatile this light can be:

    1. Plumbing

    If you work in the plumbing industry or even do some plumbing work from time to time around your own house, this light is going to be highly beneficial to you. Being an inspection light that specializes in illuminating close, confined quarters, this light will work especially well for this trade. The Cyclops is also water resistant, holding up over time against any splashes of water that might come its way.

    2. Electronic Repair

    If you’re an electronic repair person, you know that your profession requires you to work from multiple angles. You need a light that is going to help you regardless of what position you’re in. While the Cyclops can fit nicely in your hand if desired, it also comes with a handle that rotates 360 degrees with 12 indented positions. You can use the handle as a stand or hang it from a hook. There’s also a built in magnet that can attach the light to any metal surface. Bottom line is that you’re now hands free and still have a reliable light at your disposal.

    3. Automotive Repair

    In a testimonial about the Cyclops light, a buyer said, “It’s been left on cars for test drives, it’s fallen off of cars several times, I’ve dropped it quite a few times, and ran over once by an F-150. I can’t kill this light. It charges up bright as ever.” Obviously, if you work frequently on automobiles, your equipment is bound to get banged up over time. That won’t slow this light down. It’s perfect with automotive repair and restoration.

    4. On the Farm

    While you may not think of it at first, the Cyclops is a great help for those that live or work in a farm setting. Not near an outlet? No problem. The Cyclops is cordless and rechargeable. This light can run for 2 hours on high or 5 hours on low without being recharged. It’s also sealed to avoid contamination by any dirt or grit it may encounter, and once again, it’s water resistant.

    5. Camping

    The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a camping trip when you realize the lights you brought either broke or don’t work the way you expected them to. The Cyclops is a rugged, durable light. It is designed to be dropped, dragged and mishandled, yet still carry on in all its glory. It’s like “The Little Light That Could”. Go ahead and drop it in with the rest of your camping equipment because this light is sturdy enough to last through countless camping trips.

    6. For the Home

    Don’t wait until a snowstorm or your next power outage to realize that your at-home lights aren’t cutting it. While yes, this light was made with the professional trades in mind, it’s also great to have stored away in case of power outages or other emergency situations. As mentioned before, the battery life of this device will get you through for hours.

    There you have it. Who would have guessed that such a little light would have so many uses. For more information on the Maxxeon Cyclops WorkStar 800, visit the product page here.

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