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  • Vision Engineering End of the Year Promotion

    OFFER 1

    FREE Smart Cam with every Lynx EVO system – a $1,910 value

    Take your inspection results to the next level with the Lynx EVO and get the Smart Calynx-evom HD digital camera and software for FREE!

    Smart CAM (EVC130) offers easy convenient image/video capture while retaining both optical paths for stereo viewing.

    • Stunning 3D (stereo) optical imaging.
    • Quickly and simply capture HD images or video.
    • Add annotation / mark-up captured images with included PC software.

    Quote AP16 with your order

    Terms and Conditions: A Lynx EVO system comprises of a head, zoom, stand, objective and ring light or 360 degree rotating viewer. Promotion runs from 11/1/2016 to 12/22/2016, orders must be placed by 12/22/2016. Distributor orders to be drop shipped. Not to be combined with any other offer. Offer available while stocks last.


    OFFER 2

    ½ Price 360o Rotation Viewer with Lynx EVO or EVO Cam system purchase- $1,935* savings

    Enhance your inspection with the 360o rotating viewer, at 50% off.
    The rotating viewer for the Lynx EVO and EVO Cam delivers an oblique view of the subject that can be rotated 360° degrees around a central point, making it ideal for working with evo-cam_-2 evo-camengineered, electronic, or precision parts – the fastest, simplest way to inspect all the way around a component without holding it.

    • Easy to switch between rotation view and conventional direct view.
    • View all around a component, quickly and accurately.
    • Ideal for electronics inspection (PCB solder joints, holes, pillars and thread forms), mechanical, medical and plastics components and more…
    Terms and Conditions: A Lynx EVO system comprises of a head, zoom, stand, objective and ring light. An EVO Cam system comprises of camera, stand, objective and ring light. Promotion runs from 11/1/2016 to 12/22/2016, orders must be placed by 12/22/2016. Distributor orders to be drop shipped. Not to be combined with any other offer. Offer available while stocks l

    *savings based on EVO Cam 360o viewer RRP.
    Quote AP16 with your order

  • Where can you find big savings on Luxo KFM Magnifiers?

    For a limited time, we are offering deep discounts on Luxo's KFM LED Magnifiers.

    • Featuring 75% more light output than regular KFM Magnifiers,
    • Luxo magnifiers are also extremely energy efficient
    • LED lights last an incredibly long time.

    Utilizing the patented Luxo "K-arm", the magnifier head can be positioned anyway you need it, and will stay put when you have it adjusted to your liking.These KFM LED Magnifiers are offered in 3 and 5 diopter lens sizes, and the semi-circle LED units are equipped with auto-shutoff settings.

    Take advantage of these great discounts for a limited time on magnifiers for nearly any application!

    Buy now!

    Luxo Promo

  • More Holiday Gift Ideas at Kimco!

    Last week, we presented several gift ideas for the hobbyist on your list. This week we follow up with some more suggestions, again in three price ranges. Get your holiday shopping done now, don't wait any longer!

    Under $50:

    Weller WLC100
    Weller WLC100 40 watt Hobbyist Solder Station
    - Kimco Price: $44.99

    The WLC100 is a nice, affordable, entry level soldering station perfect for casual hobbyists or students. It features adjustable power from 5 to 40 watts, a built in iron stand, and tip cleaning pad. A soldering station is a great addition to anyone's tool bench.

    Suggested add-on:
    Extra ST3 Tip


    X-Acto 13pc. Knife Kit
    Xacto X5082 13pc. Knife Set in Wood Case
    -Kimco Price: $19.97

    Every self respecting hobbyist and crafter needs a good set of Xactos! This kit features many different blades and handles to tackle nearly any project, all packed in a handsome wooden case.


    Aven 20 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set
    Aven 13714 20-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set w/ Interchangeable Blades
    -Kimco Price: $22.79

    This precision screwdriver set from Aven is great for working on electronics, servicing computers, and repairing small items like eye glasses. Many interchangeable blades are included in slotted, Philips, Hex, and Nutdriver configurations.


    Under $100:

    Hakko Omnivise
    Hakko C1390 PCB Omnivise
    Kimco Price: Price: $59.57

    This unique product from Hakko holds a printed circuit board firmly in place and level so heat and solder may be applied. However, it can be used to hold many other items. It features height adjustment for maximum versatility.



    Eclipse Pro Drill Driver
    Eclipse Pro's Kit PT-1441A Cordless Drill Driver
    Kimco Price: $51.51

    The Eclipse Pro's Kit 14.4V Drill Driver is a powerful cordless drill for a great price. It features many different torque settings, forward and reverse control, and a 3/8in keyless chuck. Every household needs a good cordless drill!


    Steinel Heat Gun
    Steinel SV803K Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit
    Kimco Price: $69.42

    A heat gun is a handy thing to own, and has many uses: shrink wrapping, thawing frozen pipes, desoldering, plastic welding, dent removal, even roasting coffee! This Steinel heat gun features 3 airflow settings, a soft grip handle, and includes two add-on nozzles for various applications. Surprise the tool geek in your life (that thinks they have everything)  with a tool that is likely missing from their quiver!


    Under $200:

    Luxo LFM Magnifier
    Luxo 18345LG LFM LED 3 Diopter Edge Clamp 45" Arm Magnifier
    Kimco Price: $145.70

    This Luxo magnifier is perfect for hobbyists who work on small projects. It clamps to nearly any work space and has a 9.5W LED light source. Luxo is known for quality magnifiers, and this unit is no exception, featuring a die-cast aluminum housing and crystal clear glass lens.


    Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Branson B200 Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Kimco Price: $119.95

    Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean a multitude of small parts, optical pieces and even jewelry. The Branson B200 is a small 15 oz. utrasonic unit suitable for home use. Just add the correct cleaning solution for your application (listed below) and you are ready to clean.

    Suggested add-on:
    Branson General Purpose Solution
    Branson Jewelry Cleaner Solution


    Visit our gift page for more great holiday gift ideas.

  • LED Lighting is making a Green impact on Electronic Manufacturing and Repair

    OC White 82400-4-B

    “It’s big. It’s Green. And, it has a clamping arm magnifier!” While this may sound like the legend of the monster that lives under the bed being retold in an elementary school cafeteria, it is far from such a thing. These are the main selling points of O.C. White’s Green-Lite Arm Magnifier, which is one of many LED lighting solutions available from Kimco.

    Clamping onto a table edge, this is not for frying little munchkins below a laser beam – microelectronics businesses have welding equipment for that. (Kimco is still working on finding a laser-beam welding unit. Currently the best tool we have for grossing out schoolgirls while frying bugs with Calvin and Hobbes is Weller’s WX2020 Soldering Station).

    Rather, the Green-Lite Arm Magnifier (O.C. White part number 82400-4B) is a large, adjustable magnifying glass with lights. Even though it is made by a company called O.C. White and painted black, this magnifying unit is green. It features LED lights, which save money when compared to traditional halogen magnifying lights. These LED lights are cooler and use much less energy than traditional lights, and they meet all energy-star requirements.

    This adjustable magnifier also features:

    • The highest lumen output in a lighted magnifier
    • Reduced glare
    • Optical-grade magnifying glass

    Over time, switching to an energy-star approved table-clamp magnifier, like this one from Kimco, will save companies money on both power and light bulbs. Perhaps the savings can be set aside, so businesses can purchase that laser-beam soldering iron, when we find it.

  • Use ESD Inspection Magnifiers For High Confidence in Electrical Assembly

    When working with computers, circuits, electrical cards and other small components it is necessary to make use of an ESD inspection magnifier. This tool helps you to see tiny parts with greater ease and lessens the potential for problems and mistakes.

    At Kimco we carry a great line of different ESD inspection magnifiers in order to help our customers do the best work with their electrical assembly and repair. Within this line is the Aven 26505-ESD Mighty Vue ESD-Safe Magnifer with Clamp. This magnifier features a large 7 x 5.2 in, 1.75x (3 Diopter ) crystal clear lens mounted to a high tech style mar resistant plastic housing with dual light sources. The large rectangular viewing area of the glass enables comfortable viewing with both eyes and provides shadow free viewing.

    It is also ESD safe. This means that the coating on the magnifier does not conduct a static charge and it dissipates a charge if you happen to touch it while charged. An electro static charge can be made quite easily through simple tasks like walking across the floor or repeatedly rubbing your arm against your clothes. The frictions charges the molecules and then can be transmitted to a metal surface. If happens to a circuit board, this can damage it beyond repair.

    Kimco is very proud to offer these, and several other ESD inspection magnifiers in our online catalog. We also have industry low prices with a very fast shipping policy. If you have any questions please feel free to talk with our customer service professionals who would be glad to hear from you and help in any way they can.

  • What Features Do You Look For In Inspection Microscopes?

    03-03-2012-12Whenever inspecting devices you are working on, there are certain things that you will need in order to do so. Among the important things that you will need is a good microscope. The best Inspection Microscopes will depend on the features you are looking for.

    The different features will include the manner in which you want to be able to view the items. It will also depend on the amount of detail that you will need to have. There are different strengths of microscopes as well as different functions which will allow you to complete the tasks that you are looking to complete.

    Handheld Microscopes

    The use of a handheld microscope allows you to be able to have a look at individual items from a variety of different angles. The main problem some find with these is that they will not allow you to be able to use two hands whenever trying to manipulate anything that you are looking at. If you are only using these to inspect items, these are very handy in making it possible for you to gather more information about the different items.

    Digital Microscopes

    Using digital microscopes over the kinds which depend solely on lenses will allow you to be able to see at a much smaller surface area. You will be able to use these in conjunction with a video screen. These will allow you to be able to not only view the item, but to share what you are seeing with a group of people. These are perfect for those looking to show off certain details of a device to a group of people. They are also good when needing to record the images for use in a computer program or for sending files through email to others.

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