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  • Hakko FX-100 and T31 Tips Uses Latest Technology for Easy and Safe Operation

    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationHakko continues to show its competence for making soldering an easy and safe operation with the introduction of the Hakko FX-100. The unit is for use with T-31 Tips.

    Hakko FX-100 Features

    The Hakko FX–100 is an inductively heated (IH) solder iron. IH irons heat quickly thanks to a rapidly changing magnetic field. The soldering iron tip, a conductor, is in the magnetic field and cultivates an electric current. This current heats the T-31 tip more quickly than other irons heat their tips.

    This technology has the unit heat-up quicker than soldering irons that heat by using resistive heated elements that get energy from the power supply.

    Another feature that makes the Hakko FX 100 so easy to use is that it needs no calibration.

    The soldering station is one of the easiest to use thanks to the simple way a user programs it for using different tip shapes or solder alloys.

    Other features include:

    • A power activity display that provides non-interruptible dynamic feedback on thermal load at the tip of the soldering iron;
    • Large Backlit display;
    • Safety auto power off feature;
    • Password protectection prevents unauthorized people from making system changes;
    • Minimal workbench footprint;
    • Ergonomic handbook that is lightweight with burn resistant cord to allow for outstanding user agility;
    • Tip sleep feature that preserves the life of the T-31 tips and cuts oxidation when the iron is idle; and
    • Meets or exceeds requirements under all applicable standards.

    Features of T-31 Tips

    The T-31 Series tips come as cartridges and the tips receive more power from the IH power source. As with all Hakko tips, the T-31 series of tips are long-lived. These tips come in a wide assortment of shapes from which to choose. The technology Hakko employs in the T-31 tips use iron plating similar to the renowned long-life Hakko T15 tip series.

    For more information about the Hakko FX-100 and T-31 tips, email Kimco Distributing at sales@gokimco or call us at (800) 521-9197.

  • Streamlining processes with enhanced features of the Hakko FX-100


    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationMaking your job easier is a breeze when you have the right tools. In an industry where having a soldering tool that performs to the highest standard matters, the new Hakko FX-100 and T31 soldering tips complete the job. One of the newest members to the Hakko product family, this new technology stands out through the use of IE (induction heat) which allows the heat to reach the soldering tip efficiently and effectively.

    What does induction heat do?

    This helps the iron by working through a magnetic field that quickly changes through an electrical current to assist rapid heating of the tip, which comes in a variety of sizes. Although the Hakko-FX 100 is a soldering iron, the design and lightness of the device looks and works more like a handpiece.

    This new technology has additional enhancements:

     - Top-notch heat supply
     - No calibration needed
     - Power Assist function and backlit display
     - Password lockout
     - Programmable heating profiles
     - Great thermal recovery and responsiveness
     - Automatic detection of drops in temperature
     - Burn resistant cord

    The pre-set heat settings are helpful, and being able to program personalized heating profiles will same time and setup when having to change tip shapes or alloys. Another important safety feature is the tip sleep function. This will allow the reduction of heat while the device is not in use.

    The Hakko FX-100 is a great advancement in soldering iron systems, proven with each use. Streamline your processes through a new step in technological innovation that can make a huge difference in the way work is distributed and handled. The Hakko FX-100 can speed up wait times and provide a safer solution for soldering projects.

    For more information on the Hakko FX-100, T31 tips and increasing productivity, visit the site.

  • 5 Features of the Hakko FX-100 Performance Soldering Easier

    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationThe Hakko FX-100 offers many excellent features that take performance soldering to the next level. Beyond offering a compact, sleek design, newer features make this model an excellent choice for those that want to make performance soldering easier.


    Feature #1 – Password Setting Options

    Password setting options make it possible for individuals to restrict setting changes on the Hakko FX-100, ensuring that important settings are not lost when multiple users use the machine. Several password settings allow you to restrict access to varying degrees.


    Feature #2 – User-Friendly Display

    Another feature that makes performance soldering easier is the user-friendly display offered by the Hakko FX-100. It boasts a large LCD display, making it easy to see settings. The power activity display is user selectable and allows individuals to program and save two different tip profiles.


    Feature #3 – Easy-to-Use Temperature Presets

    Instead of needing to manually set temperatures, easy-to-use temperature presets come standard on the machine, making it easy to choose the setting needed quickly. Not only does the machine come with presets, but those presets may be changed to suit the user’s specific needs.


    Feature #4 – Durable, Long-lasting Tips

    The tips featured by the Hakko FX-100 are of high quality and they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Tip life is prolonged by double plating and the durable, long-lasting tips offer better performance.


    Feature #5 – Warning for Low Temperatures

    Low temperatures lead to problems when performance soldering, and to avoid those issues, the machine offers a special warning when low temperatures are detected. The LCD screen displays an error message, ensuring that low temperatures are quickly detected.


    Although the Hakko FX-100 is a low cost device, it offers many features that not offer value and ease when performance soldering. Calibration is not required and the machine meets EMI standards, making it an excellent choice for many different types of soldering work.

    photoKimco Distributing is proud to be an authorized Hakko distributor.  If you have any questions concerning Hakko or any of the products we support, please call or email us.

  • A New Offering at Kimco: K-Stat ESD Shielding Bags

    When purchasing static shielding bags, companies might be tempted to simply order the same brand they always have been. After all, these ESD safe bags work, so why should the company try out a new brand? At Kimco, we are introducing a new brand of bags, which we think is worthy of looking at. We, after all, thought these K-Stat ESD control bags could add something to our already large selection of static shielding bags.

    KStat’s bags are built to the highest standards in the industry; otherwise, we at Kimco Distributing would not carry them. These metal-in bags have a four-layer construction. The outer-most layer is composed of a static dissipative coating, with polyester as the next layer. An aluminum shield and static dissipative polyethylene complete the construction. These bags:

    Have dissipative surfaces of Rtt <10^11 ohms per ANSI/ESD STM11.11 Safely protect and ground, when in contact with a grounded surface, ESD-sensitive parts Physically protect components by sustaining punctures up to 10 lbs. Are available in a variety of sizes In addition to the technical components, K-Stat’s ESD control bags provide two other important benefits. They are inexpensive and arrive quickly. Kimco Distributing Corp. has plenty of these bags in stock, so companies do not have to wait while they are on backorder.

    They also ship the same day they are ordered, as long as we do not have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to send the order. For night owls who place orders after business hours, we promise to promptly ship orders the next business day. Kimco has partnered both with the U.S. Postal Office and UPS to provide a range of shipping options, which vary from several days to next-day delivery.

    With all of the products available on our website, we rarely add a completely new line. We felt, however, that K-Stat’s ESD shielding bags have a lot to offer companies, so we decided to include them in our inventory.

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