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  • Remember to use our Tip Finder™ to find the right tips for your soldering station!

    We know how difficult it can be to figure out what tips will fit your particular soldering station. We introduced the Kimco Tip Finder™ to help you discover a wide array of soldering tips that will work with your station of choice.

    We regularly update the Tip Finder™ to include new tip series and stations. If you still have trouble finding the tips you need, do not hesitate to call us!

    Check out the how-to video below.

  • Free Shipping for New ADS200 AccuDriveTM Production Soldering Station

    Kimco is excited to introduce a special offer on a new product from PACE - the ADS200 AccuDrive Production Soldering Station model 8007-0578 makes electronics soldering easy to master and allows you to achieve more efficient production workflows. Plus, for a limited time, we’re offering free shipping on this slick new device.

    Read on for more details on the machine and how to take advantage of free shipping.

    The ADS200 AccuDrive™ Production Soldering Station from Pace Worldwide

    PACE Worldwide is recognized for innovative, cost-effective solutions in soldering, rework and repair of advanced electronics, and this new soldering station more than delivers on that reputation, designed for extreme, multi-shift production use, and created by a company that understands the needs of high-quality electronics manufacturers. For over 50 years, PACE has been known for the development of groundbreaking products, training films, curricula, materials and electronic assembly standards. As a leading supplier of products, services and solutions for electronics manufacturing and repair in North America, we’re excited to add this high-powered product to our extensive offering of specialist manufacturing and repair products.

    New AccuDrive™ Technology

    PACE’s new AccuDrive™ Technology will help you to spend less time checking and calibrating devices, and more time working. The soldering system is intuitive to use and easy to operate, no specialized training required. It was designed to seamlessly fit into your existing workflows and supercharge your production capabilities. Replace your older, high-maintenance soldering systems with the ADS200 and see your production times speed up and your costs go down.

    AccuDrive™ allows you to set highly-accurate temperatures, without the need to repeatedly change cartridges. Its fast heat-up achieves set temperature in seconds, and advanced electronics give you greater flexibility and speed by providing instantaneous load sensing and on-demand power so you can quickly reflow solder joints at safe, low temperatures, regardless of the mass of the application.

    Safe, Strong & Simple

    Simple to operate, just power the device on to begin soldering. A large digital LED display makes it easy to check the temperature of the unit from all angles, and you can quickly toggle between temperature presets at the touch of a button. An optional add-on ISB Tool Stand can extend tip life and save energy by automatically lowering temperature when the iron is set in the stand, and also makes it easy to clean the device so you can work continuously. Most importantly, of course, this rugged and ergonomic station is ESD-Safe and meets ANSI/ESD S13.1-2015 and 20.20 specifications.

    The AccuDrive™ Production Soldering Station's integrated Blue Series Tip-Heater Cartridges allow you to significantly lower your yearly soldering expenses through the use of inexpensive, long-life tips. The performance and responsiveness of these tips exceed that of many higher-priced alternatives and are perfect for demanding lead-free soldering or high thermal mass PCB's. These quick-change cartridges can be swapped while hot and instantly achieve set temperatures for continuous production soldering. A high-accuracy sensor with a robust heater delivers up to 120 Watts of power, and unlike curie point systems, one tip can be set at any temperature, from 380°F/193°C to 850°F/454°C without changing the cartridge.

    New TD-200 Cool-TouchTM

    The ADS200 AccuDrive™ Production Soldering Station also features the new TD-200 Cool-TouchTM Handpiece which is designed to stay cool and comfortable. The ergonomically designed handle is slim and lightweight to reduce grip stress and operator fatigue, and made out of aluminum so it stays cool and comfortable, even during extended production use. This device works safely on 0201’s, sensitive flex circuits or the highest mass, lead-free PCBs. From tip to the end of the cord, the TD-200 protects your ESD-sensitive devices.

    Free Shipping!

    Kimco is offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time free on the Pace ADS200 AccuDrive™ Production Soldering Station so you can try out this new product in your electronics soldering stations and revamp your workflows.



    Ready to try one out for yourself? Learn more and place your order at online by clicking Pace ADS200 model 8007-0578 . You can also find all the PACE products that we carry, from replacement parts to rework systems, here.

  • Hakko FX-100 and T31 Tips Uses Latest Technology for Easy and Safe Operation

    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationHakko continues to show its competence for making soldering an easy and safe operation with the introduction of the Hakko FX-100. The unit is for use with T-31 Tips.

    Hakko FX-100 Features

    The Hakko FX–100 is an inductively heated (IH) solder iron. IH irons heat quickly thanks to a rapidly changing magnetic field. The soldering iron tip, a conductor, is in the magnetic field and cultivates an electric current. This current heats the T-31 tip more quickly than other irons heat their tips.

    This technology has the unit heat-up quicker than soldering irons that heat by using resistive heated elements that get energy from the power supply.

    Another feature that makes the Hakko FX 100 so easy to use is that it needs no calibration.

    The soldering station is one of the easiest to use thanks to the simple way a user programs it for using different tip shapes or solder alloys.

    Other features include:

    • A power activity display that provides non-interruptible dynamic feedback on thermal load at the tip of the soldering iron;
    • Large Backlit display;
    • Safety auto power off feature;
    • Password protectection prevents unauthorized people from making system changes;
    • Minimal workbench footprint;
    • Ergonomic handbook that is lightweight with burn resistant cord to allow for outstanding user agility;
    • Tip sleep feature that preserves the life of the T-31 tips and cuts oxidation when the iron is idle; and
    • Meets or exceeds requirements under all applicable standards.

    Features of T-31 Tips

    The T-31 Series tips come as cartridges and the tips receive more power from the IH power source. As with all Hakko tips, the T-31 series of tips are long-lived. These tips come in a wide assortment of shapes from which to choose. The technology Hakko employs in the T-31 tips use iron plating similar to the renowned long-life Hakko T15 tip series.

    For more information about the Hakko FX-100 and T-31 tips, email Kimco Distributing at sales@gokimco or call us at (800) 521-9197.

  • Streamlining processes with enhanced features of the Hakko FX-100


    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationMaking your job easier is a breeze when you have the right tools. In an industry where having a soldering tool that performs to the highest standard matters, the new Hakko FX-100 and T31 soldering tips complete the job. One of the newest members to the Hakko product family, this new technology stands out through the use of IE (induction heat) which allows the heat to reach the soldering tip efficiently and effectively.

    What does induction heat do?

    This helps the iron by working through a magnetic field that quickly changes through an electrical current to assist rapid heating of the tip, which comes in a variety of sizes. Although the Hakko-FX 100 is a soldering iron, the design and lightness of the device looks and works more like a handpiece.

    This new technology has additional enhancements:

     - Top-notch heat supply
     - No calibration needed
     - Power Assist function and backlit display
     - Password lockout
     - Programmable heating profiles
     - Great thermal recovery and responsiveness
     - Automatic detection of drops in temperature
     - Burn resistant cord

    The pre-set heat settings are helpful, and being able to program personalized heating profiles will same time and setup when having to change tip shapes or alloys. Another important safety feature is the tip sleep function. This will allow the reduction of heat while the device is not in use.

    The Hakko FX-100 is a great advancement in soldering iron systems, proven with each use. Streamline your processes through a new step in technological innovation that can make a huge difference in the way work is distributed and handled. The Hakko FX-100 can speed up wait times and provide a safer solution for soldering projects.

    For more information on the Hakko FX-100, T31 tips and increasing productivity, visit the site.

  • More Holiday Gift Ideas at Kimco!

    Last week, we presented several gift ideas for the hobbyist on your list. This week we follow up with some more suggestions, again in three price ranges. Get your holiday shopping done now, don't wait any longer!

    Under $50:

    Weller WLC100
    Weller WLC100 40 watt Hobbyist Solder Station
    - Kimco Price: $44.99

    The WLC100 is a nice, affordable, entry level soldering station perfect for casual hobbyists or students. It features adjustable power from 5 to 40 watts, a built in iron stand, and tip cleaning pad. A soldering station is a great addition to anyone's tool bench.

    Suggested add-on:
    Extra ST3 Tip


    X-Acto 13pc. Knife Kit
    Xacto X5082 13pc. Knife Set in Wood Case
    -Kimco Price: $19.97

    Every self respecting hobbyist and crafter needs a good set of Xactos! This kit features many different blades and handles to tackle nearly any project, all packed in a handsome wooden case.


    Aven 20 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set
    Aven 13714 20-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set w/ Interchangeable Blades
    -Kimco Price: $22.79

    This precision screwdriver set from Aven is great for working on electronics, servicing computers, and repairing small items like eye glasses. Many interchangeable blades are included in slotted, Philips, Hex, and Nutdriver configurations.


    Under $100:

    Hakko Omnivise
    Hakko C1390 PCB Omnivise
    Kimco Price: Price: $59.57

    This unique product from Hakko holds a printed circuit board firmly in place and level so heat and solder may be applied. However, it can be used to hold many other items. It features height adjustment for maximum versatility.



    Eclipse Pro Drill Driver
    Eclipse Pro's Kit PT-1441A Cordless Drill Driver
    Kimco Price: $51.51

    The Eclipse Pro's Kit 14.4V Drill Driver is a powerful cordless drill for a great price. It features many different torque settings, forward and reverse control, and a 3/8in keyless chuck. Every household needs a good cordless drill!


    Steinel Heat Gun
    Steinel SV803K Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit
    Kimco Price: $69.42

    A heat gun is a handy thing to own, and has many uses: shrink wrapping, thawing frozen pipes, desoldering, plastic welding, dent removal, even roasting coffee! This Steinel heat gun features 3 airflow settings, a soft grip handle, and includes two add-on nozzles for various applications. Surprise the tool geek in your life (that thinks they have everything)  with a tool that is likely missing from their quiver!


    Under $200:

    Luxo LFM Magnifier
    Luxo 18345LG LFM LED 3 Diopter Edge Clamp 45" Arm Magnifier
    Kimco Price: $145.70

    This Luxo magnifier is perfect for hobbyists who work on small projects. It clamps to nearly any work space and has a 9.5W LED light source. Luxo is known for quality magnifiers, and this unit is no exception, featuring a die-cast aluminum housing and crystal clear glass lens.


    Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Branson B200 Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Kimco Price: $119.95

    Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean a multitude of small parts, optical pieces and even jewelry. The Branson B200 is a small 15 oz. utrasonic unit suitable for home use. Just add the correct cleaning solution for your application (listed below) and you are ready to clean.

    Suggested add-on:
    Branson General Purpose Solution
    Branson Jewelry Cleaner Solution


    Visit our gift page for more great holiday gift ideas.

  • Holiday Gift Ideas at Kimco

    The holiday shopping season is upon us. To help you pick out the best gifts for the hobbyist on your list, we've made a list of great ideas for every budget. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the gifts we have selected in three different price ranges. Get your shopping done NOW!

    Under $50:

    PanaVise 301
    Panavise 301 Standard Vise Kit with Head and Base
    - Kimco Price: $49.99

    Every workshop needs a PanaVise, and the 301 is a perfect choice. Like having an extra set of hands, the 301 standard vise will hold household repair projects, printed circuit boards, automotive parts and more. Its jaws open to 2.25” and has a heat tolerance of up to 200°F. This unit is compatible with other PanaVise accessories and the base can be screw-mounted to a workbench or shop counter.


    Dremel 7300
    Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8v Cordless Rotary Tool Kit
    -Kimco Price: $32.82

    The Dremel MiniMite is a versatile tool for a variety of light-duty projects, including drilling, sanding, shaping and detailing. This portable tool can be used nearly anywhere, making it a perfect addition to any household. This MiniMite kit comes with a variety of accessories and is compatible with Dremel bits with up to a ⅛” shank.

    Suggested add-on:
    Dremel 531 ½” Stainless Steel Brush


    Eclipse Pro's Kit Driver
    Eclipse Pro's Kit PT-1136A LI-ion Cordless ScrewDriver, 3.6V with Light
    -Kimco Price: $17.18

    A handy cordless screwdriver that won’t break the bank, the Eclipse Pro’s Kit PT-1136A has a directional head that can be adjusted into three different configurations, making it perfect for hard to reach spaces. The built in LED light makes using the driver in low light situations a snap, and included in the kit are a variety of driver bits.


    Under $100:

    Hakko FX888D ESD-Safe Digital Soldering Station
    Kimco Price: Price: $91.35

    The Hakko FX888D is a popular hobbyist soldering station that features an easy to use digital display. The FX888D packs a big punch for a small price, and it looks really cool too! This station is perfect for use on RC cars and airplanes, computer parts, circuit boards, and other electronics.

    Suggested add-on:
    Additional Wire Sponge


    Steinel ThermaMelt
    Steinel TM6000 ThermaMelt 6000 Butane Powered Glue Gun
    Kimco Price: $53.04

    This is one serious glue gun. Powered by butane, this gun heats up within three minutes. It is suitable for a variety of hobby and crafting applications and uses replaceable LEC fuel cells.

    Suggested add-on:
    Additional fuel cells


    Daylight U33700
    Daylight U33700 White Twist Portable Task Light
    Kimco Price: $59.99

    As the name implies, this task light folds up to be easily portable. The rotating head features a “flicker-free” ballast and a 13W energy saving tube (200W equiv). This is a quality lamp for any hobbyist.


    Under $200:

    Dremel 4000 Kit
    Dremel 4000-6/50 High Performance Variable Speed Rotary Kit with 50 pieces
    Kimco Price: $185.28

    The finest and most versatile of all of Dremel’s rotary tools, the hobbyist in your life will be thrilled with the Dremel 4000-6/50. Featuring a high-performance motor, this tool is suitable for thousands of different hobby, repair, and crafting applications. Sharpen garden tools, sand painted surfaces, cut tile, metal, wood, plastic and more using the 50 included Dremel accessories.

    Suggested add-on:
    Additional cut-off wheels


    Aven Mighty Vue Magnifier
    Aven 26505-ESD Mighty Vue ESD-Safe Magnifer with Clamp, 3 diopter, 30" Arm
    Kimco Price: $157.08

    This illuminated magnifier features a crystal clear 7 x 5.2in., 1.75x (3 diopter) lens and is the perfect addition to any workbench. The spring-balanced arm has a 30in reach, and the head is equipped with two 9 watt fluorescent bulbs.


    Visit our gift page for more great holiday gift ideas.

  • PCB Repair Made Easy with the Weller WLC100 soldering station

    Weller WLC100Repairing and maintaining printed circuit boards can be difficult. Though most that deal with PCBs on a daily basis know how fragile they can be, it is important that the correct tools are employed when repairing these fragile circuit boards. There are a few common issues that may solicit repair with a PCB, things like broken connections and loose wires are among the most common. Having a tool like the Weller WLC100 40 watt Hobbyist Solder Station is the best way to insure that users are able to quickly and efficiently repair issues that may arise.

    This station has the capabilities to restore both bulky and delicate repairs. This is a 40 watt station so it has the power to create powerful and lasting connections that are not likely to break with light use. This station is light, easy to move, and easy to use which makes it perfect for small and intricate repairs. The machine is light weight so it can be used on the spot for quick repairs. It is also relatively inexpensive so money can be spent on other materials. With a machine like this, money can be spent on more important things like connection material and soldering material to insure a safe and durable connection.

    Repairing PCBs does not have to be difficult. With the right information and the right machines and tools, repair can be quick and painless. There are two types of soldering that an at home hobbyist may run into. The first is soft soldering, this is the process they will most likely employ when repairing electronics like PCBs. With soft soldering, the process begins by selecting a very soft material as filler, this is generally a tin alloy. The process is called soft soldering because it is generally used on parts that have a very low melting point, because they have a low melting point, these parts must be soldered at a much lower melting point than other items like a piece of steel for instance. Another type of soldering that may be encountered is hard soldering. However, this is not likely to be the repair process chosen with PCBs. This process involves solder being applied at a very high temperature using materials like silver solder and brazing solder. Other products you may need could be things like small snips or tweezers, soldering material, and more.

    Repairing connections can be a tricky business and without the right information and materials, a repair can go horribly wrong. Without precision, delicate handling, and tools that can get the job done right the first time, many hobbyist and those repairing their own PCBs will be facing future repairs and even replacement. Taking the time to find a great tool to help with the necessary repairs to your PCBs is the key to getting a repair done right the first time. These repairs, when done correctly, can last for the remaining life of the PCB and can help to extend the life of older or even damaged PCBs to help save time, money, and effort in the long run.

  • Weller WLC100 Soldering Iron - Why it's the best hobbyist soldering iron.

    Weller WLC100 Solder Iron

    Just because you may not work in electronics repair or a related field for a living doesn't mean you don't enjoy electronics. Whether you're building projects for yourself, friends and family, like doing little repairs yourself or even mess with designing your own projects, you take your hobby seriously. And, as with any serious hobbyist, having the right tools for the job means a lot. You don't necessarily need professional grade tools but you still want to have high quality ones so you can get the most enjoyment out of your hobby as possible.

    When it comes to a good hobbyist soldering iron you want one you can trust to give you quality connections every time, one that will last and one that is easy to use. If you've ever owned or used a Weller solder iron, you know they make great professional products and their home hobby products are every bit as good as their pro models. For instance, the Weller WLC100 is a great soldering station that gives you plenty of professional features without the professional price tag.

    As an example, you get fine control over your heat. This is essential when working with different electronic components, especially if you're working with components that are sensitive to heat. Since you can have as little as five watts of heat coming through the tip, you can still make solid connections without worrying about cooking components or wires and making a repair situation worse. With the ability to go up to forty watts of heat, you'll also have the power you need to work with the largest and most cumbersome of connections with ease.

    Another great feature of the Weller WLC100 is the fact that tips are easy to change. Although it comes with the most flexible of tips, the ST3, other tips such as a fine point tip or a blade tip can give you the ability to work with different electronics (or other hobby) needs easily. Since tips are easy to change, switching from one project or even tip needs within the same project can be managed quickly, eliminating the need to have multiple soldering irons on hand. And, the custom foam grip means you'll be able to work with the soldering iron for hours with complete comfort.

    While you may not need truly professional tools to get the most out of your hobby, you still want good, solidly performing tools. If electronics is your favored hobby, you'll want a Weller WLC100 soldering station. You'll appreciate it every time you use it.

  • Heavy-Duty Work with the Hakko FM2030-02 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron


    When it comes to the electronics assembly industry, heavy duty must be defined. You can't weld iron beams together with the Hakko Heavy Duty Soldering Iron, but it will easily handle the toughest jobs in electronics repair and manufacturing. From one of the leaders in the industry, Hakko, this is a tool that will provide reliable performance time and again. That is why we are glad to stock it at Kimco Distributing.

    The Hakko FM2030-02 Soldering Iron is equipped for heavy-duty jobs. It uses the brand’s T22 Series tips, which are have a higher mass than and provide twice as much power as the standard T15 Series tips. Any of the T22 Series tips will work with this soldering iron, and Kimco Distributing has many different ones available. The tips provide versatility for different types of jobs, while the soldering iron has the power necessary for demanding work. The heavy construction helps this iron work on heavy grounding plains and heat sink applications with ease.

    This soldering iron is compatible with the brand’s FM-203 Dual-Port Soldering System and FM-206 3-Port Rework Station, both of which are available from Kimco Distributing. Hakko’s FM-203 model is an affordable station that can run two tools at once, while the FM-206 offers additional features and is suitable for multiple different soldering uses. None of these tools will be of much help when building the next tower in a major city, but, together, they are worthy of almost any electronics repair assignment.

  • The Hakko FX951-66 Soldering Station Provides Affordable Performance


    Hakko FX951-66

    The Hakko FX951-66 Soldering Station promises great performance without significantly cutting into a budget. Built by one of the leading manufacturers of soldering tools, Hakko, and sold by a leading retailer in the industry, Kimco Distributors Inc., this is not a cheaply made unit. It provides the same reliability that all of Hakko’s tools do, which is why they are recognized as a leader and Kimco Distributors is pleased to carry their equipment. At the same time, however, this Hakko soldering station is one of the most affordable models the brand manufactures.

    The Hakko FX951 Soldering Station’s compact, single-port design and ESD-safe construction make it suitable for any electronics assembly station. It will neither take up much workspace nor interfere with ESD-sensitive work, which are two reasons why Kimco Distributors sells many of these. It also has an excellent heat transfer and thermal recovery. The low-temperature alarm alerts workers when the iron is not hot enough, and the lockout key car prevents the temperature from accidently being changed. This soldering station also comes with a 30-min. automatic shut-off.

    The customers who purchase this soldering iron from Kimco Distributors typically use it in one of three capacities. Some businesses only have occasional soldering work, and the Hakko FX951-66 Soldering Station is capable of handling the workload without breaking the bank. Others use this as an additional soldering iron at many different technicians’ stations, which is why Kimco Distributing is currently giving one away for free to customers who purchase five. Finally, some businesses keep this unit handy as a backup, in case the main soldering station malfunctions. Whatever the role of this tool is in a company, it offers superb performance at an excellent price.

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