• Customization with the Hakko FM203 Dual Port Soldering Station


    The Hakko FM203-01 ESD-Safe Dual Port Soldering Station offers great flexibility at an affordable price. Kimco Distributing’s main configuration of this soldering station comes with two FM2027-03 soldering handpieces, which can, themselves, be used in a variety of situations. This dual-port station, though, can be set up in a variety of other configurations.

    Many of Hakko’s soldering tools, which are all available from Kimco Distributing, are compatible with the Hakko FM203-01 Soldering Station. Of course, customers who do not plan on using two handpieces can purchase the unit only one soldering iron included. A single iron can be complemented with Hakko’s FM2031 Heavy Duty Nitrogen Soldering Iron, for N2 soldering, or the brand’s FM2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron, which uses heaver, T22 Series tips than the standard T15 Series soldering tips. The FM2024 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit and FM2023 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Kit are also both fully compatible with the FM203-01 Soldering Station. At Kimco Distributing, we carry all of these different tools, because our customers are involved in a wide range of soldering. These accessories let them customize Hakko’s soldering station to meet their specific needs.

    Regardless of what configuration the soldering station is set up in, it is able to handle virtually any soldering-related job in the electronics assembly industry. (We haven’t found a soldering station that can also make coffee yet). Its process control feature lets technicians change the temperature, without changing the tip. The temperature can be set anywhere from 200 to 450⁰C (400 to 840⁰F), and is accurate to ±15°C. It also has a sleep mode and automatic shut-off function. With these features and the many accessories available from Kimco Distributing, this unit can act as a solid base of a customized soldering station.

  • Kimco has solutions for Dealing with Component Tombstoning & Wettability


    In the microelectronics assembly and repair industries, wettability can be a major issue. As the size of components decrease, parts become more and more susceptible to the surface tension of solder paste. 01005-sized components are the most problematic pieces to work with, but this affects parts that are 0201, 0402 and 0603 as well. Kimco Distributing carries a full line of Kester solder paste, which helps solve the problem of wettability, but changing the solder paste is not the only solution.

    In an ideal world, parts and pad sizes always match up perfectly. Anyone who has repaired laptops or other electronics, though, knows this is not always true. Wettability can be an issue with any microelectronic work, but it especially comes into play when the component and pad size are not perfect matches. This scenario often results in excess solder paste on the pads, which in turn leads to uneven thermal mass distribution. Ultimately, this causes tombstoning.

    Selecting a different solder paste from Kimco Distributors can overcome wettability issues. In addition to changing solder paste, using a different type of wire is another way to alter the wettability. Kimco Distirbutors has a Kester wire solder for virtually every type of application. Finally, since reflow also contributes to tombstoning, using a different flux is another possible solution. Changing to a Kester flux does not directly solve the wettability issue, but it may be enough to prevent tombstoning, which is often the real issue at hand.

    As you might guess, the solution for tombstoning and wetability requires a unique approach for your specific application. Selecting the right product to meet your specific need might require a quick converstation with one of our customer service representatives. Please feel free to contact us via email sales@gokimco.com or call (800) 521-9197. With over 30 years experience working in the electronic repair and assembly industry, repair and assembly industry, there's no application issue we can't fix.

  • Why does a Hakko Soldering tip last so long and work so well?

    At GoKimco.com, we carry a full line of Hakko soldering tips, which are considered some of the best in the industry. When it is time to replace a tip, many customers ask us why they should use a Hakko OEM soldering tip, rather than an after-market one. We recommend using Hakko-brand tips for two reasons: they offer better heat transfer and have a higher quality construction than non-OEM tips.

    Heat transfer in soldering is extremely important. Poor thermal conductivity impedes the ability to solder components, and can be a source of aggravation, and can reduce the quality of a project. Kimco Distributors carries Hakko replacement tips, because we believe in giving our customers the tools they need to succeed. If we had only inferior soldering tips that have lower heat transfer rates, our customers would be unable to consistently perform high quality work.

    Hakko soldering tips have thicker plating than most non-OEM tips. On average, we have found that Hakko desoldering nozzles are about twice as thick as other manufacturers. Hakko’s higher quality construction prolongs the life of the tip, without impeding its heat transfer. Even if Hakko tips and nozzles cost a little more than other options, they tend to last much longer. The investment in a quality tool is a wise decision, and translates into long-term savings.

    Customers who visit GoKimco.com in need of Hakko replacement tips have already recognized the importance of quality construction. They use a Hakko-brand soldering station, because they understand how well-made tools impact workflow and the end product’s construction. We recommend continuing to invest in high quality tips and using Hakko-manufactured replacement parts.

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  • Want an easier way to make your KIMCO purchases?? Amazon Checkout NOW Available.

    Want an easier way to make your KIMCO purchases?? Use our New Amazon.com Checkout Feature....

    We are now Offering Amazon Checkout in 4 EASY steps!

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    Another way Kimco is trying to make your sourcing needs for electronic tools and supplies easier - MORE COMING SOON.

  • Hakko FM206 Soldering System - Best in Class in its Performance, Design & Accessories


    Kimco’s featured product of the month is a beast to behold. Its sleek design places it among the leading compact-designs in its class. Going from 0 to 700 degress takes mere moments.  It boasts both metric ( celsius ) and imperial ( fahrenheit ) displays, as well as easy-to-reach controls. Of course, there is a security lock to deter unauthorized setting changes. With both manual and automatic operation, it appeals to both those who prefer convenience and those who need precision.

    That’s right; the Hakko FM206 from Kimco Distributors does all of these things – things cars can only dream of doing – without even leaving your desk. It is a small, but powerful, ESD-safe rework system for electronics repair. It affords the precision needed in microelectronics manufacturing, while taking up little space on a workbench.

    There are several models available at Kimco: the FM206-DTS, FM206-DSA, FM206-DSS and FM206-STA. All are compatible with Hakko’s FR-830 and FR-870 preheaters, and there are several accessories available. The Hakko FM2022-05 SMD Parallel Remover and the manufacturer’s FM2023-05 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Kit are both designed to go with the FM206 series of soldering stations.

    With so many options available for the Hakko FM206 Soldering System it might be a daunting task to configure it correctly for your specific needs. If this is the case, please contact us directly and we'll discuss your needs and make recommendations. One advantage of working with a distributor like Kimco, is that we're different from other distributors. We're factory trained and with over 30 years in the electronic manufacturing and repair industry, we understand your needs and we can help you select the right tools and options for your needs. Kimco isn't only a source for industrials tools; we're a consultant here to help.

  • Putting " Cold " Soldering Irons to the Test

    You may have seen ColdHeat, Cool Touch, and other brands of “cold” soldering irons advertised to hobbyists and electronics buffs. The tips of soldering irons typically reach extreme temperatures in order properly flow the solder and create a sturdy joint. Cold soldering irons claim to return their tips to a cool temperature quickly, making them safer to use.

    While such a device may be convenient for hobbyists, especially those without safety training for handling soldering tools, the graphite tips in cold soldering irons can break easily and cannot be used for professional techniques like continuous-flow soldering or desoldering. They also do not allow the user to choose the right soldering tip for the job, as these can vary in temperature, size, and shape. For example, single- or double-sided PC boards require a lower temperature tip than multiple boards.

    Professionals recommend true soldering kits, such as the Hakko soldering iron, which are more versatile and reliable than cold soldering irons. Hobbyists can learn to operate a Hakko soldering iron just as safely as the pros do, such as with the Hakko FX888D Safe Digital Soldering Station. Quick thermal recovery and a comfort grip make this model easy and safe to operate. Another option is the Hakko FX601, which allows for longer reach than most cold soldering irons allow along with a wide temperature range and fast, efficient heating via a ceramic heat element.

    Whether you choose a cold soldering iron or a professional Hakko soldering iron, remember that you are working with high-temperature materials. Always read manuals carefully and pay close attention to every project you work on.

  • A New Offering at Kimco: K-Stat ESD Shielding Bags

    When purchasing static shielding bags, companies might be tempted to simply order the same brand they always have been. After all, these ESD safe bags work, so why should the company try out a new brand? At Kimco, we are introducing a new brand of bags, which we think is worthy of looking at. We, after all, thought these K-Stat ESD control bags could add something to our already large selection of static shielding bags.

    KStat’s bags are built to the highest standards in the industry; otherwise, we at Kimco Distributing would not carry them. These metal-in bags have a four-layer construction. The outer-most layer is composed of a static dissipative coating, with polyester as the next layer. An aluminum shield and static dissipative polyethylene complete the construction. These bags:

    Have dissipative surfaces of Rtt <10^11 ohms per ANSI/ESD STM11.11 Safely protect and ground, when in contact with a grounded surface, ESD-sensitive parts Physically protect components by sustaining punctures up to 10 lbs. Are available in a variety of sizes In addition to the technical components, K-Stat’s ESD control bags provide two other important benefits. They are inexpensive and arrive quickly. Kimco Distributing Corp. has plenty of these bags in stock, so companies do not have to wait while they are on backorder.

    They also ship the same day they are ordered, as long as we do not have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to send the order. For night owls who place orders after business hours, we promise to promptly ship orders the next business day. Kimco has partnered both with the U.S. Postal Office and UPS to provide a range of shipping options, which vary from several days to next-day delivery.

    With all of the products available on our website, we rarely add a completely new line. We felt, however, that K-Stat’s ESD shielding bags have a lot to offer companies, so we decided to include them in our inventory.

  • Static Shielding Bags: Providing Protection in All Situations



    Static shielding bags create ESD-safe environments for valuable electronic parts. In addition to carrying static control bags manufactured by Desco and 3M, Kimco Distributing Corporation is pleased to announce a new line of affordable ESD control bags. K-Stat is Kimco Distributors’ new line of bags. With these new K-Stat shielding bags, Kimco Distributors hope to offer businesses that work with electronics an affordable alternative to the brand-name bags, without sacrificing quality.

    Although their sizes and openings differ, all static shielding bags carried by Kimco Distributing Corp. have are manufactured in a similar way. They typically have three or four layers. The outermost layer is a static dissipative coating, which covers a polyester layer. Some people count these two layers as one, thus the discrepancy in three or four layers. The next inner layer is a metal shield, often made of aluminum. The final layer on the inside is another static dissipative layer, but this one is made of a polyethylene.

    Having said the ESD control bags carried by Kimco Distributors are all similar, there are three differences worth noting. First, some bags have an open top, while others have a zip-lock that allows you to easily close the bag. Second, some bags are “metal-in,” which means the metal is on the inside, while others are “metal-out,” which means the metal layer is on the outside. Finally, static control bags vary in transparency.

    These layers work together to eliminate static charges in a variety of situations. Companies use ESD control bags to store valuable parts. These bags are also used to protect components during transport. In any situation where an ESD-safe environment cannot be created, these bags from Desco, 3M or Kimco Distributing provide protection. In ESD-safe environments, they provide another level of insurance.

  • YIKES!!! Sale Ending Soon - Free shipping on SimcoION , Weller Tips and QRP Gloves

    March is half over but Kimco has still got a lion of a deal for you. Like free shipping? Who doesn't? Well, until the end of the month we are offering a great deal here on the site. Lots of great products in our catalog are going to be included in this excellent deal so read on to find out about the potential savings you can keep in your wallet by picking up the supplies your crew is going to need anyway, right now!

    Now hear this: Weller Solder Tips, SIMCO Ion units and select QRP Gloves will receive free shipping until the end of the month. That can lead to big savings. Temperatures are warming up and the economic numbers are signaling a recovery. Save money on shipping now, save time later when you do not have to stop the job to pick up extra supplies for the crew.

    These are tools and components your guys need and are going to be using this coming season anyway. Keep a few dollars in the company coffers by picking up Weller Solder Tips, SIMCO Ion units, and select QRP gloves now and we will ship them straight to your offices free of charge. That's no extra cost to you! No sending a gopher to pick up supplies and the nearest supply store, which could be miles away and costly hours of time. We will keep you stocked without a trip to the store.

    Check out our inventory to match up what we carry with your needs today. This deal is only for a limited time so be sure to jump on it to take advantage of this money saving opportunity before the chance is gone. We will keep your shelves stocked for less.

  • Two Popular Tweezers and Cutters - Aven Tweezer & Swanstrom Cutter


    Few industries require more precision than microelectronics does. When repairing motherboards or PCI cards, measurements must be meticulously taken and perfectly executed. Working with such tiny components requires tools that are exact. The following is a brief look at some of the precise tweezers and cutters Kimco Distributing Corp. carries.

    Aven Tweezer Kit

    Some of the most popular tweezers that Kimco Distributors stocks are manufactured by Aven. The brand’s 18480EZ E-Z Pik Stainless Steel Tweezers Kit with ESD-Safe Protective Pouch includes six of Aven’s most-used tweezers. These ESD-safe tweezers are made of anti-acid, anti-magnetic stainless steel, making them some of the most reliable tweezers available. They come in an ESD-safe pouch.

    Aven manufactures a number of different tweezers, but they are all color coded. (Kimco Distributing Corporation also sells their tweezers individually, in addition to the set). Rather than identifying tweezers by their shape, workers can simply identify them by the color of their handle. This reduces mistakes, which can be costly, and increases production speed.

    Swanstrom Cutter

    Kimco Distributing Corporation also stocks several cutters made by Swanstrom, in addition to other manufacturer’s cutters. One of the more popular cutters is the Swanstrom M405C ESD-Safe Small Carbide, Ultra-Sharp Tip Tapered Full-Flush Cutter. This cutter features an ergonomic handle, so employees can use it regularly without fatigue. It comes with a Scrivet joint system and has three adjustable opening stops. These stops also help reduce fatigue and ensure precision. Because this is a comfortable cutter to use, workers often use it for most of their cutting needs.

    These two items, Aven’s tweezer kit and Swanstrom’s cutter, are only two of the many tweezers and cutters available at Kimco Distributing Corp. While these are excellent selections, there are many other very good tools available. Businesses will be pleased with any tweezer or cutter they select from Kimco Distributing Corporation.

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