• Get More Cutting Power with the Xcelite 170M

    At Kimco, we offer everything that you need in order to get your work done as quickly and as accurately as possible. We offer everything from the soldering stations that you need to the Xcelite 170M shear cutters that you will need in order to prepare wires. These powerful shears are a preferred hand tool used to reduce mechanical shock and assist in cleaner cuts.

    The red gripped 170M cutters helps you to avoid any possible electrical contact while the by-pass shear cutting action provides a precise cut that you will be able to use in order to create even the most intricate designs. These cutters will quickly become a part of your regular work gear. The distinctive red handles will help you to tell them apart from the rest of the cutters that you might use. You will find yourself reaching for these great cutters again and again as you work.

    We are proud to offer the 170M shear-cutters as well as all of the rest of the tools that you will need in order to get your work done even faster. Take a look at our full catalog to see all of the rest of the equipment that we offer to provide you everything that you need in order to get your work done even faster. We will be glad to ship these Xcelite 170M shear-cutters to you so that you will be able to get the precise cuts that you need.

  • Keep Your Workstation Smoke Free with the Weller WSA350

    Whenever you are soldering, there can be a lot of flux as a result of the work that you are doing. We at Kimco realize that you do not want to breathe all of this in. This is why we are happy to offer you the ability to purchase the powerful Weller WSA350. This 120v bench top smoke absorber can help you to be able to instantly get rid of the fumes which develop from soldering.

    This smoke absorber is perfect for use with the WESD51 Solder Station. The replaceable carbon-activated filters can help you to keep a workstation which is clear of all fumes. The adjustable head and stand allow you to put it perfect position to whisk away all of the smoke from the work that you are doing. The quiet fan will allow you have a quiet workstation so that you will be able to concentrate on the work that you are doing. The lightweight design allows you to easily move it as desired.

    At Kimco, we are proud to offer you not just the Weller WSA350 and the Weller WESD51 Solder Station. We offer you all of the different products that you will need for soldering. We even carry the replacement filters that you will need so that you will never have to deal with a smoky environment again. We look forward to filling your order today. Visit our website to see even more of our selection we have available.

  • Enjoy the Simple Design of the Weller WLC100

    Soldering equipment comes in all shapes and size and here at Kimco, we supply it all. If you are a hobbyist and you are looking for a reliable soldering station, you will be able to find everything that you need in the Weller WLC100. This soldering station comes from one of the leaders in the soldering industry, Weller. It has an easy to read indicator light to let you know that the unit is on and the pencil is hot. It provides reliable heat through the iron plated copper tip of the attached pencil.

    The range for the WLC100 Solder Station is 5 to 40 watts. This will allow you to have more control over the heat that you will use whenever you are working on different projects. When not being used, the pencil can safely be stored in the iron pencil holder. This will help to protect you from burns as well as stop any accidental fires from getting started. Right below the holder is the natural sponge which will help you to keep the tip of your pencil clean at all times.

    The heating element on the pencil that comes with the Weller WLC100 Solder Station is replaceable. This way you will get an even longer life from the foam grip handle. While the unit is small, it can still produce up to 900˚ F. Kimco offers many Weller WLC100 models. You can get yours today to help you with all of the projects that you have planned.

  • Get the Control You Are Looking for with the Weller WESD51

    There are many different models that you can choose from to get all of your soldering needs. At Kimco, we suggest that you try the Weller WESD51. This digital model offered by one of the biggest names in the soldering industry allows you to have complete control over the temperature as well as offering several different safety features. It comes with a pencil holder, sponge, soldering pencil and digital control display.

    The WESD51 Solder Station even comes with a temperature lockout. This feature will help you not to set the temperature above what is recommended for the different materials that you might work with. This will help you to be able to protect yourself from any accidental fire damages that you might run into. You will also be able to enjoy protection from anything which will cause damage to the components that you are working with. There is also an automatic safety shutoff which will help to save power by turning off automatically after 99 minutes.

    The Soldering Pencil on the Weller WESD51 Solder Station heats up quickly with a built in heater in the main unit. The comfortable grips will help you to be able to precisely use the pencil for even demanding small work that you might be doing. The silicone rubber cord will not burn so that the pencil will be able to last you even longer. Kimco is proud to carry many Weller WESD51 models. Be sure to check out our prices and order yours today.

  • Get the Precision You Need with the Weller WES51

    There are many great soldering stations available that we carry. The one that you chose will depend on the brands that you like the best as well as the kind of work that you will be doing. The good news is that here at Kimco, we offer all of the different Weller brand soldering stations including the Weller WES51. This will allow you to have complete control whether you choose to use the analog model or you want to use the digital model. You will be able to enjoy accurate temperatures and a cool soldering stick no matter what.

    There are certain safety features that you will be able to enjoy whenever you have the WES51 solder station. There is an automatic shutoff feature which will protect the model in case there is a problem with the heat. You will also be able to keep your fingers safe by using the soft handle of the soldering stick. Additionally, the separate stand and sponge will help to make sure that you are always ready to work.

    When you buy the Weller WES51 solder station, you will able to take advantage of the different features like the automatic shut off which will deactivate power to the pencil after 99 minutes without use. This will not only help to protect you from wasting electricity. It will also help you to be able to protect from fire hazards. The unit even comes with a one year warranty from the Weller Company. The design and the features will help you to get more work done.

  • Get More Done with Hakko Solder Stations

    There are many great ways that you will be able to get the results that you are looking for when soldering. One of the best ways that you can get the results you are looking for is to use the best soldering materials available. One of the ways that you will be able to get this done is through the use of Hakko solder stations. You can choose from a variety of different models that we offer. You can choose between the inexpensive FX888 all the way to the great FM-203 dual port soldering system.

    The Hakko soldering stations you choose will depend not only on the volume of soldering that you are doing. It also depends on what amount of safety features you need. Another feature that you might want to look at includes the ability to use different ports so that you can use more than one tool at a time including Hakko solder irons and desoldering materials. This will help you to get more done in a shorter period of time.

    We offer all of the different parts that you will need for your Hakko solder stations. This way, you will be able to solder, de-solder and re-solder without any difficulty. You will find that these stations are not only easy to use, but they are safe. Safety shut off features and more will let you know that you are using one of the best brands available. Best of all, most of these models require little to no calibration out of the box.

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