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  • Nitrile gloves: everything you wanted to know but afraid to ask.

    Gloves are one of the best selling types of "consumables" that we offer at GoKimco.com.
    And, out of the disposable glove options that we offer, nitrile gloves are the most popular.

    A scientist pouring chemical into a round flask.

    What is nitrile?
    Nitrile is  synthetic rubber known for puncture resistance and durability. Nitrile is a popular alternative to latex rubber, particularly because of latex allergies. Technically speaking, nitrile is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene (yea, sounds made up, eh? Those are real things, we swear).

    Why is nitrile a great material for gloves?
    Nitrile gloves are latex free, have excellent resistance to many chemicals and oils, and are highly puncture resistant. Nitrile gloves are also available in clean room, medical-grade, and ESD-safe options. They are comfortable to wear, and have a long shelf life. Nitrile also accepts you for who you are, as a person, and respects your opinions.

    Why do I need these gloves?
    The short answer: nitrile gloves are great for nearly every application. 
    The long answer, nitrile gloves are often used for:

    • Electronic repair and ESD-safe applications - These gloves are ESD-safe*(check to make sure they all are) and thus suitable for electronics repair and assembly applications.
    • Automotive work - this material's durability and resistance to oils make these gloves perfect for doing work on your car
    • Household work - an affordable way to keep your hands clean while you dust, scrub, and take out the garbage
    • Furniture refinishing - resistant to chemicals such as stains and polyurethanes
    • Tattooing - Licensed tattoo artists often choose nitrile gloves because of their superior puncture resistance
    • Gardening - provides protection from fertilizers and pesticides while keeping your hands clean
    • Food handling - durability is perfect for long shifts of preparing and distributing food
    • Lab work - Lab techs need puncture resistance when handling sharps, which nitrile provides. Also available in clean-room grade options.
    • Fashion statements - Available in blue, purple, and black, these gloves can be matched to nearly any outfit.
    • ...and so many more applications! Great to have around the house, in the garage, and in stock at your workplace

    Will these gloves make my coworkers/neighbors/friends/family jealous of me?

    What is the shelf life of nitrile gloves, and how should they be stored?
    These gloves have an average of a 5 year shelf life (as opposed to latex gloves - only a 3 year shelf life). For best results, we suggest storing gloves in a dark, cool, dry environment. However, if you go through them often, keeping them in a warehouse or garage is fine.

    Nitrile Gloves

    What sizes of nitrile gloves does GoKimco.com stock?
    We offer gloves in small, medium, large, XL, and 2XL sizes.

    Should I buy nitrile gloves at GoKimco.com, and why?
    YES, you should stock up on nitrile gloves at GoKimco.com (buy now!) because of our excellent customer service, quick ship times, and great prices. Not to mention, we are overstocked on gloves at the moment and are offering deeply discounted prices. Save even more by calling us (800-521-9197) to buy a bulk order!

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  • Is a Rubber Glove a Rubber Glove? The Science Behind Protection Gloves

    To many people, a rubber glove is nothing more than that: a rubber glove. Those who work in ESD-safe environments, though, know rubber gloves are much more than basic disposable hand coverings designed by engineering-school dropouts. Here is a look at some of the science that goes into the high-tech rubber gloves sold by Kimco Distributing Corp.

    Latex is Long-Gone

    Many rubber gloves are still made from latex, but most high-tech gloves are now composed from a nitrile. Nitriles, which are organic compounds, are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Because everyone can wear nitrile gloves, but not latex ones, nitrile is becoming the material of choice.

    ESD-Safe Rubber Gloves

    Kimco Distributors carries rubber gloves designed for use in disk-drive assembly, computer repair and controlled-enviornment manufacturing. In these environments, even a minor static charge can have devastating effects on equipment and parts. When worn with a grounding strap, Kimco Distributing Corporation’s ESD-safe nitrile gloves help prevent an electric discharge. Because they can be worn in any situation, ESD-safe rubber gloves are especially useful for on-site repair, where the environment cannot be completely controlled.

    Millimeters Matter

    The engineers designing rubber gloves for computer manufacturing must create the thinnest gloves possible. Employees who work with miniscule electronic parts must rely on their sense of touch, which must not be dulled by a rubber glove. Kimco Distributing stocks rubber gloves that are just 6 mm thick. Gloves this thin afford an excellent sense of touch, without risking an electric shock.

    These are just three of the considerations that go into designing rubber gloves. In addition to these factors, Kimco Distributors have gloves with textured finger tips and palms, which provide superior grip, ventilate backs and fingercots. With all of these variations, a rubber glove is not just a rubber glove. A rubber glove is an engineering feat.

  • Why do I need ESD Safe Gloves?

    Every computer assembly and repair facility should provide their workers with ESD-safe gloves, such as the QRP Advanced Glove Technology from Kimco. To the inexperienced person, electrostatic shock appears to be nothing more than a benign prick. People who have worked in the micro-electronic manufacturing and repair industries, however, know the hazards of electrostatic discharges. ESD-safe gloves provide a convenient way of protecting both people and parts from electric shock.

    Protecting People

    QRP BQF09 ESD-safe gloves are not meant to be the only layer of protection against shock. Rather, they are designed to be used in conjunction with other percautionary measures, such a wrist strap and mat, in an electrostatic protective area (EPA). When worn within an EPA enviornment, Kimco's ESD-safe gloves that meet governement standards greatly reduce the risk of shock.

    Protecting Parts

    EPA gloves also protect electronic parts, including motherboards, memory sticks, PCUs and other parts. The ESD-safe gloves Kimco Distributing carries prevent oils on people's fingers from coming into contact with the valuable electronic parts. Even an unnoticable ammount of oil from a person's skin can damage an electronic component, and the gloves from Kimco guard against this.

    Providing Convenience

    There are other means of guarding against electric shock and protecting micro-electronics. However, few are as convenient as Kimco Distributing Corp.'s ESD-safe gloves. Everyone working on laptop repair should be wearing a wrist strap, but people inevitably forget occassionally. A pair of gloves protects people, even when they neglect to put on a wrist strap. Gloves also provide a solution for the situations when it is impractical to wear a wrist strap and remain stationary on a mat. Whether loading trucks with electronics or repairing a laptop at a customer's home, workers can always wear Kimco's ESD-safe gloves.

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