• Meet our team: Nate Lelle - Customer Service Wizard and Paintball Champion

    Nate Lelle is the customer service wizard here at Kimco, but you might not know that he is also a nationally ranked paintball player, and member of the renowned Cleveland Imperial semi-pro paintball team. Kimco is proud to sponsor Nate and the Cleveland Imperial team, which has had many top finishes at top level events all over the country. Nate brings the same passion he shares for paintball to his work providing you the best customer service Kimco has to offer.

    Check out Cleveland Imperial here:

  • Why Isn’t My Soldering Iron Tip Tinning?

    weller soldering ironOne of the frustrations in the electronics assembly world can be when your soldering iron tip cannot be tinned. Tinning is a necessary step for all new tips. By tinning the soldering iron tip, you can keep the tip from oxidizing. The fine coating of solder that is applied to the tip is critical to the soldering process, as the tip transfers the heat from the iron to the joint that you are trying to solder.

    The real secret to tinning your soldering iron tip lies in the timing. You need to get the coating of solder on the tip before it gets hot and begins oxidizing, which can make this process a challenging if not impossible one. To prevent this oxidation you need to act quickly and efficiently applying the solder.

    Your soldering iron tip also may not be tinning if there is an oxide layer. In this case you will need to first clean this oxidation off of the tip before the tinning process.

    Another sign that there is a problem and that you will not be able to tin the soldering iron is if the tip keeps turning black when you try to solder. Less expensive soldering irons will have a tip that is more likely to get black carbon on it, contaminating your tip with this in turn. If this is a reoccurring problem, it may be worthwhile to invest in a higher-end soldering iron which will save on productivity, not to mention operator frustration, in the long-run.

    Weller is a popular manufacturer of soldering irons that can help to eliminate this problem. The Weller TCP12P Controlled-Output Field Soldering Iron is a great choice.

    KIMCO Distributing offers a wide range of soldering irons, including those from Weller. Visit http://gokimco.com/search?form_key=OhbYqHgT3MbeEp53&q=soldering+iron to browse the soldering irons available.

  • GoKimco.com is now an official Google Trusted Store.

    GoKimco.com is now an official Google Trusted Store.

    Google certifies online retailers who provide excellent customer service as Google Trusted Stores.

    We are proud to have earned this distinction, and you can see the Google Trusted badge displayed prominently on our site.

    This program offers additional benefits to our customers, including expanded reviews, and even purchase protection.

    Google Purchase Protection is an option for you at checkout that will protect purchases up to $1,000, should any issues arise. You are not required to participate in this program, it is up to you. Read more about Google Purchase Protection  here.

    We strive to provide the best experience for all of our customers, and are proud to be selected by Google as a top online merchant.

    Thank you all for your continued support of GoKimco.com

  • Why Should my Company Switch to Lead Free Soldering?

    If circuits were living creatures, solder would be the blood cells. Without this valuable tool, many of the luxuries we take for granted (like computers, smartphones and GPS) wouldn't function. For more than a century, lead based solder has been the standard for connecting resistors and capacitors to a circuit. However, a recent rise in environmental concern has the future of lead-based solder in question. It's already illegal in Europe, and it may soon suffer the same fate in the US.

    Is Lead-Based Solder Better?

    There are many hobbyists and amateur electricians who swear by lead based solder, because they think it provides a better bond. However, a skilled worker can garner quality results from a 100% lead-free solder. Most solders have a 60/40 ratio of lead to other metals, typically tin and aluminum. However, there are completely lead-free options available and their benefits far outweigh any perceived disadvantages.

    Benefits of Lead-Free Soldering

    • Safety- The threat of lead poisoning has caused this metal's elimination from virtually every phase of modern life. Precautions can be taken to prevent workers from inhaling lead vapors, but lead-free is a safer option. The National Institute for Health (NHI) suggests avoiding lead-based soldering, so there's no debate about which type is more harmful.
    • Going Green- Products made with lead-based solder can't be recycled, which creates far more waste. Lead-based solder also contaminates the ground water when it's buried in land fills.
    • Global Commerce- Products with lead-based solder have already been outlawed in Europe. Anyone looking to capitalize in foreign markets should be using lead-free.
    • Reliability- People may think that lead-based solder is more dependable, but reliable sources at Dartmouth College say otherwise. Lead-based solder has also been outlawed in Europe since 2011, and they have yet to experience any adverse effects.

    Why is Lead-Based so Popular

    It takes time to become familiar with 100% lead-free solder. It molds differently, and it may take a day or so for you grow accustom to the change. However, there is no credible data to suggest lead-free is any less reliable. Even if it did bond better, choosing lead-based solder over lead-free is like replacing the graphite in pencils with lead because it writes better. That one minor benefit is heavily outweighed by the bounty of benefits provided by the safer alternative. In general, people are typically opposed to change, but this is a simple decision to save the lives of those who build circuits and improve the health of the environment.

  • 7 Critical Steps to Protect Your Electronics from ESD Damage

    ESD Static ControlESD or Electrostatic Discharge is described as the sudden exchange of electrical pulses between two objects. People, objects and electrical devices are carriers of static electricity. Walking across a carpeted area, picking up a poly bag from a bench or sitting in a urethane foam chair causes an electrical connection between the object and the person. This is also true of objects and electrical devices.

    Most major companies are not aware of the type of damage ESD can cause. Electrostatic Discharge is the “invisible” enemy that robs products of their quality, reliability and functionality. ESD can go unnoticed for months or even years, causing the company to replace sensitive and vital parts, such as circuit boards and sensors.

    7361017 Critical Steps Companies for Protecting Electronics and Operators from ESD

     1) Install or create a static free workplace. Create an area that is safe from electrostatic build up. This includes setting up workstations in non carpeted areas. Carpets are a conductor for electrical flow to generate. Tiled or concrete floors offer the best protection against electrical surges and static build up.

     2) Consider using an air ionizer if non static areas are not possible or available. Provide continuously maintenance to ions to ensure they are providing extra layers of protection by neutralizing the accumulation of electrostatic buildup.

     3) Provide education and training to personnel who work in close proximately with electrical devices and components.  In addition, Before operators are allowed to enter their work area, provide them with protective hand gear, such a wrist straps or antistatic top.

    4) Perform an audit of all equipment. When packing or storing Electrostatic devices, be sure to place equipment and components in static free protective bags and containers to prevent damage.

    5) When setting up new electrical equipment, be sure the devices are grounded properly. Use the proper wall outlets, surge protectors and wiring specifications to prevent electrical shock, and electrical discharge.

    6) When setting up work stations do not use desks, tables or other furniture that contain electrical conducive materials such as stainless stain, aluminum, or foil.

    746_17) Setup an In house Static Testing Center.  Prevention is cheaper than intervention on all levels. Onsite testing is less costly than outsourcing. Encourage workers to test their clothing, shoes and wrist straps before entering the work area. This will ensure that the workers will not discharge electrostatic waves, while they are working with sensitive devices.ThinkingEngineer

  • Don't miss out on the Hakko Bundle Promotion


    Hakko is having an incredible bundle promotion, running now until November 29th, 2013.

    When you purchase a qualifying Hakko unit (listed below) you may choose one FREE gift worth up to $343! If you have been on the fence about picking up a new Hakko station, this is your chance to get maximum value if you purchase now.

    To participate in the promotion, choose a qualifying unit or units, then decide which free accessory you would like that corresponds to that unit (there is a drop down on the product page for the first item), then complete your purchase.

    EVERY qualifying promotion order also receives a FREE CHP-170 cutter!

    If you purchase:


    FM203-01 Dual Port Soldering Station

    You may choose one of these:









    FT700-05 Tip Polisher or FM2030-02 Heavy Duty Iron  or (30) CHP-170 Medium Cutters



    If you purchase:


    FR801-11 Hot Air Rework Station



    FR802-11 Hot Air Rework Station

    You may choose one of these:





    FX888D-23BY Soldering Station or FR830-02 Preheater or 394-01 Vacuum Pickup Tool or (2) C1390C Board Holders



    If you purchase:


    TWO (2) FX951-66 Soldering Stations

    You may choose one of these:



    FT700-05 Tip Polisher or (30) CHP-170 Medium Cutters



    If you purchase:


    FA430-16 Fume Extraction System

    You may choose one of these:





    C1571 Arm Duct Kit or  C1572 Arm Duct Kit or 999-205-01B Loc-Line Kit or 999-205-02B Loc-Line Kit

    Remember this promotion is only good while supplies last. You may choose one free item with each purchase!

  • Labeling for Electronic Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ) Assembly and Repair


    Brady BMP51 Portable Industrial Label Printer

    Part of running a successful business, regardless of the industry, is keeping everything organized. Within the electronics assembly industry, a major aspect of organization involves labeling all parts, tools and materials used. Keeping all of these labeled and in order is vital to success. At Kimco Distributors, we have all the tools needed to maintain an orderly work environment. In the next post, we will look at two of our most popular labelers, Brady’s BMP51 and BMP53. This post, however, will focus on the different labels we have in stock.

    Using Standardized Labels

    The most important aspect of a label may be its design. By using industry-standard labels from Kimco Distributing, instead of Post-It notes, companies can standardize their organizational system. Employees will all be familiar with the labeling system and use that system. Rather than having 50 different versions of labels in a company with 50 employees, there is one labeling system everyone understands. This has several benefits. It:

    Ensures compliance with legal regulations, when applicable

    Streamlines the organizational process, saving employees time

    Eliminates confusion, reducing mistakes

    Item-Specific and Blank Labels

    Kimco Distributing carries a full line of Brady labels, so businesses can find the exact labels they need. Here, businesses can find labels for an array of electrical components and potentially hazardous chemicals, as well as blank ones. The item-specific labels ensure that employees include all the information needed on a label, while the blank ones are perfect for labeling the miscellaneous items and storage areas.

    A brief search at Kimco Distributing for Brady labels will yield hundreds of results. To find the right labels for your business, you should consider what needs labeling, how often labels are needed and what printers are already in use. If you need a new printer, the next post will look at two of Brady’s printers.

    Brady BMP53 Peripheral Label Printer

  • Two Popular Tweezers and Cutters - Aven Tweezer & Swanstrom Cutter


    Few industries require more precision than microelectronics does. When repairing motherboards or PCI cards, measurements must be meticulously taken and perfectly executed. Working with such tiny components requires tools that are exact. The following is a brief look at some of the precise tweezers and cutters Kimco Distributing Corp. carries.

    Aven Tweezer Kit

    Some of the most popular tweezers that Kimco Distributors stocks are manufactured by Aven. The brand’s 18480EZ E-Z Pik Stainless Steel Tweezers Kit with ESD-Safe Protective Pouch includes six of Aven’s most-used tweezers. These ESD-safe tweezers are made of anti-acid, anti-magnetic stainless steel, making them some of the most reliable tweezers available. They come in an ESD-safe pouch.

    Aven manufactures a number of different tweezers, but they are all color coded. (Kimco Distributing Corporation also sells their tweezers individually, in addition to the set). Rather than identifying tweezers by their shape, workers can simply identify them by the color of their handle. This reduces mistakes, which can be costly, and increases production speed.

    Swanstrom Cutter

    Kimco Distributing Corporation also stocks several cutters made by Swanstrom, in addition to other manufacturer’s cutters. One of the more popular cutters is the Swanstrom M405C ESD-Safe Small Carbide, Ultra-Sharp Tip Tapered Full-Flush Cutter. This cutter features an ergonomic handle, so employees can use it regularly without fatigue. It comes with a Scrivet joint system and has three adjustable opening stops. These stops also help reduce fatigue and ensure precision. Because this is a comfortable cutter to use, workers often use it for most of their cutting needs.

    These two items, Aven’s tweezer kit and Swanstrom’s cutter, are only two of the many tweezers and cutters available at Kimco Distributing Corp. While these are excellent selections, there are many other very good tools available. Businesses will be pleased with any tweezer or cutter they select from Kimco Distributing Corporation.

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  • Simco-Ion ESD Static Control - Product Offerings and Uses


    There is a variety of Simco – Ion products available at Kimco Distributors. Customers can find everything from ionizing fans to static field meters built by this reputable manufacturer. A survey of Simco – Ion’s offerings reveals the company’s focus on ESD-safe equipment.

    Simco – Ion builds several different ionizing fans. By removing ions from the air, these fans reduce the risk of an electrostatic discharge. They are useful when working with parts that cannot be easily grounded. Some of the ionizing fans Simco – Ion manufactures are designed to focus on a specific area. The company’s Top Gun 3-Ionizing Air Gun, which is available from Kimco Distributing Corp., is one example of a flexible, precise ionizing fan. Other models, such as the Guardian CR2000 Overhead 3-Fan Ionizing Blower remove ions from a larger area. There are also workbench fans available.

    Simco – Ion also offers two electrostatic meters, so people can verify that the company’s fans work. Kimco Distributors carries Simco – Ion’s portable meter, as well as their charged plate monitor. Replacement batteries for the charged plate monitor are also available. Both of the meters have easy-to-read digital displays and large buttons. The plate also documents the humidity and temperature of the environment during tests.

    Simco – Ion specializes in making workplaces ESD-safe, and Kimco Distributing makes these products available to the businesses that need them. Their fans neutralize components that are not easily grounded, and their electrostatic meters verify that an environment is truly ESD-safe.

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