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    Mark Your Products Clearly With Brady Ribbons

    Labeling may seem like it is a trivial affair to some people, but for those in the voice/communications industry, chemical handling and storage, electronic assembly know that a good, reliable label is vital. With the use of Brady Ribbons you can always be assured that labels, and markings, will be long lasting and easily used. Many of the Brady Ribbons that we carry at Kimco.com offer strong environmental resistance against smearing and chemicals. These ribbons also features a reliable, sharp-edge print quality to maximize bar code readability. They are all compatible with a wide range of Brady Printers, label makers and thermal transfer printers. For example, the Brady R4311 Black Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon is available within our online catalog and at a very reasonable cost. But, Kimco also carries the R5390 SLV-DAT-PTR Sleeve & Data PermaSleeve Printer Ribbon which is best for printing on PermaSleeve markers. There is also the Brady IP-R6000 Black 6000 Series Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon. This ribbon is a high density ribbon with excellent solvent resistance, high heat resistance, and super scratch resistance. These qualities make it very useful for voice and data installation, high volume server rooms, and even chemical storage facilities. This doesn't mean that the home hobbyist who likes to dabble in electronic repair can not benefit from the Brady line of ribbons and labels. In fact, they will benefit through keeping their home shops organized. Check out our extensive listing of Brady products at the Kimco online catalog. There you will find low prices, fast shipping, and courteous customer service.
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