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    Get Grounded with the Desco 09070Wrist Band

    When working with sensitive materials, it is necessary to make sure that there is no static electricity. Removing this can be accomplished using something like the Desco 09070Wrist Band. This wristband is just one of the many products we offer at Kimco to make sure that you and those working with you can stay safe while working on sensitive materials and technological equipment. The Desco 09070 Elastic Adjustable 4mm Wrist Band with 6' Coil Cord has many of the features you might be looking for in a grounding wire. The six foot coil gives you the maneuverability you need to keep working even in close confines. The comfortable wristband makes sure you are not tempted to remove the wristband while you are working. Silver fibers worked into the material help to offer an antibacterial property to the wristband to keep the user and the band itself clean. The inner surface of the wristband is electrically isolated from those on the outer part of the wristband for added protection. All wristbands have been date coded to ensure that all bands being worn are of good quality. The Desco 09070Wrist Band is just one of the many products you will be able to find whenever you are looking at our Kimco online catalog. We maintain a good stock of all products. This means that the product you are ordering will be ready for shipping whenever you are placing your purchase. With our help, you can get your order even faster. Most shipments leave our warehouse the same day as the order is placed. We fill orders for individual purchases and bulk purchases just as easily and with the same amount of speed for each. We look forward to filling your order soon and encourage you to return for all of your needs.
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