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    Desco Static Shielding and Moisture Control Bags

    Desco Static Shielding and Moisture Control Bags

    Desco bags Desco ESD static shielding and moisture barrier bags are designed to protect sensitive electronic components like motherboards, and printed circuit boards from charge-back and/or moisture while in storage and during transit. Desco static shielding ESD bags are constructed with anti static properties and several layers of metal for added protection. Companies in the electronic industry rely on Desco products to protect their equipment from damage. These bags provide:

    - maximum static protection - low overhead - durability- variety of sizes - zip-top and heat seal-able options

    Desco anti-staic moisture barrier bags act as barriers to prevent moisture, debris, and dust particles from damaging their contents. A protective coating is applied over a transparency anti static film. Multi-layered insulation material is added during the construction process. The insulation is effective in preventing ESD hazards from coming in direct contact with circuit boards and other electronic devices. Types of Desco Anti Static Bags Available:

    13871 Desco bags Anti-static Bags

    These particular bags are treated with a topical anti-static agent. The agent is place on the surface of the bags to help minimize static during contact. Some anti-static bags are constructed with the added film protection built in. These bags tend to be cleaner, and more reliable than treated bags.
    Desco bags

    Metallic Shield Bags

    These bags offer static protection in two ways; pretreated or embedded. The metal film guards the devices, by preventing discharges from outside the bag, depending on the thickness of the film. This effect is referred to as the “Faraday Cage Effect” and is often used in the construction of metal shield bags, and conducive bags.
    13805 Desco bags

    Moisture Barrier Bags

    Desco bags that are rated as moisture barriers provide additional anti-moisture protection for sensitive electronic parts. For added moisture protection, consider also using Desco desiccants and humidity indicator cards.
    12800 Desco bags

    Bubble Bags

    Desco bubble bags offer a combination of the features mentioned above, with added padding suitable for shipping protection. Desco offers a wide array of bags and packaging, suitable for any electronic production or shipping need. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance in choosing the right Desco bags for your needs.
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