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    Apply Two Part Adhesives Easily With Loctite 97042 from Kimco

    Anyone who has ever had to apply a two part adhesive knows that it requires a little bit of finesse and many failed attempts to get it right. That is why we love the Loctite 97042 Dual Cartridge Adhesive applicator. With this handy applicator gone are the days of mess and worry about messing up a particular project. The Loctite 97042 is a hand-held pneumatically operated dispenser. It makes your next project that much easier to complete. The applicator provides a convenient cost effective method for applying two part adhesive products with minimal effort and waste. This not only means a lot of savings in material cost, but also in parts and assembly mistakes. What makes the Loctite 97042 a great tool is that the applicator can accept various 50 ml dual cartridges of 1:1 and 2:1 mix ratio products and 35 ml dual cartridges of 10:1 mix ratio products. It is also very lightweight with a well balanced design for easy use and includes an integrated air pressure regulator. When using the Loctite 97042 dual cartridge applicator users have found that the 8 position thumb wheel pressure adjustment is very convenient in controlling the dispense rate of the adhesives. This thumb wheel adjuster also eliminates manually squeezing an applicator. Again, a measure which saves money through waste of adhesives and product mistakes. Using the Loctite 97042, which is found at Kimco.com, commercial, industrial and hobby enthusiasts, will benefit greatly through the ease of use and the money saved. Check out Kimco for more products within the Loctite family and other ESD supplies.
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