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    Get the Control You Are Looking for with the Weller WESD51

    There are many different models that you can choose from to get all of your soldering needs. At Kimco, we suggest that you try the Weller WESD51. This digital model offered by one of the biggest names in the soldering industry allows you to have complete control over the temperature as well as offering several different safety features. It comes with a pencil holder, sponge, soldering pencil and digital control display. The WESD51 Solder Station even comes with a temperature lockout. This feature will help you not to set the temperature above what is recommended for the different materials that you might work with. This will help you to be able to protect yourself from any accidental fire damages that you might run into. You will also be able to enjoy protection from anything which will cause damage to the components that you are working with. There is also an automatic safety shutoff which will help to save power by turning off automatically after 99 minutes. The Soldering Pencil on the Weller WESD51 Solder Station heats up quickly with a built in heater in the main unit. The comfortable grips will help you to be able to precisely use the pencil for even demanding small work that you might be doing. The silicone rubber cord will not burn so that the pencil will be able to last you even longer. Kimco is proud to carry many Weller WESD51 models. Be sure to check out our prices and order yours today.
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