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    A Guide to Weller's Screwdriver Soldering Tips


    The Weller screwdriver soldering tips available through Kimco Distributors are all manufactured to the highest standard, but designed for different purposes. While each of these screwdriver tips is made for both wire-to-wire and wire-to-surface soldering, they come in a variety of sizes. There are many different sizes available in between the models listed below, but these select few provide a sense of the types of Weller screwdriver soldering tips available at Kimco Distributing.

    This Weller ETH Screwdriver Tip is one of the most precise tips sold by Kimco Distributing. At just 0.8 mm by 15.9 mm, it allows workers to solder small computer parts and other electrical equipment. The 15.9 mm length is one of Weller’s more common sizes, as it provides an adequate reach without being overly long.

    In comparison, Weller’s PTE8 Series Screwdriver Tip that measures 5.95 mm by 15.87 mm seems enormous. In fact, this is one of the largest screwdriver replacement tips Kimco Distributing Corp. sells. A tip this large does not afford the accuracy of the 0.8 mm one, but the 5.95 PTE8 series screwdriver tip makes quick work of larger jobs, which would take the smaller one forever to complete.

    In between these two extremes, there are a variety of sizes available. In addition to the standard-length replacement tips, Kimco Distributing Corporation also carries longer ones. Many tips are available in a long model, such as this PTK8 Series Long Screwdriver Tip from Weller. At 25.40 mm, these long screwdriver tips help workers reach far into the tiniest places.

    Manufactured by Weller, a trusted name in the industry, all of these tips from Kimco Distributing are built to the highest standards. No matter what size one chooses, the copper, iron, nickel and chromium in these replacement soldering tips offer superb heat transfer and excellent resistance to corrosion.

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