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    Replace Electronic Components Easily With Weller Desoldering Tips

    There are certain repairs that must be made and items such as electrolytic capacitors and connectors need to be removed. The only way to remove these components is through a process of desoldering. The Weller desoldering tips are some of the best on the market today and Kimco carries a large line for every need! Desoldering and replacing components is not as easy as soldering them. The biggest problem is that printed circuit boards, especially motherboards, have several layers. Typically you will only see two layers (called ”solder layer“ and ”component layer“), but there are other layers inside the printed circuit board. The holes where the components are soldered to are metalized and serve not only to hold the component, but also to make the electrical connection between the two visible PCB layers and the internal PCB layers, which are not visible. If you make a wrong move while trying to remove a component, you may break the connection between the hole and the internal board layers, destroying your board. For this reason, quality tools is of the utmost importance. With Weller desoldering tips you not only have the best tool for the job, but peace of mind about doing the job right. Kimco carries several Weller desoldering tips from 1.90mm to 3.30mm. Each tip is specially crafted to ensure the right amount of heat in the right spot so as not to damage other components. Take a look at the Kimco online catalog for the different options and prices for Weller desoldering tips.
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