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    Weller EPH101 Micropoint Uses and Tool Compatibility


    The Weller EPH101 Micropoint Tip is one of the tiniest soldering replacement tips available. Made for two of Weller’s older soldering irons, this tip allows companies to continue using the equipment they have. The tip, itself, is made from the same quality metals that are found in all the tips sold by Kimco Distributing: a solid copper plate with iron, and nickel and chromium behind the working surface. This construction provides excellent heat transfer to the tip and keeps it from corroding.

    The Weller EPH101 Micropoint Tip is designed for working on the smallest electronic parts. Its canonical shape gives electronics repairers the ability to pinpoint where solder should be placed. Yet, this micropoint tip is finer than many standard canonical replacement tips. Measuring just 0.38 mm (0.015 in.), this tip offers unparalleled precision. When working on larger projects, there are many better options among the tips at Kimco Distributors. But for precision work, there is not a smaller tip made by Weller.

    The Weller EPH101 Micropoint Tip is compatible with Weller’s EC1301 and EC1302 soldering irons, two units which Kimco Distributing does not have available. Finding one of these irons for sale anywhere is nearly impossible. For companies that already have an EC1301 or EC1302 Weller iron, though, the EPH101 Micropoint Tip can save money. Rather than investing in an entire new iron, businesses can simply purchase this replacement tip from Kimco Distributing Corp. Priced at only a few dollars, this small tip can save companies hundreds of dollars on a new iron.

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