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Elv-Away BCT0100Y060 Water Soluble Tape, 1"x60 yds.

Elv-Away BCT0100Y060 Water Soluble Tape



"ELV-AWAY"® PRODUCTS TAPE is a water soluble biodegradable temporary solder mask, which after proper application, will prevent contact of the protected areas of the circuit boards with the molten solder. "ELV-AWAY"® TAPE will protect desired areas including copper, gold, silver, and solder surfaces during assembly and soldering operations, then wash off in hot water. Solderability of the protected surface is not impaired and no residue is left after an aqueous wash process is completed.

  • Ideal for wave soldering, insulating circuit boards and high temperature powder coating
  • Temperature up to 500°F for 5 to 8 seconds with wave soldering
  • Will not leave residue
  • Packaged in a 60 yard roll
  • Light Blue Color


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Additional Information

Manufactured By: Kimco
GoKimco Part #: ELV-BCT0100Y060
Manufacture Part Number (MPN): BC-T-0100-Y-060
Weight 0.5000
Country of Manufacture

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