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Kester SAC305 Lead Free Ultra Pure Bar Solder, 1 2/3 lb. bars | 04-7068-0000


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Kester SAC305 Lead Free Ultra Pure Bar Solder


The Kester 04-7068-0000 Solder Bar lead-free SAC305 has anti-drossing technology to improve process control and to allow the user to get the most value for the money with minimal maintenance costs. Kester Ultrapure SAC305 Bar Solder was designed to minimize the amount of dross generated in a wave soldering, selective soldering or dip soldering process. Kester Ultrapure SAC305 is manufactured with virgin metals which meet the high standards of Kester Ultrapure line of bar solders.


NOTE: Bars are 1-2/3 lbs., sold in 5 lb increments (3 bars). Price is per pound.

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Additional Information

Manufactured By: Kester
GoKimco Part #: K-0470680000
Manufacture Part Number (MPN): 04-7068-0000
Weight 5.0000
Country of Manufacture United States

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