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Luxo 23780RB System 273 Stereo Zoom LED-3000 Dual Boom Stand Microscope

Luxo 27380RB Microscope


The Luxo 23780RB is a 23mm Binocular Stereo-Zoom Microscope with sturdy, heavy-duty, cast aluminum housing and dual boom ball-bearing boom stand. This system includes a Binocular S-Z Microscope, Dual Boom Ball-Bearing Stand, and a LED-3000 Ring Light.

Just the facts for 23780RB 273RB-LED3000

  • 23mm optics
  • LED3000 ring-light with 40 LED display, 3600 footcandles at 4.5" working distance and 6000°K color temperature
  • Magnification range: 7 - 45X
  • Zoom Range: .7 - 4.5
  • Heavy duty and sturdy cast aluminum alloy housing rotates 360° in its focus mount
  • Dual graduated knobs for zoom control

Luxo's System 273 microscope bodies have heavy-duty aluminum housing and come with 10X, 23mm super widefield eyepieces and eyeshields. The microscopes rotate 360º in the focus mount. Stereo-Zoom (S-Z) models are available in Binocular and Trinocular versions with the zoom range being .7 – 4.5 giving magnification of 7X – 45X. The zoom ratio is 7:1 and the zoom is adjusted via dual graduated control knobs. 23mm models offer 25% greater magnification and 20% greater working distance than comparable microscopes.

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Product Attachments

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Additional Information

Manufactured By: Luxo
GoKimco Part #: LUX-23780RB
Manufacture Part Number (MPN): 23780RB
Weight 60.0000
Country of Manufacture China

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