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Hexacon SI-21A 20W Mini-Iron Solder Iron 1/8" Tip, 20w

Hexacon SI-21A
Hexacon SI Mini group


Hexacon "A" Series Mini-Irons are the leading pencil irons in the industry for steady output applications. Their slim profile, light comfortable feel and cool handle make them popular for production line duty, rework and touch-up, with a performance range from miniature applications, through-hole printed circuits (SMD tips available) to repetitive connections or terminal work.
Mini-Irons are available in three tip diameters (1/8". 3/16" and 1/4") and power capacities from fifteen to sixty watts. Dependable and easy to maintain, the tip, element, cord and handle of each Mini-Iron is independently replaceable.
A single iron can be used economically for a variety of applications by changing the tip or even the element to meet the particular soldering requirements. When fitted with the correct wattage and tip for the application the thermal working zone (TWZ**) performance is better than that of many temperature controlled stations - as can be shown by a thermal profile test.
Selection of the correct tip and iron is easy - your regional Hexacon Sales Engineer has a Soldering Equipment Analyzer available to help you. This diagnostic tool analyzes the thermal working zone of the iron under actual production conditions, displays the temperature range during soldering and permits the selection of exactly the right tip and iron for the job. This analysis is free of charge. Contact Kimco for a local Hexacon Representative.

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Manufactured By: Hexacon
GoKimco Part #: HEX-SI-21A20W
Manufacture Part Number (MPN): SI-21A20W
Weight 0.5500
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