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    See a better price? Contact us and we'll match or beat it. (800) 521-9197 or Sales@GoKimco.com
    See a better price? Contact us and we'll match or beat it. (800) 521-9197 or Sales@GoKimco.com

    Hexacon MV-15 Micro-Stedi Series Vara-Temp Dial Soldering Station

    by Hexacon
    SKU HEX-MV-15
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    Micro-Stedi is the perfect soldering station for fine line circuitry, subminiature and small terminal work.

    The Micro-Stedi MV15 and MF20 stations are heavyweight soldering performers with a compact footprint and featherweight subminiature handpiece. The economical package incorporates the MS-10, 24V ceramic element ­ with performance characteristics equal to many larger units. The handpiece weight is only 0.7oz and is carefully balanced for precise fingertip control and operator comfort.

    The stations employ a thermally self compensating circuit and holds stable soldering temperatures at the value selected on the base unit ­ preselectable to 600º, 700º or 800º Fahrenheit on the MF20, Select-O-Temp Station or variable 350º F to 900º F in the MV15, Vara-Temp Station. The stations match the need for a few touch-up connections or continuous production line soldering. A range of fine point sleeve, needle and SMD tips extends the application range.

    • Slim & lightweight (0.7 ounces) with a soldering capacity ranging from delicate microcircuits to small terminals.
    • Unique thermal compensating circuitry.
    • Tip, element, cord and handle are replaceable for maximum versatility and economy.
    • Burn-resistant, extra-flexible, neoprene power cord withstands accidental contact with a hot iron.
    • 24V isolated transformer for maximum safety.
    • Three-wire grounded construction for operator safety. Posi-Ground option ensures less than two milli-volts leakage for component safety and compliance with MIL specifications.
    • Simple design, rugged, dependable and easy to maintain.