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    SKU IND-800463-500G


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    The Indium 800463 Halide-Free Water Wash 63/37 Solder Paste is a halide free, low voiding, water soluble solder paste. Indium6.3 has excellent wetting and solder joint appearance, exceptional printing and response to pause with a wide reflow profile window. Indium6.3 has outstanding slump resistance.

    Just the facts for Indium6.3 Solder Paste:

      • Excellent wetting and solder joint appearance
      • Exceptional printing and response to pause
      • Wide reflow profile window
      • Outstanding slump resistance
      • Low voiding
      • Halogen-Free

      • Keep Refrigerated - ships overnight

    Made in the USA

    Need more facts? Check below for our technical data sheet just in case.
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