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See a better price? Contact us and we'll match or beat it. (800) 521-9197 or [email protected]
See a better price? Contact us and we'll match or beat it. (800) 521-9197 or [email protected]

Transforming Technologies IN3425 AC Ionizing Nozzle

Satisfaction Guarantee

Product Specifications

Power Supply

Volt AC 80V~240V 50/60Hz

Optional DC Power Unit
DC24V 200mA

Output HV

Safety Performance
Abnormal HV Alarm

+10 volts

Decay Time
1000V—100V, < 2 seconds @ 6”

Air line Requirements
1/4” NPT

Max. Air Range
2~7 (kgf / cm2)

Ozone Density
Less than 0.01 ppm

Emitter Points
Alloy Discharge Needle

2.0"H x 7.1"W x 2.7"D, (5.0 x
2.9 x 8.7 cm) (with standard output nozzle)

1.0lbs, (.45kg)

Various nozzle tips, (see selection chart)

Filter Option
.01 micron filter (replaceable)


1-year limited warranty

The IN3425 air ionizing nozzle is the perfect solution to ionize hard to reach areas. It produces a 68KHz AC output of approximately 2200V and a continuous stream of balanced air ions. A specialized piezoceramic high voltage transformer drives the technology making Ptec™ ionizers among the most reliable ionizers available. The IN3425 works efficiently with clean dry air (CDA) and nitrogen (N2) and is capable of 100 psi input. Stable, small and free from EMI, the IN3425 is equipped with auto ion balance and will alarm if the high voltage output fails. Ptec™ ionizers save time and money because they require no calibration. Emitter life is increased and maintenance fre-quency is reduced, due to 68KHz AC ion emission