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    by Weller
    SKU W-WHP200
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    Weller WHP200 Digital Preheating Plate. The WHP200 from Weller is a under board heater which, although small in dimension, is very powerful. The WHP200 is designed for use on small multilayer PCBs to minimize the risk of thermal damage to boards and to speed up the repair process.

    The infrared pre-heating lamp provides uniform pre-heat energy across the board - superior to hot air pre-heat applications. And the built-in board holder means you don't need additional accessories.

    • Small multilayered PCB boards can be preheated from the bottom.

    • For rework of digital cameras, cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players.

    • Comes complete with a PCB holder - no extra accessories needed.

    • The heating plate heats up the component from below to the correct temp.

    • Equipped with infrared heater for fast and accurate heatup.

    • Precise temperature control is achieved with the digital electronics.

    • The unit is equipped with Auto-Off and Standby features.

    • Read and set temperatures are indicated digitally.

    • A RS 232 interface allows control by the WHA3000P hot air station.

    • Temperature can be regulated with the use of an optional external sensor.