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    Keep Your Gates Secure With Brady Lockout Valves and Plugs

    When it comes to security of your gates and your valves there is no substitute for high quality products. In a factory, or laboratory setting, there are plenty of areas that must be secure to ensure that problems do not develop through tampering or incompetence. Brady Lockout Valves and Plugs have always been highly regarded as durable, long lasting, and tamper resistant. At Kimco we carry a Brady 64057 Adjustable Gate Lockout Valve that is a versatile, economical lockout adjusts to fit 1" to 6 1/2" diameter valve handles, replacing 3 conventional gate valve lockouts. This gate valve lockout device denies access and covers the valve handle to help you turn off, and keep off, a pressured situation. With Prinzing ball valve lockouts and Brady's standard, quarter-turn ball valve lockout devices, a comprehensive series of options are available from the global leader in lockout tagout solutions. We also offer a Brady 65675 Large Lockout Plug that helps avoid electrical accidents by applying lockouts to prevent plugs from being inserted into a wall outlet. This can easily be a life saving measure if the area is damp, susceptible to moisture, and there is electrical devices. The ability to lock gates, valves is more than just a security measure, it is also a safety measure. As pressure builds up in valves and pipes, there must be a way to relieve this pressure. However, it has to be done in a safe manner. By keeping the valves locked it gives the people who are trained in this situation the ability to monitor who can perform the tasks. You can find these Brady lockout valves and plugs at our Kimco.com online catalog.
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