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    Wrist Straps

    Wrist Straps

    Kimco offers the best ESD products to ensure the safety of your ESD-sensitive environment. From Wrist Straps to floor mats, we have them all. The products are of the highest quality and are manufactured with absolute care and focus to fit the needs of each of our users.

    Check out all the categories of products we offer.

    • ACL Staticide Camouflage Wrist Straps are designed to offer comfortable and secure personal grounding for working on electronics in EPAs.The wrist strap provides a safe path for eliminating static charges and the insulative outer lining and conductive inner lining ensures full contact around the wrist.
    • Transforming Technologies WB0050S Dual Conductor Wrist Strap is for use with dual conductor constant workstation monitors. This Speidel expansion band is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, and are designed to maximize skin contact and comfort.
    • Transforming Technologies CC9037 6' Coil Cord has a 2.5 mm polyurethane coil insulation that offers excellent coil memory. A unique, flat-face snap allows for a universally solid connection to standard wristbands.
    • SCS 2236 MagSnap 360 Coil Cord has a magnetic connection between wrist band and coil cord that creates a superior electrical connection to eliminate intermittent failures that can occur in traditional snap connections. It is designed to work with standard dual wire monitors and grounding jacks.
    • Desco ESD-Safe Adjustable Soft Elastic Wrist Band has silver-impregnated polypropylene knitted on inside for superior conductivity. The adjustment design eliminates the exposed conductive tail of the band and is extra wide for wearer comfort.

    That’s not the end of our product line. You can shop for some top-quality wrist straps from SCS, Desco, and other brands depending upon your work environment.