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    ESD Packaging

    ESD Packaging

    GoKimco delivers leading-edge ESD solutions for static control environments thus ensuring the complete safety of its customers in the workplace. For a more productive work environment, you can shop from a range of available ESD packaging products such as bags and also for humidity indicators, rubber bands, and other packaging goods. Every product is available at affordable prices and is designed to meet the user requirements in every industry and application.

    Here is a list of reliable and high-performance packaging products you can shop from-

    • Desco Desiccant Packs suitable for use in moisture barrier bags to absorb moisture. These are reusable and can be reactivated by oven drying. They can protect your products from moisture-related damages and they offer a truly cost-effective way to store goods and materials over time.
    • SCS Desiccant in Tyvek Pouch works by absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag when you’ve finished vacuum packaging. Secured in a strong pouch of either cleanroom grade, sulphur-free, non-woven Tyvek, or economical kraft paper, it helps keep your devices dry for a longer time.
    • Botron Black Conductive Rubber Bands used to protect the products but are not limited to static sensitive components, bundling IC tubes, and trays.
    • SCS 4-Spot Humidity Indicator Cards are printed with moisture sensitive spots that respond to various levels of humidity with a visible color change from blue to pink. When the bag is opened, the card can be examined for proper dryness inside the bag.
    • Desco 13870 Humidity Indicator Cards measure the relative humidity inside a sealed package. This allows immediate visual inspection of humidity levels in the package.
    • Desco Humidity Indicator Cards 5% 10% 60% RH to measure the relative humidity inside a sealed package. The spots will change from blue to pink if the humidity surrounding the indicator changes from dry to humid.

    You can shop from the range of ergonomically designed packaging solutions available at affordable prices to get the job done more safely and efficiently. With unequaled ergonomics and great reliability, they stand above the user’s expectations to deliver the best results.