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    Bench Magnifiers

    Bench Magnifiers

    GoKimco brings to you the leading manufacturers of high-quality bench magnifiers, inspection tools, task lamps, reading lamps, and other lighting products. Each model is created to offer a wide spread of light, long reach, as well as more compact, and focused lamps. All the lamps and accessories are lightweight, portable, and foldable ensuring a bright light with high levels of contrast and perfect color matching.

    You can get your hands on a variety of products such as - portable microscopes, video inspection systems, high-resolution video, and digital cameras, lenses, illuminated magnifiers, and more. The list continues, including-

    • Ultra Slim 3-Diopter Magnifier with a free motion head joint is easy to operate and completely reliable. It features flicker-free electronic ballast to work longer in optimal comfort 
    • Grey 3-Diopter IQ Magnifying Lamp with a sleek ergonomic design, crystal clear lens, and ultra-bright LED for accurately viewing every detail. It is great for industrial, clinic, beauty salon purposes.
    • Table LED Magnifying Lamps designed to be used in 3 different height positions and can suit any work environment. It comes with a large semi-rimless lens for close work activity and a flexible gooseneck to aim light, exactly where you need it
    • Green-Lite Ultraviolet LED 4-Diopter Magnifier that offers a combination of ultraviolet/visible LED and is equipped with next-generation surface-mount LEDs.
    • O.C. White 6” Round 4-Diopter Magnifier with high-quality die-cast aluminum shades and all steel arm components for ESD safety.
    • Floor Lamps with magnifiers are full-spectrum, low heat, and energy-saving lamps. These are efficient for tasks like reading, writing, sewing, stitching, etc.
    • 3-Diopter Screw Down Base Magnifier that comes with a glare-free full-spectrum bulb. It is fully dimmable and produces the highest resolution images.
    • The 5-Diopter Magnifier with edge clamp is designed to consume only 4W of power on high and is equipped with next-generation surface-mount LEDs.
    • ESD-Safe Omnivue 3-Diopter Magnifier that features a distinctive fully rotational lens for precise positioning. 

    You can get your hands on dimmable, easy to be positioned, high-quality magnifiers and products available at affordable prices, offering great performance. The tools are reliable, high-performance, and made with superior quality.