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    Flux & Thinners

    Flux & Thinners

    To provide surface protection and to promote better wetting of the solder, GoKimco offers a wide range of Flux. And to maintain the proper specific gravity and solid content for the flux, you can also shop for Thinners available at affordable prices. The comprehensive product line includes a variety of flux and thinners to help in various soldering and desoldering applications. These are designed to efficiently carry out the electronic printed circuit board applications in the least possible time. The advanced formula materials packed in unique delivery systems ensure superior performance and pinpoint accuracy.

    The wide range of exceptionally formulated flux and thinners ensure the quality and reliability of the products for the electronics industry. You can shop from the range of products like-

    • Kester 1544 Activated Rosin Liquid Flux with superior fluxing ability is a homogeneous solution of high quality, purified Grade WW rosin blended into an alcohol solvent system. It is most suitable for places where the soldering of electronic assemblies requires instant wetting and excellent capillary flow.
    • Kester 979 No-Clean Soldering Flux designed for high-quality, low-defect soldering of electronic circuit board assemblies. The flux’s finely tuned activation system offers the best wetting and reduces micro solder balling.
    • RF741 Rework Flux is designed for electronic component rework and repair applications. This can be precisely dispensed onto a specific area that needs flux.
    • Kester 2331-ZX Soldering Flux for soldering critical assemblies in the computer, telecommunications, and other industries. It has good soldering properties for improved productivity without sacrificing the reliability of the assembly.
    • No-Clean Flux Concentration Control Test Kit is a kit used to determine the acid number of the flux. These kits are more accurate for monitoring flux than using density measurements.

    You can shop from the extensive range of Flux and Thinners to get excellent quality and high-performance at cheap prices. All the products are produced to serve various applications with ease and accuracy.