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    Shop For Premium Quality Wipes and Swabs From Coventry

    Shop For Premium Quality Wipes and Swabs From Coventry

    Coventry, a brand of ITW Chemtronics, is known globally for solving the most critical precision cleaning challenges. Coventry has a wide variety of cleanroom swabs and wipes to meet your most demanding applications. The wrapped swab, uniquely designed with no seams or edges, prevents scratching of delicate surfaces. 

    Here is a list of reliable and high-performance products you can shop from Coventry-

    • ESD-Safe Cleanroom Wipes are used by electronics manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and other industries where controlling electrostatic buildup is critical. These are recommended for the removal of any dry contaminants and particulates.
    • ESD-Safe Polyurethane Foam Tip Swabs are engineered to eliminate damage from static electricity. These do not contain additives, coatings, or surfactants.
    • ESD-Safe Polyester Swabs functions at any level of humidity and it is very resistant to solvents — even acetone.
    • Coventry 44070 Sealed Polyurethane Swabs with foam tips that are thermally bonded to the swab handle without using adhesives. The open-cell structure gives the best solvent holding capacity and the fiberless construction does not generate particles.
    • Coventry 34860 Sealed Polyester Cleanroom Swabs have a conical head that tapers to a fine point for precision cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. These are designed with strong seams that do not split while working.

    Also included in the product line are sealed fabric, sealed foam, and static control. You’re sure to find a swab from Coventry that meets your particular needs.